Saturday, 11/1/14, Public Square

hunger vs ebola



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  1. Asher Bob White

    “The 10,000-year experiment of the settled life will stand or fall by what we do and don’t do, now.” (Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress, 2004)
    The poverty consequence illustrated today was not accepted when mankind lived in small tribes where every person and child were cared-for, collectively. When there was hunger, it was shared by all, and when there was enough it was shared by all.
    “Since we invented civilization some six thousand years ago along the irrigated floodplains of great rivers (i. e., empires), we can create its alternative. We are called to cooperate in establishing a transformed earth. We are called to Post-Civilization, to imagine it, to create it, and to enjoy it on a transfigured earth.” (God & Empire, John Dominic Crossan, 2007)
    And it is not about business success or individual wealth. It begins and exists only with justice. How do we institute honest, true justice? Do we even have any example? Jesus?

    • Example of sharing – look at what the Native Indians did for the Pilgrims that first winter.

      Had it not been for the humanity of the Native Indians – the White Man, Woman an all this kids would have died of starvation, cold or just being plain stupid.

      And how did the White Man repay the Indians?

      • I think we would all be better off if we followed the example of native Americans.

      • Remember, it is the First Occupants of the Continent that were responsible (it appears from archaeological evidence available) for hunting several species (including the Wooly Mammoth) into extinction within the first 1,000 years of human settlement.
        I use the term First Occupants of the Continent in acknowledgement of the Eurocentric nature of “Native Americans”, it being obvious as of now that the so-called Native Americans were the first immigrants to North America, as there were no humans native to North or South America.