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  1. When the Republicans regain the power – I do hope people will remember all the stupid and idiotic things these folks have said and done – and then treat the Republicans the very same way – times ten.

    Then we come to the most dangerous of Republicans – those who truly know what they are saying to be total lies and they do not care. I have come to believe these folks are those who profess to be so morally superior and are merely church pew warmers – they are not Christians.

  2. In Scottsdale, Arizona, there is a woman who volunteers her time by taking an annual trip to Ghana. She is a volunteer with the Global Rescue Project, a group that rescues children from slavery and gives them a home and an education. She’s a celebrated local hero for her efforts. Or at least you would think she is. Not anymore.

    Leah Stenzel, the owner of an upscale salon in Scottsdale, last visited Ghana in March of this year. But don’t let the facts stop the ignorant from destroying her life.

    Her customers have stopped coming to her salon. They have told her to stop going to Africa or they won’t return to her salon. You know. Because they might catch the Ebola. She is on the brink of going out of business because – well because people are stupid.

    And speaking of stupid. Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey climbed on the stupid bandwagon to score some cheap political points and pander to the ignorant. He isn’t a doctor but has decided to play one on TV. Chris Christie was being a “leader.” He was protecting the people of New Jersey by imprisoning a nurse with NO symptoms of the disease. The state of New Jersey put her in a tent-like structure in an empty building with no shower, a port-a-potty and no communication with the outside world other than her cell phone.

    For no damned reason. Despite science. Despite doctors. Despite experts who know for a fact that you cannot contract Ebola from a non-symptomatic person. You cannot.

    So you say it’s better to be “safe” than sorry? I say to you it is better to be smart, informed, intelligent than ridiculously stupid. Do you so crave something to be terrified of that it’s going to start to be acceptable in the United States of America to finally realize the fear of FEMA camps in order to be safe from Ebola.

    Get a f-ing grip America. Go ahead and give away a few more rights in order to be “safe” in this country.

    Yesterday I heard a man on the radio say that if you cannot contract Ebola as the experts “claim,” then why did the bowling alley disinfect the entire facility after Dr. Craig Spencer (the first case of Ebola in New York) spent an evening there with friends?

    They did it because of stupid people who ask stupid questions like that. They did it because of the ignorant who won’t go to a salon in Scottsdale. They did it because of blowhard politicians like Chris Christie. They did it because Americans are stupid.

    • Sad to say – a lot of those Americans are Proud to be Stupid

      That’s what I thought when that old white male buffalo Obama-hating Republican told me that the Vietnam War was not as bad as ‘they’ make it out to be..

      Excuse the hell out of me, but my dead loved ones might just disagree with this old fart……but I cannot ask them because they are D-E-A-D…

      Ignorant fool + stupid = Proud to be Stupid

      • Why isn’t Rick Perry calling for an investigation into what happened at that Texas hospital?

        Or – should we check the donor list to Rick Perry for President?

    • fnord – I agree with all the scientific facts about Ebola …..

      BUT when I know of the way some of our health care professionals actually conduct themselves while working – ie not washing their hands, not changing gloves between patients – and these are the basic safety protocols.

      This is what worries me the most about this Ebola.

      Sometimes I wonder if the health care professionals are not practicing basic safety protocol because they were not taught them, or they choose to not follow the protocol or is it because the hospital/corporation does not want to spend the money to provide the necessary items to practice these safety protocols?

      Profit before people? Is this what is going on?

      That is what scares me the most…….

      • BTW – I am only talking about the basic safety protocol…

        We are dealing with Ebola and that requires much more safety protocol measures….

        I want to know why this Texas hospital let that Liberian man go home after the first E.R. visit – and apparently from news reports, their protocol did not much improve when he came back with full-blown Ebola…

      • Why isn’t Rick Perry calling for an investigation into what happened at that Texas hospital?

        Or – should we check the donor list to Rick Perry for President?

  3. Well I just got the news that my oldest son and daughter-in-law are the out and health parents of a boy and girl! The Doctors were want to wait and see if could come naturally but when BP started dropping they did it C-Section.
    five pound eight ounces and eight pounds seven ounces! I said it the first time I came home and learned of how many grandchildren and will say it again…. No bad for a only child!!