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Women Will Vote!

women will vote


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  1. (From the link):
    Dear women voters:

    It’s our time, ladies. A midterm election looms, and the focus is on us! Politicians and pundits alike know that there’s no crossing the electoral finish line without women voters in their corner. But are the candidates seeking to represent us talking about the issues we care about?

    continue reading:
    An Open Letter to Women Voters


      This is the best thing Democrats have going for them come 2016.

      After Ted Cruz gives Mitch McConnell a good ass-whooping for the next two years in the Senate – even more moderate Republicans (are they many of those left anymore?) will be jumping ship to get off the Titanic Cruz.

      It will be interesting to watch Rand Paul during the next two years. As this article points out, Rand Paul is eyeing the presidency in 2016. Rand Paul is no dummy – even he knows that Far Right Extremists do well in GOP primaries but never win general elections.

      • Besides – a lot is riding on what happens in the Middle East. Are we going to declare an all-out Holy War?

        I still believe that most women will buck at the thought of their husbands and/or kids going over to the same sand-filled Hell Hole that GWB wasted trillions of our tax dollars giving Iraqis free health care, new hospitals, new roads, electricity while Americans are losing their jobs due to Vulture Corporate CEO’s making their big fat bonus checks when they outsource those American jobs overseas.

  2. Perspective. DON’T be afraid, very afraid!

  3. The can be quite long so bare with me: A Congressman was running for re-election. He visited an Native American reservation. He made several promises and each time the crowd said “Ho-Ya”. Later as he toured the reservation his guild told him as they went through a horse pasture. “Watch out Congressman and don’t step in the “Ho-Ya”. That is courtesy of Jack Anderson the reporter and author.

  4. 28 years ago today.

    • If Reagan had been a black man – he would have been lynched for what he did..

      But – since Reagan was a wealthy White Christian Male Republican – his ass gets a statue erected in his honor and sacrifices are made to his altar every damn day..

  5. Don’t you just love election years? watching TV within a matter of sixty seconds you get two versions of the country and the people in it. Ether the President has led us into the worse situation since the great depression. Or more people are working then in the last five years. Either more people are getting good health care or people are dying in the streets outside of every hospital.

    I swear that people were more stable at Nero-restorative!

    • You taught me well, and offered me all the places I needed to go to verify. No one ever pulled the wool over your eyes on this subject!