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  1. I am absolutely guilty! đŸ™‚

  2. There is NO planet B

    Why the Scientific Case Against Fracking Keeps Getting Stronger

    It’s cold outside, which means it’ll soon be time for the annual rousing chorus of climate change denial from people who think snow means global warming is fake.

    We Just Had the Hottest October on Record

  3. This piece addresses the very successful republican strategy of obstructionism, and the costs associated with slowing the wheels of government. It’s short and well worth the read.

    (from the link): …it’s worth a reminder that this strategy comes at a cost. Republicans’ strategy has been savvy politics, but it’s forced them — repeatedly — to accept worse policy outcomes than they otherwise could have obtained. Alleged presidential overreach is largely a mirror-image of systematic congressional underreach, a dynamic in which GOP members believe constructive engagement would be politically counterproductive and thus deliberately choose to leave obtainable policy concessions on the cutting room floor.

    The GOP’s political strategy against Obama keeps leading to policies conservatives hate

    • But…but….the constant drumbeat of hating Obama MUST be priority #1 for these Republicans.

      This is the ONLY way they can get as many voters as they so far.

      I saw a bumper sticker yesterday and just had to shake my head….

      “I think, therefore, I vote Republican’

      To make matters worse – the driver was a woman, middle-aged, drinking her designer coffee in the large size (of course). She had her cell phone in the other hand which was on the steering wheel.

      Hmmm….I wonder if she thought carefully about how she was driving that fancy Cadillac Escalade down the busy street in front of all these tax-free corporations disguised as mega churches on East 21st?

      • Because we live in Kansas and read / participate in online political discussions we get the opportunity to see more than our fair share of the type you describe above.

        You’re a climate change denier.
        And you don’t believe in evolution.
        Now you tell me you’re a constitutional expert.
        Forgive my doubts on your ability to think and reason.

        [eye roll]

  4. This Town Was Named After A Company Residents Say Is Slowly Poisoning Them

    “We have seen so many people diagnosed, watched so many people die.”

    • When it comes to money – I have found that a lot of average people just don’t care – unless that cancer or other sickness hits them directly in the face.

      I also believe our country has become so used to being treated like crappola by our politicians and corporate vultures that some people don’t even realize they are being treated like crappola. They have become ‘institutionalized’ to the fact they are nothing more than a chess piece on some corporate chess board.

  5. Robert Reich —

    One of the least talked about but most important aspects of immigration has to do with our aging population. Fifty years ago, every retiree in America was supported by five workers. Now, there are 3.5 workers per retiree. By 2030 there will be 2 workers per retiree – unless more young immigrants come to America.

    Like other advanced economies, ours is aging quickly. Developing nations face the opposite challenge: Large and growing numbers of young people. Inevitably over the next thirty years, the young from developing nations will move to developed nations with aging populations. That’s good for the young and the old.

    But this transition won’t happen smoothly or easily in any developed nation. America has one advantage over other aging societies: We know how to assimilate waves of new immigrants. We’ve been doing it for several hundred years.

    • I was told by a diabetic educator last month that by the year 2020 (6 years away) that 1 in 5 people will be diabetic.

      Can you imagine how many health care dollars will be needed for these people..

      And who the hell is going to pay for that health care – when the old GOP white farts do not think they should pay any taxes – but yet these folks already are getting the lion’s share of the health care dollars in America.

      One thing though – rather than just defer the deportations – let’s make them all legal and get these folks into the system where corporations will have to pay them according to the law.

      I still believe the problem with illegal immigration is not those folks coming across the border.

      the problem is these corporations who knowingly exploit the cheap labor of these immigrants.

      By exploiting the cheap labor – this also depresses the wages of Americans. Is this another factor in why household median incomes have remained in a slump over the past several years?

  6. 5 immigration myths debunked

    Myth # 1: They don’t pay taxes

    Myth # 2: They don’t pay into Social Security

    Myth #3: They drain the system

    Myth # 4: They take American jobs

    Myth # 5: It’s just a matter of following the law

    • A note. IF the immigrant is a non-resident alien (e.g., someone here on a student visa) then her/his wages are exempt from social security, and if withheld, s/he is entitled to have the same totally refunded. There are a number of other exemptions based upon being a non-resident alien and type of visa held (H-1, as I recall). So, even though a great majority of immigrants do pay social security, not all do. I arm you with this information just in case you are in a discussion with another who does know of this.

  7. Don’t like it? Pass a bill. That’s my President!

    Please proceed, republicans.

    • I just left a national blog where Obama haters were in full force.

      They must have gotten their marching orders early this morning when they were donning their brown shirts and goose-stepping boots.

      Obama is referred to as Emperor, the King, the Dictator, the Nazi (now this one I find the most humorous to imagine these goose-stepping Repukes calling their enemy a Nazi).

      And the most frustrating part to me is the fact that a majority of these bloggers all claim to be such fine and morally superior Christians.

      DAMN…..I wish they would Jesus’ name out of their evil ways…

      Jesus NEVER treated people like these fake Christians do every day.

      Well – there was that one time Jesus ran the money vendors out of the Temple. He sounded pretty pissed that day…..LOL

      • Oh, and the main theme I get from these Republicans is that Obama is only doing this immigration plan so that Democrats will increase their voters.

        Hey – I am the first one to say that both parties are corrupt.

        But if it comes down to Republicans or Democrats – I will take the Democrats. At least these people do not believe they have the right to police my vagina, police my bedroom, police which God I worship and above all else – these Republicans treat me like I am stupid.

        I am NOT stupid. I think, therefore, I vote for the party that thinks personal life choices is personal and has nothing to do with the damn government;

      • It may be true. Time will tell. The republicans will need to try harder to attract voters who aren’t white males and the women who do their bidding or even their gerrymandering and state laws that restrict voters won’t be adequate. I would just expect them to move along to ‘fixing’ elections in any way they can get away with since that’s their modus operandi.

  8. Andy Borowitz —

    Boehner is now saying that Obama is “damaging the Presidency” — in contrast, I guess, with the amazing upgrade that Boehner has performed on the House of Representatives.

  9. G-Stir

    I’m constantly amazed by the GOP’s screaming about what the President proposes without the press asking them what they (GOP) propose and just what have they done over these many years , other than constantly saying NO to any proposals presented.

    Now they are all lathered up by what Obama has done , while knowing every president from Eisenhower on has done they same thing to some degree.


    • Boehner would be in Ireland wishing there were still potatoes to dig if republicans like him were in charge when his family came to America.