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  1. This would be funnier if it weren’t so close to the truth (satire often is). Rewriting history books is one goal of the Koch money; defunding schools is another. Destroy public education and you destroy the middle class.

  2. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/south-korea-court-sentences-captain-of-doomed-ferry-to-36-years/ar-AA7xFo8?ocid=DELLDHP


    Wow – this is swift justice..

    I suspect in America, this case would have been dragged through the courts for years and years. In the meantime, the ferry captain (if he was working for a corporation) would be promoted and given a big fat bonus check. But the crew might have not gotten off so well – because the crew would have been the ones blamed.

    And then all the costs of this tragedy would be passed on the taxpayers to cover…

    Yeah, that’s how America handles these things….because we are ‘exceptional’.

  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/the-earths-freshwater-reserves-are-disappearing/ar-AA7unOr?ocid=DELLDHP


    Another hoax conjured up by evil Liberals?

    For a party filled with people who do not want history to be taught and who demonize science at every chance they get – just what will our future hold?

  4. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station wrote about Veteran’s Day. His post in its entirety is well worth the read!

    (from the link): In our country, in a free society, the soldier should be no more revered than any other citizen.

    We should respect the warrior, those who are worthy of that respect, but we should never worship them.

    Perhaps some day we will set aside a day to honor the peacemakers and study war no more. Perhaps.

    Veterans Day 2014

    • This is my feeling also.

      Just like that guy told me a few weeks ago that Vietnam War was not bad as they try to make it out…

      First of all – this guy said he was a jet pilot during Vietnam.
      Second of all – my dead loved ones from the Vietnam War might just disagree with this old coot that the Vietnam War was not that bad.

  5. Want to really support the troops? Stop sending them to fight for corporate profits. This is NOT rocket science.