Friday, 11/7/14, Public Square



by | November 7, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. When the newly elected Congress is seated will more of our tax money go to build bigger and better fences? Their past record shows clearly they prefer to spend our tax money on everything except benefits for taxpayers!

  2. You should read this. The whole thing. The collusion between DOJ and Wall Street is exactly what Occupy and others said it was. It definitely is an indictment against the Justice Department’s political wing, led by Eric Holder. I think it would be fair to say there is much about Holder’s leaving that we don’t know and is being kept secret at very high levels! There seems to be a level of both people and powerful institutions who are protected and given immunity from justice BY OUR GOVERNMENT.

    The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

  3. We’ve already seen Boehner threaten Obama about not going ahead with immigration reform.

    Truth be told – I suspect Obama never was going to do anything about immigration reform. After all, corporations are the folks making the obscene profits off these illegal immigrants cheap labor…

    Why would either party want to kill that golden goose?

    One thing about Brownback being voted back in by these Tea Party folks that is pure ironic….

    Brownback was governor of the state when our credit rating was downgraded…

    So, please explain to me how these Tea Party fiscal responsible folks can reward the governor with another term when it was he and his Boys that drove our state’s credit rating down ?

  4. The first two things the republicans plan to do is reward the Koch brothers (Keystone Pipeline) and take away your health care. They also commit to dealing a death blow to public education (of course they call it giving parents a choice), give greater tax breaks to business (referenced as “The insanely complex tax code that is driving American jobs overseas”), austerity spending which they call “Drastically reduce the national debt,” and we all know means cutting benefits for average Americans, and messing with Social Security and Medicare, plus deregulate so none of us are safe from corporate greed and might finally kill the only planet we have to live on… Pretty much sameosameo — NO DETAILS just broad statements that use pretty words, give to business, do not share any benefits with the actual taxpayers.

    You built that, America.

    Here’s the full op-ed Mitch McConnell and John Boehner wrote and was published in The Wall Street Journal —

    Now We Can Get Congress Going

    • Unfortunately, the only thing that might just save us from Johnny B. and Mitchie giving the Koch Brothers the exclusive golden key to the USA men’s room – is if these buffoons get sidetracked by starting those much-desired Holy Wars.

      This might be the only shiny object that will take the focus off the Koch Brothers and put it onto something much bigger – the Neo Cons mother lode of a wet dream.

  5. Maybe everyone has seen this, but it is only three minutes and stock full of truth that we always need to keep in mind.

  6. (There is a new movie out that is a sequel to “God is not dead!”. “How do you show you are Christian?”. is the title. This is what I put in the comment section:
    “This has such important questions in it! To quote the Bible? No, the Devil can do that and has more knowledge of Christ and the Lord Almighty! How do you show you are Christian? A Cross about your neck? A Bible in Church or even the biggest Bible you could find! Perhaps a large one on the table in the front room? Have about a certain Bible? I have gone through that! having the wrong Bible, Not a KJV. Or do you show your faith by condemning others, Gays, Whores or the poor. How do you show you are a Christian?”

    • We’ve all seen this vehicles with way too many bumper stickers about how they love Jesus, or how much they love their wife, or how pro life they are and the list goes on and on…

      I always have to shake my head because I can usually count on these same vehicles being driven by folks who are certifiable crazy loons…

      And talk about folks with pent-up road rage…..damn, these folks are dangerous and should be locked up..

      • How do you show you are a Christian?

        The way my Grandpa did – throughout his life he was a giving, caring, honest and compassionate man.

        Grandpa was never blessed with a lot of money – but he was worth his weight in gold.

        Funny thing is – my Grandpa cussed like a sailor and smoked like a fire engine.

        Grandpa only had one suit and he wore that when he went to funerals and weddings. Other than those occasions, Grandpa never darkened the door of a church.

        After my Grandpa suddenly fell over dead while he was trimming his lilac bushes, the kids were going through his wallet. And in his wallet was a laminated picture of Jesus knocking on the door and on the other side was the Lord’s Prayer.

        Hmmmm………some of the best Christians I know do not have to shout it from the roof top or cover their vehicles with every bumper sticker they can find…

        The best Christians are those who truly try to follow Jesus’ teachings of unconditional love, compassion, empathy and not being a greedy little bastard…