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  1. It is not only television programming the fear – it is a majority of these mega Evangelical churches. FEAR brings in the tax-free millions.

    Instead of preaching fear and hate – why not preach what Jesus taught?

    When did Jesus ever show fear?

    When did Jesus ever show hate? Oh, well, there is that one time Jesus totally lost his temper and drove out those money vendors from the Temple.

    Hmmmmm….money vendors = current mega church preachers and their cousins the televangelists?

    Jesus’ teachings were always about hope – weren’t they?

    • Yes, Indy, hope and love. Who was it that asked the question (paraphrased here) If the only thing keeping a person decent is fear and the expectation of divine reward…?

  2. This is for you, Indy. You’ve ALWAYS known.

    In two handwritten letters filed this month in federal court in New York and Oklahoma, Moussaoui claimed that, during the time he was taking flying lessons in Norman, Oklahoma, he met with a Saudi prince and princess and that she “gave me money,” and provided funding for 9/11 hijackers.
    Lawyers for the Saudi government have repeatedly denied connections, maintaining Saudi Arabia was cleared by the 9/11 Commission.

    9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement

    • I’ve always suspected that George W. Bush was installed as president in 2000 because the Saudis wanted to use their puppet boy ……

      Now, for Dick Cheney, I believe he has always been capable of taking America to war for his own personal gain and to get his NeoCon rocks off…

      I also believe the final push to get GWB on board were these Evangelical NitWits who truly are foaming at the mouth for their Holy War.

      Yes, I truly believe GWB is that D-U-M (misspelled on purpose)

      • Sad to say – but I suspect GWB truly believes he did what God wanted him to do…, he is sitting around wondering why so many people around the world hate his guts.

        But never fear, those Evangelical Christians always carry their Golden Free Pass that Jesus gave just to them because – you know- Jesus loves them the best. (big eye roll)

        Again – I truly believe GWB is that D-U-M (misspelled on purpose)

    • Serious question – if it is true that Saudis tried to kill the Clintons – how do you think Hillary will handle the Saudis when she is the first female president?

      I know I used the word ‘when’ even with the knowledge of her age. Hell, St. Ronnie Raygun was no spring chicken when he was president.

      And right now at this moment – who in the Democratic Party could even possibly come close to winning – other than Hillary?

  3. I found this link very interesting and found insight to the divisions and power struggles we see playing out each day in our government.

    (from the link): I’m not taking one side against the other; I’m trying to illustrate a dangerous weakness of our system, one that the Framers clearly did not foresee. Many of them believed there would not be political parties in the new system. Others no doubt thought that the government they had designed would consist of a Congress that met for a month or so every December and a president who would supervise a slumbering bureaucracy the rest of the year. Some of them assumed the president would be a passive figure, administering directions from Congress; others imagined a chief executive with some of the majesty of the king of England.

    I don’t think any of them anticipated that the two branches would ever clash over which represented “the will of the voters.” The voters weren’t all that important in their design. The House was the only branch directly elected by voters. The Senate was picked by legislatures, the president by electors. Most of them believed the voters should be represented—a different thing entirely than being asked their “will.”

    The constitutional wisdom is that Congress has the ultimate weapon: the power of the purse. But to use the appropriations power well, Congress has to craft budgets the president will sign—or get two-thirds of the votes in each House to override a veto. Neither is going to happen in the present atmosphere. The new congressional leadership are not the masters; they’re just players in a complex and dangerous game. Their only real alternative is genuine negotiation with the White House, but a party that has spent six years pretending Obama did not win two national elections is unlikely to want to negotiate with him now.

    So we know what probably happens next: shutdown, perhaps default, and possibly impeachment. These are the weapons of legislators too weak and divided to govern. The nation has been down this road before, and it doesn’t lead anywhere we want to go.

    Imperfect Union: The Constitution Didn’t Foresee Divided Government
    Watching the battle between Obama and a Republican Congress for two years may shake Americans’ faith in the Framers.

  4. The photo at the top is like seventy five percent of what was on my Face Book this morning. Either posted by the Nazi-Cons or the actual Fascist way of the established GOP.

    • Did they convince you to be afraid, very afraid? I’m betting NO WAY — you’re waaaaay smarter than that!

      • True story – my son had a cystoscopy on Monday morning. My DIL was in the waiting room while Grandpa and I drove the granddaughter to school and we could join her to await the results.

        My DIL said the ONLY tv channel on was Fox News……so she sat there and tried to listen just to see what they were saying and doing…..but she fell asleep!!!!!

        She was laughing at all these Kansans around her – they were stereotypical Republican Kansans – old, white and appears to have never missed a meal and well dressed.

        My DIL was laughing because she could see all their heads bobbing in agreement with whatever the bottle blonde female host was spewing…