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  1. Ah, but these Republicans were sure to stick the taxpayers with the bill to pay for that frivolous lawsuit..

    Republicans are very good at using OTHER people’s money…

    Republicans are also very good at using OTHER people’s loved ones to do the actual fighting and dying in their much-desired senseless and endless wars.

    • LOL that one is something that many conservatives accuse Liberals of, Wanting to spend other peoples money. That is why the Koch brothers can snow ball so many of them.

      • Both sides can accuse the other of spending other peoples money and be accurate. They (ALL of them) spend our money. The differences in where they spend that money is where the rubber meets the road. Spend OUR money on us (The Democratic Party) or spend OUR money on those who are the wealthiest (The Republican Party)?

        One more BIGGIE in the differences is that republicans will scream till the day is done about “tax and spend liberals” and never mention the fact that if they reduce taxes for any taxpayer it is ONLY for those who are wealthiest and that actually puts a much greater burden on the rest of us or we face cuts in all benefits for Americans who aren’t wealthy. Republicans want to do away with every program the helps the average citizen — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare — and if they can’t do away with it completely they want to privatize it so their wealthy donors make money off administering those programs while reducing the benefits. Republicans take OUR money and spend it on corporate welfare, waging money-making wars, legislation that deregulates rules so profits for the wealthy can be further increased, and keeping women, minorities, seniors, youth from equal rights. After all if they don’t make laws that keep everyone not uber wealthy in the ‘second-class people’ category we might have some power because we are the majority.

  2. (An exert from the story I am writing about the after effects of the heart attack.)
    “The company of depression is not the most comfortable, it is not the most talkative either in a sense. It may tell you that it understands and no one else does. It does not try to cheer you up or solve the problems you are having. It just makes the same comments over and over, “ Life really sinks” and “You really do not need to be going through this!”. It voice comes to you any time you are close to a window that is up high. Or some situation where there could be a quick death if you just take that first attempt or step. But you just have to keep reminding yourself that it will not stop the suffering, it just moves it to those you love!

    It is really selfish and you will be the one that causes it for others, you will be such a selfish bastard! You know all to well how it feels so why would you want anyone else you love and whom loves you to be feeling the same way? All it would serve is you are dead and they are the ones whom have to live with that feelings. It would solve nothing, the pain would live on no matter if you are alive or not!

    Pain means you are still alive, being alive another days means you can find a way to end the pain with out causing it. Time really does heals all wounds, you may bare the scars but it will heal.
    No one goes though life with out scars, minor or major you have scars and other then being a reminder. It give you character, “

    • You have genuine insight into what makes up all of us human beings. It’s a talent to see what is part of each of us, and even more of a talent to recognize that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

      I’m sorry you have faced depression and so proud of the character it gave you!

  3. Maybe you’ve all read this. It’s dated September of 2012. It’s worth reading again even if you have read it before.

    (from the link):

    “Bootstrapping” and “equality of opportunity, not outcomes” make perfect sense if you assume, as I did, that people who hadn’t risen into my world simply hadn’t worked hard enough, or wanted it badly enough, or had simply failed. But I had assumed that bootstrapping required about as much as it took to get yourself promoted from junior varsity to varsity. It turns out that it’s more like pulling yourself up from tee-ball to the World Series. Sure, some people do it, but they’re the exceptions, the outliers, the Olympians.

    The enormity of the advantages I had always enjoyed started to truly sink in. Everyone begins life thinking that his or her normal is the normal. For the first time, I found myself paying attention to broken eggs rather than making omelets. Up until then, I hadn’t really seen most Americans as living, breathing, thinking, feeling, hoping, loving, dreaming, hurting people. My values shifted — from an individualistic celebration of success (that involved dividing the world into the morally deserving and the undeserving) to an interest in people as people.

    Today, I wonder if Mitt Romney drones on about not apologizing for America because he, like the former version of me, simply isn’t aware of the U.S. ever doing anything that might demand an apology. Then again, no one wants to feel like a bad person, and there’s no need to apologize if you are oblivious to the harms done in your name — calling the occasional ones you notice collateral damage (“stuff happens”) — or if you believe that American force is always applied righteously in a world that is justly divided into winners and losers.

    Why I left the GOP

    • But Norway doesn’t have a “First Amendment” as broad as ours. The analog is section 100 of their Constitution, but it provides for the possibility of governmental limitations being imposed.

  4. Today more children were sacrificed at the altar of the second amendment.

  5. “McConnell had expressed remorse that he couldn’t wrangle any Democrats into supporting George W. Bush’s 2005 effort to, as McConnell put it, “fix Social Security.”

    Sonka asked him if he’d revisit that effort in 2015, and McConnell said, “I’m not announcing what the agenda would be in advance. We’re not in the majority yet. We’ll have more to say about that later.”