Friday, 11/14/14, Public Square

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by | November 14, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. But…but…you don’t understand – bombing Syria and Iraq will lead to even more obscene profits for all the ‘right’ people. You betcha wink-wink

    Where is the profit in feeding hungry people??

    • Asher Bob White

      Exactly right, Indy. It is all about the profits, i.e., money. While at the same time they claim, to believe: however, they reject the needs of the poor, they refuse to feed the children, they are like the priest and the Levite but not the good Samaritan, and they will not free the captives. We “know them”, yet they “know not themselves”!

  2. If we are going to continue down this road of being a war-mongering country – then let’s just drop the pretense of being such a fair and democratic country that follows Jesus’ teachings.

    Seriously – America is full of the biggest liars, cheats and thieves – and they all have their Golden Free Pass Card given by their version of Jesus.

    • Yes it amazes me, I deal with both almost daily with the “Love thy Neighbor” clan. As if the only way to prove that they are truly God’s children is to prove that others are lessors. I am both loved and hated at Church and other Christians. It will totally destroy them when I quote Jesus’s words to retract theirs. Not to mention me being pro Gay marriage! You should see the reaction when I point out with, ” So how many Heterosexuals marriages should have never happened ?”.

    • I’m totally disillusioned and very depressed about the state of our government. President Obama is sending more and more soldiers to the Middle East. The republicans are saying they will spend time doing everything from shutting down the government to bringing impeachment IF President Obama does what they won’t spend time doing. Meanwhile it’s possible SCOTUS will gut health-care reform and hubby won’t have health insurance that covers his pre-existing conditions until he is age eligible for Medicare. He already retired, we can’t unring that bell. We can’t even NOW get the 18 months of COBRA. We made BIG decisions based on Obamacare and now it might be taken from us. I know we are among millions this might impact and I know we may be better equipped than many who will lose this recently gained benefit. I’m heart sick with worry for all of us.

      From what I’m hearing war on our home soil is possible soon near Ferguson, MO. How many lives will be taken?

      Oh well, the U. S. House of Representatives just approved the Keystone XL pipeline, which scientists warn will mean “game over” for the planet. That should take care of my worries and concerns.

  3. WELL, last Augusta I got my driver’s license renewed and they gave me a scrap of paper. Telling me the hard one would be mailed to me. Now today I get a call from the people that loaned us the money for Joyce’s car. Saying that we had to either send they a copy of my current D.L. Or give back the car! I called the DMV, they said since I did not get it I had to pay another eight dollars to get a duplicate license! WTF? They did not send it and now I have to pay more money to get another? There is a saying in the military…F.U.B.A.R ! THANK YOU GOVERNOR BOWNBACK!

    • What always gets my hide chapped is when I renew our car tags, we are assessed the ‘modernization fee’ for tag offices.

      From what I’ve seen ever since we’ve been forced to pay these extra fees is that they have cut back on their staff.

      That is modernization?

      Again – thanks Pastor Sammie….and your fellow CONS