Monday, 10/20/14, Public Square



by | October 20, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Well it seems the morning is going normal for me. The three grandsons on the buses. But only after they left did I find their backpacks. So I ran two of them to their school. Only to get home and get the call to come pick one up because he was sick. No fever, acting fine and other then him saying he did not feel well seemed fine. Complained because he could not watch TV or get on the computer! well Grandma and his mother had a fit! As soon as his mother got home he went back to school!

  2. This is an interesting piece. It talks about the ‘do nothing’ Congress and passes the ‘blame’ around. But guess what? Voters share the blame!

    (from the link): “Congressional districts have become so narrowly drawn that hyper-partisan voters select candidates in safe districts. There’s no impetus for candidates to compromise because working with the other side can mean a primary challenge and eventually electoral defeat. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona tells a story of taking a call from a constituent as he’s suiting up to play basketball with the president when she begs him not to. Those are the kinds of voters members of Congress have to face back home.”

    It’s Both Sides! Except It’s Not.

    • Asher Bob White

      Yes, “Voters share the blame” and that will not change. And in my opinion most congresspersons are either corrupt when elected or corrupted in office. So, it is a “no-win” situation for the public. Change is needed. And that is my basis for the opinion that elections must be for a limited “one-term”, not as a solution but as an improvement. Many other improvements can be made, too, but we need to start now with term-limits, so as to establish a new-beginning.

      • I would also like to cut the current paychecks of the Congress Critters in half – take away their health care and pension plan.

        Let these Critters do what the average working Americans do – actually have to put up with what their employers WE the PEOPLE dish out to them…