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  1. This piece addresses brownbackistan where the extreme religious right practice their hate, bigotry and discrimination. Our own prairiepond is quoted in the piece. Maybe it will soon be over legally, but I imagine the hate and bigotry will not just continue but possibly thrive as it’s pretty ingrained in those extremists who see themselves as superior humans. They’re so wrapped up in their hate they fail to recognize how much they resemble those extremists that come from some Middle East countries — who they also hate.

    All Eyes on Kansas: The Battle for Marriage Equality Boils Over, Putting Conservatives on the Defensive

    • I’ve said this more than once – there are people who are incapable of being shamed or embarrassed.

      Sad to say – but the more religious these folks profess to be – the more they seem to be incapable of feeling any shame or embarrassment for their behavior.

      After all – they all have their preacher man patting them on their heads every time they sit in the church pew. And why do these preacher men pat them on their heads, you ask?

      It’s about the M-O-N-E-Y.,……..

      Hateful and mean-spirited people give a lot of money to those preacher men who tolerate and even encourage their hatred.

  2. I should know better by now, come here first before checking Face Book! I wade through all the idiots from the Tea Party post countering them then come here and find something that said it better!

    Wow – a simple and low-tech solution to helping Ebola patients to survive?

    I wonder how long this would be tolerated in America? After all, if some corporation is not making a butt-load of profit off the misery of others – we don’t want to see it used here in America.

    Welcome to America’s health care system – where profit comes before people.

  4. Asher Bob White

    What’s on my mind is the serious threat of “cosmicide – the destruction of the whole world—in the serene confidence that a better world awaits elsewhere. (p 196) ….the word ‘rapture’ never appears anywhere in the Christian Bible. ….neither does the idea, the theme, or the concept as interpreted by contemporary fundamentalist Christians”. (p 203)
    And there is Islam. “….what we call suicide bombings …. self-chosen martyrdom.” Next, “For Sikhism, ….the murders of …. Indira Gandhi in 1984 …. and the Punjabi chief minister Beant Singh Sikh in 1995 …. Finally, Buddhism, ….by the Japanese group Aum Shinrikyo, which released sarin gas in the Tokyo subway system in 1995. ….no religion has an absolute monopoly on such activities.” (pp 192-3)
    “We had fed the heart on fantasies, The heart’s grown brutal from the fare. William Butler Yeats, The Stare’s Nest by My Window (1992)” (p 191). (God & Empire, Jesus Against Rome, Then And Now, John Dominic Crossan, Harper One, 2007)
    My family attended church regularly. I still do. And I learned all the protestant traditions. Today, I still accept the teachings of Jesus. And for me God is not a holy being but rather the holy aspects of the spirit of love and the truth of wisdom. I support the concept of coming together regularly in a small faith community and learning from one-another while discussing ‘beliefs’ along with taking-of some bread and wine, as taught by Jesus. We all need to get rid of the “fantasies”.

    • I remember the time when attending church meant a weekly time to rejuvenate and/or recharge your soul’s batteries to go out into this world for the next 6 days and not want to give up.

      Church used to mean something back in my childhood. When I got into that Fundy Baptist Church is when all that stopped.

      The most important time during the Fundy Baptist church service was when the offering plate was passed around and the preacher was up there berating and telling us how God EXPECTED us to give all we had….

      One time – the preacher ‘challgenged’ everyone to give a week’s paycheck as their offering.

      And what was the reason you ask? Preacher Man wanted to build yet another new building….

      He got a lot of folks to do just that – a week’s paycheck. I wonder how many kids had to go without that week just so Preacher Man could building yet another useless and empty-soul building?

  5. OMG I just love dealing with the DOE! We thought it was all taken care of. That my student loans had been forgiven because of my disability. That we found out we were turned down for a car loan because the credit report said I was in arrears on my student loan! Now for a third time we have to down load the forms and fill them out. Which means another trip to the Doctors to get them to sign off!

  6. Someday we’re going to see Kansas make the national news for positive reasons. [sigh]

    (from the link): Of all these geniuses, though, Brownback exists in a class of his own, thanks both to the vainglorious scale of his project and the inescapable reality of its flop. And what must have longtime Brownback patrons like the Koch brothers most freaked out is how starkly his failure highlights the shortcomings of their own ideology.

    The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster

    Extremist Republicans turned their government into a lab experiment of tax cuts and privatization. And now they may be losing control of one of the reddest states in the nation

  7. (from the link): Doyle is a partner in an Overland Park law firm, one of about 191,000 “pass-through” businesses that are the luckiest recipients of the radical tax overhaul that Brownback and his GOP-dominated Legislature engineered three years ago.

    A pass-through business is one whose income, for tax purposes, is claimed directly by the owners, rather than by a corporation. Examples include sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships and S corporations. A one-person landscaping or graphics arts business could be a pass-through entity. So could a farm, real estate business or gas exploration firm.

    Along with passing income tax cuts in 2012 and 2013 that disproportionately favor the wealthy, Brownback and the Legislature made Kansas the only state to completely exempt the owners of pass-through businesses from income taxes.

    “It just amazes me,” Doyle told me. “Unless something changes I am exempt for the rest of my life. I’m making out like a bandit, and it’s completely unfair.”

    Doyle figures he’ll pocket between $5,000 and $10,000 a year from the exemption. His law firm has 16 partners who all get a free pass. But lesser-paid associates, paralegals and others without an ownership stake in the firm owe state income taxes.

    I asked if the partners had used their collective windfall to add jobs. Doyle said the firm had been hiring because it landed a big case, not because of the taxes.

    Kansas now allows affluent partners of hundreds of prosperous companies to pocket 100 percent of their state income tax, with no requirement that they add jobs or give anything in return. There is reason to think that businesses set up to pay corporate income taxes are restructuring themselves as pass-throughs, which will cost the state more revenue. As an accountant told me, “Why not?”

    I asked Doyle what he was going to do with the money he’s saving. He said he was going to Cancun. I asked if he was joking. He said he wasn’t. He’s taking his family to Mexico — courtesy of Sam Brownback’s and the Kansas Legislature’s folly.

    Gov. Sam Brownback’s folly: How Dan Doyle’s business and 191,000 others don’t pay Kansas income taxes