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  1. A Facebook conversation started out talking about the nasty ads we see in Kansas since the Senate race was taken over by the swift boaters, et al, and continued through Brownback and Roberts losing and finally got around to how important it is the Senate NOT be republican majority. I didn’t write this comment but I do think it’s what will happen.


    “But even if the GOP loses a few radical idiots like Sam, if they still control Congress their greedy take, take, take agenda continues.

    The Senate is close but the House is almost guaranteed to stay GOP controlled.

    Due to gerrymandering in 2001 the GOP modified districts in an unbelievable manner, a pretty creative trick they hadn’t thought of in prior post census redistricting,

    Look at he last elections, the Democrat House candidates got over 1.2 million additional votes than Republicans and LOST seats!!!

    talk about anti democratic thievery at it’s worst!! And that’s not even talking about the urban areas where a lot of people left the 2,3,4 hour lines, or elderly people without a license, college students being mislead on which state to vote in, etc..

    Despite all of that, the Dems STILL got 1.2 million more votes… and lost seats!!!

    This election is even more insane, it’ll take close to 4.5 million additional Democrat votes to regain the House.

    If the GOP controls both, we’re really in trouble!!

    Yea, Obama’s only task becomes the veto BUT the GOP will use the “reconciliation” rule (only need a simple 51 Senate votes & a simple House majority)

    They’re going to exploit that rule to the max, gutting anything and everything you can think of and not passing anything productive at all

    Think the past 6 years as far as GOP policies (none good) only NOW they’ll control the money too which is way worse and now combine that (sadness) with the GW Bush era of what the GOP did with control of the money, not good at all

    I’ll bet any amount of money the GOP will write a bill attaching really reduced ACA funding to additional tax cuts for the top.

    What do you do if you’re the Prez?

    Veto it and people die? Sign it and some people die and create piles of additional debt due to elitist greed?

    It’ll all be no win situation after no win situation.

    I bet they write a bill to move our SS funds into Wall Street but it’ll be attached to VA funding, as well as the funding for alternative energy to companies working on improving batteries, solar, geothermal, etc..

    What’s he do? Say “no” and watch the media slaughter him for “turning his back on our troops!!??” The media would also crush his ass for “halting alternative energy” which will create job losses.

    Or say “yes” and watch the GOP, the Saudi’s and big oil high fiving all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the bank?

    It’s gonna be really, really ugly. No way to fathom how greedy and off their rocker kind of really ugly!!!”

  2. If Democrats show up to vote, the GOP doesn’t stand a chance. So don’t let yourself be psyched out.

  3. Here’s a blog that discusses and predicts the race for Kansas Secretary of State (emphasis added) —

    Incumbent Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach vs. Republican-turned-Democrat Jean Schodorf. There’s a serious lack of polling available for public consumption for this race; the most recent serious poll to include the race for Kansas Secretary of State showed Schodorf down by six points, which showed little change from what other occasional polls have suggested ever since the end of September. And the “debates” (more like opportunities for the candidates to stand and recite their talking points, but you know what I mean) which these two have held haven’t helped Schodorf much: Kobach is a real political animal, a superb and utterly unhesitant communicator, confidently throwing out highly questionable claims about voter fraud and red-meat-for-the-base insinuations about Schodorf being soft on illegal immigration, all of which makes his opponent seem, it unfortunately must be said, old and unfocused and a little whinny by comparison. I remain deeply impressed by the ground game which Hispanic groups, African-American churches, and other social organizations in Kansas’s major cities have put together, registering and informing and motivating voters against Kobach’s policies, but I can’t deny any longer that this race is looks increasingly unlikely to result in an upset.

  4. Love Kansas but hate what Brownback, Kobach, Roberts and their billionaire buddies have done? You will love this new version of Home on the Range by a Kansas woman —

    Don’t miss her version of “Hit the road BROWNBACK”

  5. The GOP doesn’t want you to vote — they think you are stupid — prove them wrong and vote!

    Six of the most unbelievable Republican statements about voter suppression

    The People Conservative Media Don’t Want To Vote

  6. Giggles and grins 🙂 Warning: adult foul language

    Bill Maher Destroys Sam Brownback For Paul Davis Attacks

  7. The Republican Party could complete the destruction of their political party by renewing attempts to privitize Social Security.

    The National Academy of Social Insurance yesterday released results of a study that asked respondents to make trade-offs to fix Social Security’s financing—by 2033, the Social Security “trust fund” will have been exhausted and there will only be enough tax revenue coming in to pay three fourths of promised benefits. The most popular package wouldn’t cut benefits, even for the well off, but would gradually eliminate the current $117,000 cap (it’s rising to $118,500 in 2015) on the amount of wages subject to tax; slowly raise the Social Security paid by both employers and workers from 6.2% to 7.2%; increase COLA adjustments; and raise the minimum benefit so that any worker who paid into the system for 30 years could retire at 62 with benefits that put him over the poverty line.

    That package, the study found, would be supported by 71% of respondents, including 68% of Republicans and 65% of those earning $100,000 plus, who would pay the biggest tax increases. Overall, 77% said they wouldn’t mind a tax increase for everyone if it was necessary to preserve Social Security for future generations and 83% were ready to raise the tax on top earners to preserve the program.

    In fact, when it comes to Social Security, the real divide is between regular folks (who oppose benefit cuts and seem ready to pay more taxes to secure the retirement program’s future) and the Washington policy wonks, who favor using a mix of tax hikes, an increased retirement age, lower COLAs and cuts to benefits for the well off to put the program on sound actuarial footing.

    Survey Finds Most Americans Would Pay More to Fix Its Finances and Improve Benefits — Large majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents agree

  8. I had to hold my tongue making for a very, very long afternoon.

    I was at work at my front desk motel job and a group of wealthy, white folks who are all on Medicare sat and demonized the black man in the White House.

    Okay – we all have the right to our political beliefs – but as I stood there, I listened to each one of these folks sit and tell of their health care problems.

    List of health-related conditions I heard from this group of about 10 people:

    1) Three had C-pap machines (sleep apnea treatment)
    2) Five had walking stick and/or cane due to bad knees.
    3) Seven had numerous tales of how many specialists and doctors they have been to see for this pain – or that pain.
    4) Six of them were morbidly obese, while the others were merely obese. Do you think that might be of the reasons they needing a walking stick and/or cane?

    While sitting there and complaining about how horrible the black man in the White House – quite a few of them called him a Muslim. The others just called him the black man they love to hate.

    I sat there and thought to myself – my 8-yr-old granddaughter and her father (my son) was just in the hospital. They are lucky to have health insurance through the DIL’s job.

    But you know what? My DIL is now being threatened with the loss of her job because she has missed too many days due to taking care of her family when they have been sick.

    What is the matter with these people that get the lion’s share of the health care – and at taxpayers’ expense?

    I am SICK and TIRED of these ungrateful old codgers sitting around like a bunch of fat buffalos and then wondering why they cannot get out of the chair. Let’s see – lose about 100 lbs, of that blubber and then your health might just improve.

    And then to make matters worse – I sat back and listened to how a majority of these folks make their money – off their stocks. I wonder if these stocks are health-related stocks?

    No wonder these folks love THEIR Medicare – while they want to deny others access to get their health care.

    S.O.B.’s and P.O.S.’s……that is what I saw and listened to today.

    My granddaughter was diagnosed with a chronic disease – and not a cheap one. Does anyone of those SOB POS give a damn?

    • BTW – when this herd left my presence – they were on their way to a local restaurant known for all-you-can-eat buffet.

      Yeah, that’s what these folks needed…