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Those children who fall by the wayside and get into trouble with the law, could be ‘sold’ into the private prison sector and finally become productive members of society. [sigh]

vulture capitalists


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  1. Another factor in how kids fall by the wayside is our ‘disposable society.

    We have become a country where people throw away everything – there is always a new and/or improved product waiting for us to buy.

    We have also become a country where everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere to do something…. what is the big rush?

    And in doing all that rushing around – how does our mind process all this running around and being in this endless hamster wheel (as I call it). People’s moods and tempers are always on edge.

    Then throw in the factor of way too many guns/ammo in our society and way too easy of access to get to the guns/ammo – our stressed out people and those available guns are not a good combination.

    Last, but not least, the family structure has broken down. But I don’t think it is because it is because we took God out of our schools.

    On the contrary – I think we have way too many mega churches that have taken the true God out of their churches and they have now become nothing more than tax-free corporations with one goal – to make as much money as possible. These churches profess to be so godly but they fail to realize they are worship the God of the Almighty Dollar.

    I’ve said this before – back in 1986 (Reagan was in office) when our son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes – I was advised by the hospital social worker to divorce my husband and my two kids would get their health card until they turned the legal age (at the time my kids were 6 & 8 yrs old).

    I was told that I could still live with my husband but I could never be legally married to him again if I wanted to keep my kids’ health cards.

    Hmmmm…now flash forward to the year 2007. I was the cancer patient and the Catholic-owned hospital billing person advised me to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare in order to have continued health care covered.

    Hmmmmm…….now do we wonder why families have been broken?

    This is nothing the black man in the White House has done – unless Reagan was black and I did not know it…

    As far as family structure – look at the Catholic Church’s own annulment process. Just because some Pope signs some piece of paper, a marriage gets wiped off the books as if it never happened – even when there are kids from that marriage?

    I will NEVER understand that – and I know of several families where that happened when daddy found himself a new trophy wife. And in each of those families I can tell you that the kids all have psychological problems. I think it is because these kids got the feeling from their own church that they were ‘disposable’ – hell in technicality, these kids are nothing more than illegitimate kids if there was never a marriage.

    That would make me have psychological problems – wouldn’t it you?

    I’ve been told by devout Catholics that I do not understand their religion because I was not raised in their church.

    that may be true – but I do know when a couple have been married for 20 years and 5 kids were born during that marriage – then that marriage DID happen and those 5 kids should not be made to feel they are illegitimate.

    But – hey – who am I? I am just a woman with a working brain that my God gave me to use……

  2. A question I’ve asked many times of many people and have never been given an answer —

    • If you rephrase the question – What has the Republican Party done TO the middle class in the last 6 years – then I could answer.

      1) Gave us the huge bill for their needless and senseless Iraq War
      2) Gave us the huge bill for their corporate buddies to get all those subsidies and special tax breaks
      3) Gave us the burden of sacrificing our loved ones for that Iraq War that on the certain ‘right’ people made obscene profits

      As you can tell from my list of three things – there is a running theme – isn’t there?

      The middle class are the ones paying through the nose and we are the ones who are also being laid off because some vulture venture capitalist has bought out our company and they are now outsourcing our jobs to cheaper labor overseas – for which the Vulture Venture Capitalist will pocket an obscene profit from – again – our subsidies and special tax breaks.

      So – in reality – the Republican Party has done a lot TO the middle class – all which includes them giving us the finger and smirking while telling us how much Jesus loves us…..and God thinks America is exceptional

      • I’ve asked several Tea Party Republicans if they would vote for a man who was in charge when the state’s credit rating was downgraded.

        They reply – Oh, No.

        I then say – if you voted for Sam Brownback – you just did.

        Their faces have this look like they were just hit with a wet washcloth. Do these folks really not know the true facts?

        Or do the true facts not matter if it is not demonizing the black man in the White House?

    • Asher Bob White

      Nope! Can’t thing of a single one.

  3. Asher Bob White

    “thing” = “think”, of course!