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  1. Perspective

    (from the link): In the end, there was no Republican wave. Indeed, ideologically it was barely a ripple. Unlike 2010, with the Tea Party, or 2006, when the Democrats took over, there was no all-encompassing agenda or over-arching theme. The Republicans won the US midterms – there’s no denying that – but they didn’t win as big as it first seems.

    This election cycle included not only conservative-friendly states but a disproportionate number of competitive states in which incumbent Democrats were stepping down. Democrats have not won Louisiana or Arkansas in a presidential election since 1996, Georgia since 1992 and Alaska since 1964. A Democrat losing in these places is no great surprise. They were low-hanging fruit, and Republicans expended a lot of energy – and even more money – trying to get to it. They were successful. Democrats fared better on Tuesday night than they did in 2010, two years after which Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney. States where Democrats fared worse, like Virginia, North Carolina or Florida (in the governor’s race), are swing states that are always in play.

    Republicans didn’t win as big as you think they did. And Obama didn’t lose

    • Another look at some of what republicans didn’t win.

      “Alaskan election results are in.

      Unions got their unbridled benefits and pay raises back, at the expense of their fellow citizens.

      Unions and Sarah Palin got their governor.

      Liberals, deluded Libertarians, and young pot heads got their marijuana regulated and legal.

      Liberals, and those who don’t understand how capitalism works, got their minimum wage increase.

      Liberals and Native corporations successfully killed any future resource development in the Bristol Bay region.

      And Republicans got…

      A man who has been in Congress for 4 decades.

      And (possibly) another elitist Republican senator, who will be working together with the other elitists to represent corporate interests, their own power, and the special interest groups.”

    • This is the same Republican Party that forced a government shutdown because the Tea Party caucus blocked their own debt ceiling bill because it wasn’t extreme enough.

      This is the same Republican Party that forced Speaker of the House John Boehner to pull his own immigration bill because the Tea Party caucus decided it wasn’t extreme enough.

      This is the same Republican Party that has been threatening to impeach President Obama for years. Heck, they came up with a ridiculous lawsuit against the president that no law firm will take because judges keep laughing it out of court.

      The Republican Party is controlled by crazed extremists and they will use their new found power to prove just how crazy they are. They can’t help themselves.

      They did add even more crazies so these next two years should prove … interesting.

  2. Although medical emergencies will remain and won’t ever be the time to “shop for the best price,” I predict this will help in keeping the costs of health care under control.

    How Much Is That MRI, Really? Massachusetts Shines A Light


    In this article, it states by 2020 the number of people age 60 and over will outnumber those under 5 years of age.

    Think about this…….is this really a good thing?

    Besides that issue – where is this going to fall into the Koch’s outlined plan above?

    No Medicare?
    No Social Security?
    Every tax break going to the rich?
    No public education?
    No EPA?

    Who the hell is going to want to live longer just to be at the mercy of the Koch Brothers and their Gang?

    I’ve said this before – I don’t think Medicare will be scrapped because too many CORPORATIONS are making obscene profits off Medicare.

    Medicare is a guaranteed payment for these doctors and hospitals. Nursing homes are clamoring for the Medicare patients (the sicker the better) because they are paid the highest reimbursement rate for these patients.

    When we take the incentive focus away from paying based on how sick a patient is – that is when things will change – IMHO

    I’ve talked about this before also – the majority of nursing home patients have no families and these folks are shuffled from the home to hospital and back to the nursing home only to go back to the hospital in a week or so. This cycle continues……

    Then we have doctors who actually brag about keeping these patients alive longer through the miracle of modern technology. And they can do this because there is no family member to tell the doctor NO.

    There are a lot of doctors and hospitals making a boatload of money off patients just like this…..

    Then consider the fact we have advertisement of every new drug on the television. And then we wonder why everybody wants this new drug? The doctors are more than willing to write the script for the new drug – because they are being rewarded by the drug companies to write as many scripts as they can so the drug companies make more profits.

    It’s a vicious cycle…..and this is just a glimpse of what is to come if we do come up with the way to make people live longer……

    I will end this by saying – my grandma was 98 yrs old when she died. The last 4 years of her life was misery. She was bedridden, going deaf and almost legally blind. Some days she knew her children and grandchildren – but most days she did not even know where she was.

    All the people in her generation circle had already passed on – so she was the only one left here on Earth.

    I will never forget the day she looked up at me and she really knew who I was and she asked….. why am I still here? I just want to go see your grandpa. I’m tired.

    That was 5 years before she died…….

    Maybe the question we should be asking is – what about the quality of life?

    And then that begs the question – who is going to be willing to pay for all this health care to make that happen?

    From the looks of the Republicans – none of them are willing to stop pouring their millions in worthless political campaigns and start putting their money into more worthwhile causes – like the quality of life of their fellow human beings.

  4. I’m still thinking about the election.

    Once again, the Rude Pundit nails it. I think this is exactly what happened in Ks, why the polls were all wrong, and why the KDP needs new leadership to build the brand from scratch.

    Kansas voters just felt dirty voting for non-repukes. Warning: Bad language ahead. But, brilliant thoughts expressed as well.

    • I strongly believe – the reason most Republicans are the way they are is because these folks are Evangelical Christians who sit in their pews every Sunday and get their heads patted by their preacher man while they are giving their money so the preacher man can buy those blinged-out suits and build yet another worthless, tacky and gawdy huge monument.

      This is the average Evangelical Christian that attends those mega churches.

      These are not true Christians – IMHO.

      Jesus himself would be laughed at, spit on, cursed at and driven away by these church-pew warmers in these mega churches.

      So – hating a black man for daring to be president is no skin off their nose – and is really no different than how they would treat Jesus himself.

      let’s face it – some people have no shame and are incapable of being embarrassed by their own behavior.

  5. After the dust settles from the midterm elections – the end result is basically this:

    Republicans may have majority but they do not have a veto-proof majority in either Senate or House.

    All Obama has to do is to get his veto pen out – and then these same Repukes will have to crawl back to their respective chamber to suck up to the their Democrat colleagues and try to act like the past 6 years never happened.

    I do hope the Democrats find a backbone and treat these Repukes the same way – JUST SAY NO…..

    • One more end result is that if republicans actually try to govern and actually introduce and try to pass congressional legislation WE WILL KNOW WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO GET DONE. Even if their legislation is filibustered in the Senate or if it makes it all the way to the president’s desk and is vetoed so it doesn’t become law WE WILL KNOW more than what they filibuster, what they want repealed, what they want to block. It won’t any longer be just words coming from their mouths, it doesn’t have to be empty promises — they have majorities in both the House and the Senate so they should be able to AT MINIMUM put their words and promises into legislation. We’re all going to learn much more about the republican agenda!

      • You are 100% correct – and I, for one, will be anxiously watching these Republicans do what they do best – turn into the Keystone Kops – remember those films from the old days?

        Just a bunch of buffoons that can never get anything done…


    I trust the NPR to give me a fair and balanced look (as some Foxxies claim to do, but never deliver)…

    Please note in the paragraph about Mitch McConnell in the Senate – Obama has that veto pen – and will not be overridden.

    Mitch and his Boys may be dancing now….and calling for all cooperation and stuff……but where was their cooperation in the last 6 years?

    Democrats need to hang tough and JUST SAY NO………

    Then Republicans will start to whine about how the Democrats are being obstructionists..

    Hey – that tactic worked for Republicans for 6 years…….so, let’s do the same thing.

    After all – the Bible does say – an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth – doesn’t it?

    I love it when I can use the same Bible verse to stick it to these Bible Thumpers….

  7. I am in agreement with the writer. Simply, running “away from Obama” was good political strategy, just not quite good enough (with the exception of Michigan, which I would argue is a special case).

  8. Here’s good news on the science front (and it involves my son Chad) —