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  1. I have no doubts that Republicans will gain control of the Senate and then we’ll see this big push to impeach Obama with the ultimate goal to start several wars.

    Like I said once before – maybe we should force these Republicans to reinstitute the draft as a condition for them to start their wars with our tax money?

    I wonder how many voters would still put their ‘x’ next to every Republican on the ballot?

    Sad to say – probably way too many….

    • I’m almost assured republicans won’t go all the way to impeachment if they control both houses of Congress. Some of the most extreme will want that but cooler heads may be able to divert their attention. Remember Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama? Well, here is an interesting and short piece about that —

      John Boehner Still Hasn’t Sued Obama Over Obamacare. Why Not?

    • Sound suggestion, let them put their own fat or should I say they own gene pool in it! Of course there would be the same thing as with Vietnam the rich would been having a way out. But at least it would have them thinking and finding more resistance to their war mongering.

      • RD – you’re right – the rich and well-connected will always find a way to Dodge the Draft.

        Hell – wasn’t it Rush Limbaugh that got out of the draft due to so butt cyst?

        And Dick Cheney – did he ever serve?

      • As we all learned in American History, draft dodging is a long time American tradition, indy. The Civil War was a prime example of the rich paying poor men to “take their place”.

      • AT least during the Civil War – the rich men had the decency to pay the poor man to do his fighting.

        Nowadays – the rich men expect the poor men to do his fighting and dying – and then if he is lucky to come home wounded and be willing to work for less than minimum wage ….

        Yeah, isn’t America great?

  2. As for the issue of high speed rail – one of my former co-workers (a rabid Evangelical Tea Party Republican) went off on a tirade about why Kansas does not need any high speed rail.

    This woman actually used the argument that we don’t want to end up like ‘dirty’ New York …


    • Yeah, sure. Stay in the dark ages. Why would anyone want progress? [eye roll] Evangelinuts are always finding evil. Amazing I think since most of us who aren’t spewing hate in the name of gawd find love.

      • Stay in the dark ages like wanting to ban all birth control?

        I keep telling every Evangelinut that spews the birth control argument that God gave me a brain with which to use. And since I know how babies are conceived, if I am not ready for a baby, then I choose to use the knowledge and power that science has provided me and to prevent the pregnancy in the first place.

        And – as an extra bonus – the use of birth control would greatly reduce the number of abortions performed.

        It’s a win-win for the Evangelinuts……but for some odd reason, these are the folks that NEVER see the big picture..

    • I hope you pointed out that high speed is actually more cleaner then the old diesel engines.

      • This former co-worker also firmly believed that Climate Change was nothing but a big hoax.

        There is nothing wrong with our air and water – it is as clean as the day God gave it to Man.

        And if it’s not – then that is okay also – because God gave Man the power to do whatever he wanted on this Earth.

        I think what she meant by ‘dirty’ is that high-speed rail would attract a lot of ‘those people’ that expect to ride with the upper crust elitists….

  3. The truth told in the most fun way! Not that even in my wildest dreams do I think republicans could ever be this honest!



    This is the Snopes assessment of Rush Limbaugh’s dealings with the Draft during the Vietnam days…

    Notice in the first paragraph when other prominent Republicans were being discussed….

    I did not realize Jack Kemp got out of the draft for a bad knee. But yet, as was noted, he kept playing football for the next 8 years?

    Hmmmm…… men play ball while poor men went to their deaths in Vietnam.

    And this is what angered me the most when that old fart buffalo told me this past weekend that the Vietnam War was not as bad as ‘they’ make it out to be…

    WTF….I lost several loved ones….isn’t it a shame none of them can come back and slap that old fart buffalo right in the face….

  5. R.D. – how are those twins doing?

  6. My DIL is getting some grief from her supervisor because she called off work when both the granddaughter and son (her husband) were in the ICU at Wesley Hospital until they were both discharged several days later.

    My DIL asked for – and was given – the paperwork for FMLA from the H.R. Department at the downtown bank where she works.

    Since that time – her immediate supervisor has doubled down on the grief – and the H.R. manager has defended the supervisor to my DIL because ‘she is only concerned about you’.

    Oh – is that why the supervisor threatened my DIL yesterday that H.R. will fire her if she does not get those FMLA papers signed right away? By law, she was told by H.R. that she has until next Friday to get those papers completed and signed by doctor.

    The doctor’s office has the papers and will have them ready sometime today or tomorrow.

    Just how much S-H-I-T do working Americans have to go through just for some damn employer to actually do the right thing?

    My DIL only took off 3 actual working days. But her supervisor was upset because she had to go to her own doctor for ‘menopause pills’ and my DIL should have KNOWN she needed to drop everything at her own house and run in there to cover for the supervisor.

    This is why workers are being pushed to their limits….

    And then the same Republicans who think employers should have all the rights and workers are to have no rights – want to keep guns available to our society with no questions asked?

    So the next time the news breaks about some employee that went beserk and shot a bunch of people at their workplace – do not be surprised….

    There is only so much S-H-I-T and being pushed around people can stand….
    before they snap and a tragedy unfolds…

    But – in the words of Romney – everybody wants to be a millionaire.

    No Mitt the Twit – money does not mean that much to me. I would rather have a country filled with people who actually gave a damn about their fellow human beings and show some compassion/empathy when they are going through difficult times.

    • BTW – this bank hates Obama and all those regulations that the black man imposed on them – you know, the regulations that are supposed to help the consumers from being gouged….

      But I noticed this bank was right there to get their bail out funds from the taxpayers………from the same black man they profess to hate so much…

      Bunch of hypocrits…..