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by | November 22, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. I’m sure everyone has heard that Boehner finally found another — the third — lawyer and has filed the House republicans’ lawsuit against that unlawful over-reaching president who exceeded his authority and actually gets stuff done.

    This lawsuit filed yesterday is over The Affordable Care Act.

    But they just might file another lawsuit and sue President Obama over his orders to protect as many as five million immigrants from deportation.

    I’m not sure of the costs. Probably no one is at this point. I am sure that no hungry child will be fed, no injured soldier get care, no American citizen be helped with whatever amount of money we taxpayers must cough up for Boehner’s lawsuit(s). I can’t find words to adequately say how I feel about the republicans sustained efforts to take health-care insurance away from millions of Americans.

    (from the link): Filed in the U.S. federal district court in Washington, the lawsuit challenges the Obama administration’s decision to unilaterally delay implementation of the employer mandate in the 2010 law, along with cost-sharing subsidies paid to insurance companies that House Republicans allege were not appropriated by Congress. It names not the president himself but the secretaries of the Treasury Department and the Department of Health and Human Services as defendants, and it asked the court to issue an injunction against the administration. “The House has been injured, and will continue to be injured, by defendants’ unlawful actions which, among other things, usurp the House’s legislative authority,” the lawsuit claims.

    The legal challenge will test not only whether the president exceeded his authority but whether the House has the standing to take him to court. Legal scholars have said there is little precedent for a lawsuit by a single chamber of Congress against the president, and House GOP aides have privately acknowledged a judge could throw the challenge out before even ruling on the merits of the case.

  2. Fifty one years ago today I was a Junior in high school on that Friday, November 22, 1963. We began hearing the rumors while at lunch. There wasn’t such thing as open lunch at our high school, everyone stayed at school and some listened to their transistor radios thus we all were alerted. My first class after lunch was when those rumors were confirmed by an announcement over the school intercom. School was dismissed early that day and we didn’t return until after Thanksgiving. We were out of school for nine days and a bunch of that time was spent in front of our black and white televisions watching news. News wasn’t something we normally paid much attention to, but we did that week.

    As it happened. Broadcast of “As The World Turns” is first interrupted ten minutes into the show. Continuous coverage of the assassination begins almost 18 minutes into video.

    • On that day, I was in 8th grade. Wellington didn’t have a hot lunch program then, so all of us left for lunch. Much as fnord says, the rumors began circulating while we were standing outside awaiting readmission to the building, to eventually be confirmed by the ubiquitous intercom announcement. I was in math class, the teacher of which was a harpy of the most egregious sort, and several classmates were late coming back from lunch thereby receiving detentions from her, who would not listen to their explanations of what they heard on the car radio on the way back. No, the old b**ch did not tear up the detentions when the stories were confirmed.
      The only other thing to add is that, as we watched the coverage over the ensuing days, I noted that the weather turned gloomy, cold and raw, in keeping with the mood of the nation.

    • I was in fifth grade and Mr. Wall was the teacher. I remember hearing the news over the loudspeaker as the principal was noticeably crying through her words.

      When she was done delivering the sad news, a boy next to me (the son of a prominent Republican family in town) said with a smirk – good, one less Democrat.

      What a thing to say….and I will never forget what was said and who said it.

      To this day – I cannot stand that boy. I am sure this 5th grade boy is now some devoted Tea Party loudmouth that truly believes he is so morally superior to everyone else.

      BTW – this kid’s father and entire extended family were farmers and were there each and every time to get their government subsidy checks made out to their name..

      And they also filled up their personal cars with that tax-free gas that was being counted as an expense to run the farm.

      And the wives were all teachers in the public school district (a government job).

      You would think with all their hands out to that evil government, they would be a little bit more grateful – wouldn’t you?

      • Additional BTW – the last time I knew, this boy grew up and took over his father’s farm……and still farms to this day.

        Hmmmm…….I bet he is still bitching about that evil government while he has both hands out for those government subsidy checks made out to his name

  3. Republican led report debunks Benghazi theories.


    And, of course, no matter who did the investigations or how many times the accusations against the Obama Administration are debunked some haters will still be haters and will still be screaming B E N G H A Z I like it has a sinister meaning. There isn’t anything anyone can do for those folks. Birthers and other haters will probably be dwelling on their conspiracies until a white man occupies The White House.