Wednesday, 11/26/14, Public Square



by | November 26, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. I am waiting for the day when these Republicans finally get their ‘boy’ into the White House and then we’ll see how that man (and we all know it will be a man) is treated.

    After all – these same Republicans have lowered the bar of what is acceptable behavior towards a president – so what this man gets is well deserved

    And to make this even more clear – let’s apply what the Bible says about ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’.

    That should also apply towards how one treats those who took such delight and glee in trying to make Obama an illegitimate president.

    Put aside the fact all the nasty comments and names these folks have called Obama – when they pushed that birtherism crappola – that was a direct insult to Obama and it was a deliberate attempt to make him illegitimate.

    That is unforgivable – IMHO

    God – I hope Ted Cruz runs in the GOP primary. Talk about not being legitimate. But, of course, the Repukes have problem with Teddy’s daddy being a Cuban, married to an American white woman, living in Canada when little Teddy was born.

  2. The reactions I get when I point out the double standard amazes me. often it sounds like I am pointing out that a child molester is raping children and they will counter with ” Yes but at least he bought them candy and took them to a children’s movie before! He WAS SO NICE TO THEM FIRST!”.

    • I know what you mean.

      I had one woman actually tell me the Catholic Church leaders should not be blamed for covering up for all those child molesters for many years because the church leaders were told, at the time, by respected health care professionals that their treatment of the molesting priests was working.


      Hell – if it was working, then why continue to move the same priests around and around just to help him have access to more victims.

      This woman truly believes what she told me…….

  3. I’ve heard (and more often read) many a ‘conservative’ bring up how badly Bush2 was treated and the names he was called as justification for their behavior towards Obama. Also they’re very likely to tell everyone adamantly that Bush is no longer in office and EVERYTHING is now Obamas’ fault — always to include the subjects Bush and Obama handle the same way. Because when Bush did it they had no complaints but with Obama it is worthy of disrespect, maybe even lynching.

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