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  1. I’ll need to use ‘the google’ and find out what the requirements are for getting into Denmark for more than just a visit. IF Brownback and his lackeys go any further than just wanting to get their hands on my Medicare funding I’ll move out of this state faster than anyone thought I could! I’ll feel very bad for Seniors who don’t have the ability / savings to go to a Medicare friendly state. But before I moved to just a Medicare friendly state I would need to delve into Paul Ryan’s promise to voucherize the entire Medicare program. Republicans are a sad bunch of worthless, extremely harmful idiots!

    • I’ve already told my kids that when I die, I want them to take the money from my life insurance and look into getting their kids out of this country.

      I am that fearful…..of what these idiots will do……I truly do not believe we can survive these upcoming (and very much-desired Holy Wars).

      If the wars don’t kill us – the fact there will be more folks 60 yrs and older than kids aged 5 yrs and younger by the year 2020 (that is only 6 yrs away) will doom America.

      Countries cannot survive without a future generation……where there are not enough kids – and not enough good-paying jobs for those kids to work when they get to working age – I don’t care what these idiots do to Medicare and Social Security.

      There will be NO country anymore….what part of this do these idiots not understand?

    • Asher Bob White

      It sounds to me as if the “common good and public interest” are both much more important and more of a reality in Denmark than other nations, especially here in the US Empire. How cold is the winter in Denmark?

      • That is my one drawback – I hate cold winters.

        But….in exchange for the cold winter, if my kids and their kids are treated better – then my kids would probably gladly say Adios America…

        I am serious about this – I’ve already talked to my kids about my wishes when I die. I do not want them to spend thousands on some fancy funeral. I want to be cremated and then have a party somewhere to have only those family and friends that really cared about me to show up and to celebrate my life.

        I don’t need the trappings of some organized religious group hovering over my dead body and trying to act like they even gave a fat rat’s ass about me.

        I don’t like those people now while I am alive – why would I want them to come to my funeral?

        Hell – I want everyone to have a good time and remember the good memories.

      • But…my husband was born in West Germany. He was adopted when he was 6 months old.

        His adoptive parents were stick-up-the-butt Baptists and his adoptive mother (especially) would always remind him that he was lucky to have been adopted by two Americans and not left in evil Germany.


        Germany has a lot of things better than we do – IMHO

        My mother-in-law is one of those self-righteous, pious Baptists that truly believe she will be helping God pass out those judgments on Judgment Day.

        She told me once that she was looking forward to wearing that crown of jewels the Bible talks about.

        When I reminded her that the crown of jewels was for her to give back to God – she got so mad I thought her head was going to spin around and she would start to spit out pea soup…(tip of hat to Linda Blair’s character in movie The Exorcist).

        The whole message to this story in the Bible is that we are to do good deeds but that our reward would be in giving back to God – not to keep the damn jewels for ourselves.

        Yeah – she really was that mean spirited – and hate filled – and just not a nice person to be around.

        My husband has often said that he wishes those two Americans had never seen him in that German orphanage.

        Now – isn’t that a sad commentary about a woman who is so arrogant to think she is going to get that crown of jewels when she gets to Heaven and then help God throw those ‘evil sinners’ into the bowels of Hell?

        Organized religion – what is good for?

      • BTW – this woman was also very upset with me when I became engaged to her adoptive son.

        She was absolutely livid with anger because I had not ‘thanked her’ for adopting him.

        Seriously – that thought never crossed my mind.

        When I heard her screaming at my husband-to-be about this issue (while I was in the bathroom in the next room) , I told her at that time that some members of my own family adopted kids and they were never demanding to be thanked…..they adopted their kids because they wanted to give the child a good home and for that child to become their own loved child.

        This woman then quoted the scripture where it tells us to take in the orphans and widows.

        She said – I’ve done my part. I got ‘him’ in a Germany orphanage and I got an old woman from a nursing home in Vermont to join our family.

        Yeah – that old woman was a very nice woman. She had a heart of gold. She was really the only grandmother that my husband ever knew.

        Again – I have to shake my head in disbelief to think that this grown woman truly believes she will be given that crown of jewels because she took in orphans and widows.


        If you don’t do something for the right reasons – then just don’t do it. That’s my motto.



    Midterm elections are generally lower turnout….but 2014 was the lowest voter turnout since WWII.

    Let that sink in for a few minutes.

    36.4% voted last week. So, exactly where is this big mandate that Republicans are doing the cock strut dance about?

    As we all have discussed before, Conservative Evangelinut Tea Party Republicans are always riled up and ready to vote against anything Obama and Democrats are doing.

    So – exactly how does 36.4% of voter turnout turn out to be a massive win for Republicans?

    Several races were very close – so does that mean these CONservative Republicans are even losing some of their own rabid base.

    Just to divide 36.4 by two reveals that not a lot of Republicans even bothered to show up.

    Or was it more Democrats and Independents that were the ones that did not show up?

    Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into why someone votes the way he/she does – maybe it was just a matter of voters are tired of the gridlock so they voted against the Democrats because Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest has this insatiable need to demonize Obama and blame him for everything – even when he had nothing to do with it.

    Especially when that one time Mitch McConnell introduced his own bill and then turned around and voted against his own same damn bill.

    And now Mitch is the Senate Majority Leader??