Tuesday, 11/4/14, Public Square

You can vote for whoever the donors allowed to run for office.






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  1. Of course, that increased military spending won’t go towards veterans or the care of those who were broken by wars.

    And we’d need to add eroding civil rights and advancing their war on women to this list.

  2. I went and did my part this morning. I wanted to vote early but since I work every weekend and watch three grandchildren during the week, I could not find a time to even go vote early.

    THIS is what the Republican agenda wants from us – those who oppose them to find themselves in the position of having to work and helping to pay the bills.

    And I’m not talking about paying the husband and my bills – I am talking about helping our two grown children with their kids. And when one of those kids was just diagnosed with a lifetime chronic disease – a very expensive disease, I might add – and both parents work which disqualifies them for any help – that is when families pitch in to help.

    So – my biggest question is this – if everyday working Americans do not qualify for help – then why do these corporations feel they are ‘entitled’ to gouge the taxpayer trough?

    I don’t know….ask a damn Republican..

  3. I just returned from casting my ballot. I left my house at 8:45, walked a block, waited behind only two people to check in and then four people for my chance at one of the eight voting machines and was finished by 9 am. By the time I left the lines were at least twice as long as when I had arrived. I looked at the people in line and would guess they had driven to the poll right after dropping off elementary age children at school (9 am start). I was disappointed to not see longer lines. I sure hope they were much longer before 8 am this morning!

    • The Bel Aire lines were long – I suspect it is because of the sales tax question this time around.

      My saving grace was my last name was in the last half of the alphabet – so that line was shorter. Then I chose to use a paper ballot – since the line for the machines was much longer.

      I had to vote and then get back to the house in time for my grandkids to arrive for the day.

      I did notice a lot of Schordorf, Orman and Davis/Docking bumper stickers on the cars in the parking lot.

      Hope that is a good sign?

  4. Whatever happens this election – the country is stuck with the results for the next two years.

    But – don’t think for a moment that all this campaigning and smearing one another is gone. Tomorrow starts the presidential election in 2016.

    And God knows there will be millions – or even billions? – spent on yet more ugly, hyper-partisan, dirty politics.

    • Yes, I know you’re correct. I do hope the intensity and frequency of robo calls slows down for a while. I might have to do away with my landline if they don’t. I’m near my breaking point.

      How long before Senator Cruz starts the impeachment proceedings against President Obama?

      I have NO, ZERO, ZILCH hopes that republicans would attempt to actually do something for Americans. I have about the same level of hope they might attempt to do anything positive. I’m even including things I wouldn’t consider positive, but their base would. I don’t think they know how, and if they do get the Senate majority it won’t take long for them to prove (ONCE AGAIN) that they can’t govern. I’m predicting more wasted time and tax dollars on exercises of futility!

      All thinking people know two-thirds of the Senate must vote to convict before an official can be removed. Senator Cruz isn’t much of a thinking person!

      • Do you think republicans will EVER run on anything more than being in charge and having power? Will they ever say more in their ads and debates than how awful terrible their competition is? Will they ever have an agenda greater than ‘undoing’?

      • Uh, impeachment proceedings are brought in the House.

        I voted five days ago. At the polling place where I voted early, the lines were longer than I’d seen at my regular polling place since 2008. Hopefully, a good sign, but from the bumper stickers in the parking lot, a good sign for the incumbents rather than their challengers. I suspect the local sales tax issue was a driving force as well.

        It will be an interesting evening (I hope).

      • Yes, but I watched when Senator Cruz managed the shut-down of the government IN THE HOUSE.

        I’m positive everyone here already knows the House brings impeachment charges, as we all also know votes to convict come in the Senate and that’s the only NEW majority the republicans may gain.

      • True, fnord, but does Rafael know this? đŸ™‚

      • I don’t think Rafael knows much but rabble rousing. He is a thug.

      • And a foreign thug at that…

      • We are talking about Teddie’s father – arent’ we?

        The so-called ‘preacher man’???

      • We’re talking about Teddie himself. This is his full name: Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz

  5. http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/whats-hot/this-years-victorias-secret-fantasy-bra-is-finally-here/ss-BBcOgiw

    Wow – now I can die happy – after I get a couple million dollars together to buy me a fantasy bra from Victoria’s Secret.

    Seriously……the world has a lot of serious troubles and some people are fascinated by this fantasy bra?

    But then again – we Americans take a lot of things for granted – like indoor plumbing and enough water supply to actually sit on a toilet and drop our poop in clean water.

    I remember one picture that has been posted in our blog a few times. It is the picture of a little black boy (I assume from Africa?) with the caption talking about – you have water for your s-h-I-t ?

    Americans do not know how many people of this world have to live.

    We have turned into a country filled with morbidly obese people, lazy, selfish, arrogant and ignorant.

    But – since we have an over abundance of mega churches on every corner – those ignorant folks are truly arrogant enough to be Proud to be Stupid.
    As long as these Ignoranamuses can sit and spew their hatred about Obama 24/7 – they are happy.

    I truly fear the next two years if Republicans are in charge – that Holy War will probably be started and with the current condition of our country – who the hell is going to actually go and fight and die this time?

    Georgie fought the Iraq War with the National Guard. If we declare war in Iraq, Syria, Iran and anywhere else – the National Guard just ain’t gonna keep those body bags filled – will they?

    IF there is one positive thing about my son – and now my granddaughter being diagnosed with Type I diabetes is that they will NEVER be allowed to join or be drafted in the military.

  6. LoL it was such a cluster this morning voting! Sent first to one place then another. Then from one line then another. Then told I was not on the rolls… then when I show them my voter I.D. they said it was old? But finally after I raised a stink they so “Oh here you are!”

    • In the very short time I spent at my voting place two people were given provisional ballots — a young woman and a young man. I couldn’t hear the whys or the questions but I did hear clearly when both were told they could cast a provisional ballot and were taken to an area near where you could complete a written ballot if you chose to. There was a person standing behind the check-in table with a badge that clearly stated “Observer” who was making notes.

  7. Satire in politics is not new. This gem is from 1915: “Men are too emotional to vote.”

    5 reasons why men shouldn’t be allowed to vote, from 1915

  8. G-Stir

    Given the vote against fluoridation , I don’t have much hope for the sales tax proposal.

    “Wichita- As ignorant as it can be”