Sunday, 10/19/14, Public Square



by | October 19, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Substitute the Congress character for any mega church and the military contracts character for gold-blinged luxury cars, Gucchi suits and their huge campuses filled with huge monuments and all built on tax-free prime real estate.

    I suspect this is why Republicans seem to thrive in the mega church fantasy land and when Republicans are in the White House, these folks govern so badly…

    • Asher Bob White

      Isn’t that the truth? Reduce taxes on big business and the oligarchs, then take more from the poorest to feed growing Congressional vacation time and all the other big-government waste and abuse.



    “People just got too drunk”

    Notice this is what one witness said as to what happened this night.


    Maybe we need to focus on what appears to be another epidemic on our college campuses – alcohol must flow like water….

    But – just like the NRA – the alcohol lobbyists are just as powerful….so NOTHING will be done about this…

    I still have to wonder – back in my day, there was drinking, partying but I don’t remember having the police show up in riot gear because a bunch of drunks overturned cars and started a bunch of fires…

    There is a cancer growing in our country – I don’t know if it is one certain thing – or just the fact that too many don’t really give a damn……

    • This has been happening for at least 3 decades on campuses across the country. Turning over cars, starting fires, not a rarity, perhaps a few more incidents lately. If I seem bored by this, I am. It could be the fact I was on campus during the Viet Nam War days, with buildings bombed and burned, protests that turned violent, etc., so some students getting drunk and doing stupid things seems relatively harmless.
      Then, there were the Blacks getting killed in Lawrence, curfews, police and National Guard checkpoints. Again, what you posted on seems so minor in comparison that all it obtains from me, if I even notice, is a quick shake of the head at the stupidity.

      • I remember the 1960’s days of protesting on campuses and elsewhere.

        I also remember the rioting due to racial tensions..

        BUT this report rioting is because people got too drunk?

        I – like you – just have to shake my head at the stupidity…..

        If people riot – then let’s have a good reason for it….but getting drunk is just not a good enough reason – IMHO

      • I was initially speaking to rioting because too much alcohol was consumed occurring for at least 3 decades. It’s been happening to the point that on most occasions, it’s not news worthy.

  3. It all comes down to WHERE and HOW our tax money is spent. We know it’s going to be spent and we also know the republicans don’t deserve the reputation some may believe about them being for lower taxes. Most of us see through their bullshit to the truth of lower taxes only applying to the richest of the rich, definitely not to the average tax payer. They have a few tricks that fool the gullible — they’ll show you tax rates but leave out all the information about tax breaks that allow no taxes owed.

    They’re going to take our money no matter what. They generate NO income and need money to accomplish anything — the good and the bad. My vote certainly isn’t impacted by someone telling me the democrats tax and spend. Yes, of course they do. So do the republicans.

    I like living in a place that doesn’t resemble a third-world country. I want to pay taxes to cover all the things that make my life easier. I do not want to pay taxes so the rich can pay less, so wars can be waged, so corporations can rip us off because they are no laws to prevent that, so laws that contribute to the inequality of some people can be passed, where public education, social security, Medicare and affordable health insurance are targets of cutting costs. So I won’t be voting for republicans. They aren’t for anything that makes life easier for the average taxpayer.