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  1. Dick Cheney- there are no words to describe this man. Well, at least no words one could print or say in polite company.

    But – it is not just Dick Cheney who is at fault. There are countless Americans who will defend Dick Cheney until the bitter end. Some even describe Cheney as a loyal Patriot.

    As for me – I don’t think any loyal Patriot is a ‘dick’….

  2. I have a very special request today …. I need prayers, good wishes and a lot of positive energy flowing out into the universe today…

    My granddaughter (8 yrs old) has been sick since Tuesday with vomiting and being lethargic. These episodes have been happening every 4-6 weeks for the past 3 years. Two family doctors simply say ‘she has a virus’ and sent her home. My DIL and Son have been besides themselves dealing with health insurance and finding some doctor that will do more than give them up to 5 mins (if you’re lucky) in the exam room and to NOT be on their lap top writing out some prescription without even really listening to what the problem is…

    She went to a new pediatrician on Monday – diagnosed with cyclical vomiting syndrome and put on new medication.

    Then she got to throwing up on Tuesday and it continued until late yesterday. We were giving her Zofran for the vomiting and hoping the new medication for the C.V.S. would kick in soon….

    About 10:30pm last night, she became unresponsive and we took her into the Emergency Room.

    Turns out – her blood sugar was 582 and they think it has been Type I Diabetes coming on for the past few years – which explains the vomiting episodes every 4-6 weeks.

    They theorize that her pancreas has been working all this time – but sporadically. At this time in time – the pancreas has completely shut down.

    This has been my worst nightmare – since she is my son’s daughter. My son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was 6 yrs old. We know what is ahead of us…..

    So – fnord – please whisper into your son’s ear that there is a family in Kansas that would forever be grateful if he and his research team could find that elusive cure – sooner than later…

    I know – it is tall order to fill……..but I know your son is a caring and compassionate person – or he would not be in the field of research… Besides – if the son is anything like his mother, I KNOW he is caring and compassionate person.

    BTW – these vomiting episodes have been happening ever since she had that pneumonia 3 years ago. The family doctor at that time sent her into the local Catholic hospital and the piddle-farted around, hospitalized her, gave her Amoxicillin and then sent her home the next day with her lungs x-ray films never been viewed by anyone on their staff. I told them the family doctor (also in the Via Christi system) told me those x-rays were on the network and could be viewed by the hospital staff at any time.

    Each time one of us asked them about those x-rays, we all got the same response – we are waiting on them.

    Waiting for what – someone to show you the damn button to push???

    I wonder now if that pneumonia started us on the weakened pancreas route we find ourselves going down today?

    There is a good reason I have very harsh words and very negative feelings about a certain group of Catholic hospitals in this town.

    That family doctor was a completely different person when he was with the Wichita Clinic – then Catholics bought them out – and he has never been the same caring and compassionate guy since. I used this doctor also – and he was always running into the exam room, out of breath and

    I’ve said this before – there are certain things in this life that should never be tied to the bottom line profit – and health care is one of them…

    If the motivation is to make money and finding a cure stops the golden goose from laying those golden eggs – then where is the motivation to find the cure?

    • P.S. – if our country can find trillions of taxpayer dollars to spend on senseless and endless wars – then there is no reason why this country cannot spend some of that misdirected money towards helping AMERICANS with their needs….

  3. Indy, If good thoughts and wishes could make everything better it would be done. I know all of you, mostly that tiny girl, are sick and tired of being sick. THREE YEARS wasted, three years without a diagnosis. And I can bet my bottom dollar her medical history included the info of her Daddy being diabetic. Just breaks my heart! I hate the diagnosis but am happy it was finally found. I hate that really sick people have to fight with insurance companies and that insurance companies stand in the way of good health outcomes! The path ahead is one you’ve all traveled and you know the potholes… Love to all of you!

    • Thanks….fnord….I knew you would understand…

      And to think – her grandpa and I are from the health care field and know what the medical jargon means…and what our rights are under our health care system…and that we have the access to go do research on what we don’t know and need to get educated fast…

      Just imagine all those regular everyday Americans that are not in those same shoes – imagine how they are being treated by a health care system that – at least some people – really don’t care……they just want to bill your insurance because ‘your life matters’….

      And the sad part is – in a lot of cases, because of the political arena we find ourselves in – and in a state where corporations rule – the same everyday Americans that get hurt by our health care system have no way to get justice…….

      After all – if our health care system is broken – I think our court system is in the same boat. It seems only those with enough money to buy God are the ones that end up in Court to win those big lawsuits.

      • P.S. – You’re 100% correct. Each and every doctor had the same family history and daddy’s Type I Diabetes was always the first one listed.

        Since she was admitted to the hospital last night, I’ve thought back to the past three years during the vomiting episodes. And you know what – I do not remember any of them taking a simple CBC – which would have shown the blood sugar level.

        But then again – maybe that is when the pancreas was working and covering it for the moment.

        But at this point in time – the pancreas just could not keep up and it completely shut down.

        At least – that is the working theory, for now.

        Also – I just heard from DIL and her blood sugar is coming down slowly – which is what they want. But she is still unresponsive to them.

        They ordered a CT scan of the head to look for any swelling …

        God – I hope this is not another door opening to a fresh Hell….

        fnord – I know you’ve been through similar situations like this we are going through…. it’s the waiting that drives me N-U-T-S….

  4. fnord wrote: “I hate that really sick people have to fight with insurance companies and that insurance companies stand in the way of good health outcomes! ”

    A few months back, my son’s health insurance informed him that he had to change to THEIR preferred brand of insulin pens – or he could pay for his current brand of insulin pens (they would not even cover them at a lesser price)

    My son has trouble with the new brand of insulin pens (although he has been told all insulin pens are the same – he knows how his body reacts to these new pens). He has been experiencing a lot of sugar-crashes with these new pens and the ones before never gave him that problem.

    So – again tell me how health insurance companies really care about their customers’ health?

    So – again I have to ask – I wonder how much money this particular health insurance company saved by choosing to only pay for THEIR preferred insulin pens?

    I guess that corporate deal was just too good to pass up?

  5. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station says:

    It’s been just about a month since Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola. Duncan died.

    Since then, in the US, 2 Americans have been infected – both nurses, and both by direct contact with Duncan. Both are still alive and in stable condition under treatment.

    In that same amount of time, 1600+ AMERICANS DIED FROM GUN RELATED VIOLENCE.

    What I’m saying to you is: reach down, firmly grasp your reproductive system (or whatever organ you keep your courage in) with both hands, take a deep breath, get a sense of perspective, and buck the fuck up.

  6. Jim Wright (Stonekettle Station) is on a roll. His latest below. đŸ™‚

    We need to take immediate action on ebola:

    Step 1: To avoid a national panic, quarantine the GOP.

    Step 2: Sterilize the area with heat by lighting any available TV pundit on fire.

    Step 3: Wait ten minutes, if nothing else to panic about comes along, take two Benghazis and call me in the morning.