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    Just another angry white male who was armed to the teeth with guns, ammo and the knowledge to make bombs.

    To use the logic of CONservative Republicans when they say all Muslims are terrorists – are all angry white males cop killers?

    I certainly don’t hear or see any demonization of this guy – or support of this guy – on the blogs I have visited since this man has been on the run.

    I wonder….was this guy a lifetime member of the NRA? Surely, this man felt he had the God-given right to have all those guns, ammo and bombs….correct?

    BTW – this guy was anti-law enforcement AND the son of a retired Army Major. According to the father – his son was an excellent marksman and ‘doesn’t miss’.

    Hmmmm….doesn’t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling to know the NRA is out to protect their rights to own as many guns and ammo as they want???


    Expect this to be spewed on Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest and Hate Talk Radio for the next week.

    News flash – this is not the first time Medicare has paid for services for dead people.

    News flash – this was going on during the Reagan years………

    News flash – a lot of these payments are being paid to CORPORATIONS who knowingly do this crappola

    I worked for a pharmacy that serviced exclusively long term care, hospice, home health patients. These folks know exactly how to get as much money as they can from Medicare…….which is why they NEVER want to see Medicare abolished or reduced payments.

    As the article states – this practice is due to the way the GWB Medicare Drug program was set up – so, why not blame Georgie and his Gang for putting that part into the program in the first place?

    And – while we’re at it – let’s start reminding folks that George W. Bush pushed through this Medicare Drug Program but yet never arranged funding for the program.

    Yeah – that Georgie the Little Cowboy President was a real fiscal conservative – wasn’t he?

    But – bottom line – Georgie also spent trillions on the Iraqis to give them brand new hospitals, new roads, new buildings and what did we get?

    Nothing but the damn bill to pay…..

  3. Robert Reich explains how a Republican-controlled Senate would attack women’s rights in what adds up to an economic war on women —

  4. Tired of ‘conservatives’ saying Obama hasn’t accomplished anything during his presidency? Here’s a list of 180 fact-checked accomplishments.

    Fact-Checked Promises President Obama Has Kept

    • God himself could come down from his Golden Throne and tell these Fake Christian Republicans that Obama is a good man and a great president.

      I have no doubt these Fake Christians would spit in God’s face and then smirk about it….

      I’ve said it before – there are folks who are not capable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

      Funny thing – these folks are also the ones that do not care what the facts are – they just ‘make up their own facts’…..and then they spread those false facts on their 24/7 gossip line known as Foxxies Hen House Cluckfest and Hate Talk Radio.