Sunday, 11/16/14, Public Square



by | November 16, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. It will be great when each of us learns to butt out of the choices made by others! When dealing with adults who are legally able to make their own decisions, ALL things legal should be left to the person making the decision, living with the ramifications / consequences of their own choice and certainly better informed about what is best for them than those looking in.

    If we’re asked for advice or input we should be willing to give that with full knowledge our recommendation may not be the choice made.

    MYOB seems to be in order most of the time. Minors or those who may be dependent on others might need special considerations. Even then, unless YOU are directly impacted by the choice, must bear the consequences of what the choice brings, MYOB should apply.

  2. To actually treat others as we expect to be treated we must respect their rights as individuals, we must accept they get to make their own choices, and we can’t ever feel one choice is superior to another unless it is the choice you made for yourself. That same right to choose and decide what is best should be the next persons right like it was ours. Weigh this sage advice: “I like you just the way you are.”

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    • Mr. Rogers was an awesome role model.

      My grown son still talks about watching Mr. Rogers when he was growing up. Now that he has young children of his own, he misses the integrity, honesty, compassion and genuine love Mr. Rogers displayed through his t.v. shows.