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  1. I wonder…do those same Catholic men also believe it is okay for their church leaders to have knowingly made the choice to protect and provide cover for their child molesters?

    This is what is the most frustrating thing to me. All these Catholics who demonize women for taking birth control but yet will sit and defend – actually try to justify – what their church leaders did.

    This does not make me want to know their so-called loving God – if this God has made the choice to bless this bunch of sanctimonius, pious, dress-wearing men all blinged-out in gold.

    • P.S. -the God I believe in gave me a working brain to use.

      And in the case of birth control, my brain told me a long time ago that it is not healthy (or wise) to have a child every year.

      These people like the reality t.v. show 19 Kids and Counting are using the logic that the woman got pregnant – so it must be God’s blessing.

      NO…… my working brain tells me that a woman has a monthly cycle where her body produces eggs.

      Whenever a male places his sperm within shooting distance of any of those eggs and hits it at the right time, the egg will become fertilized and this is what results in a baby.

      Call me cynical – but God has nothing to do with what the man injects into the woman’s body – or by what means.

      Seriously – is God holding the man’s ‘shooter’ and placing it at just the right angle? Or is God holding a gun to the man ‘s head when he decides to shoot his little gun?

      I believe in the sanctity of life and how precious life is – but then that is where I part ways with these same Pro Life supporters.

      They think that just unborn are worthy of their admiration, obsession and determination to have all fetuses born.

      But sanctity of life to me also means making our society a place in which every baby born can have a life that is filled with opportunities and love.

      I don’t hear very much about this part from these Pro Lifers. They are only obsessed with the unborn.

  2. Shall it also be that after a certain age, men should be castrated? It is on that same level. Dooming a child to a life of poverty and certain hardship is not more Christian then burning people at the stake!

    • Sad to say – but our emphasis seems to be on telling the women they cannot have birth control but yet at the same time, men can have their erectile dysfunction pills paid for – and nobody from any of these groups will lift a finger to say NO…

    • “How different would men’s world be if women had the final selection and power over everything he does or has? what man is so wise that he should have that kind of power over a woman and her body?”

      After posting the above image on my Facebook I get a reply from one of the strict Christian among my friends whom did not like my comment on the image. The above was my reply.

      • Pretty good for a boy with brain damage huh?

      • The world would be a far kinder and more loving place if more suffered your “brain damage.”

      • RD – you are one wise man…..

        But – I suspect your strict Christian friends are banking on the Bible verse where God gave Adam the power to be the master of the house – which includes making his wife a second-class participant.

        I still believe these self-professed religious folks are just upset because the birth control pill gave women the same power as the men.

        You know – they were no longer tied to the desperate fear of getting pregnant – so women were given more control over their own lives.

        Certain Neanderthals do not like it when the second-class citizens get power of their own…


        I found this link that says what I believe about all this man is the head of woman crappola I keep hearing from these Evangelinuts…

        BTW – I also believe there are going to be a lot of these Evangelinut preachers who are going to be quite surprised when God gives them a well-deserved kick in their holier-than-thou butts when God tells them they totally screwed up their church by turning it into a tax-free business rather than a place of worship – a safe haven for people to come and rejuvenate themselves and be made to feel welcomed.

  3. So, President Obama is going to ____________ (insert something bad) and tell us about it tonight if we have ways other their network television to hear him say it. The networks have decided not to cover the president’s address to the nation. That should make it easier for his opponents to decide he said whatever it is they want to hear, and then they can spread their fear-mongering lies to more uninformed people.

    • Thanksgiving is a great time to remember most of us are here in the U.S. due to the immigration of our ancestors from some other country.

    • Asher Bob White

      Ah! So the first Americans have a perspective on this matter, too. “Looking back and looking forward”.

  4. It’s a good read, a calm informative fact-based piece. After Ezra Klein makes strong cases for, and against, Barack Obama’s use of executive action, he tells you where he stands.

  5. Importantly, republicans did it because it’s legal and helped improve America.

  6. A gunman opened fire at Florida State University in the wee hours of this morning. This was the 91st school shooting since Newtown. When will Congress act?

    No parent should ever have to receive a text like this.

  7. He really has nothing to lose by taking Executive Action.

    Please proceed, republicans.