Wednesday, 10/15/14, Public Square

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by | October 15, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. This open carry nonsense and craziness is going on but yet a 3rd grade boy was suspended from school for having a 1/2 inch Lego toy gun in his backpack.

    Now – I realize the thinking behind the Zero Tolerance rule

    BUT….seriously …. Is this what our society has come to?

    We punish a young boy for a toy and let the ‘big boys’ display their loaded weapons in our stores and other public places?

    Something is very wrong in our country….

    • I agree, when I heard about it I thought I must be hearing it wrong! Then I checked with the local P.D. and sure enough it is true!!! Now stores and the like can treat it like they did with C.C.

  2. I think using the word ‘logic’ with ‘gun nut’ is pretty illogical.

    I have zero understanding of why we are even listening to the gun nuts, the bigoted, the willfully ignorant but since they are what makes up one of the two major political parties in our country I guess we have to at least recognize there are many of them.



    Did you hear or see this news story this week?

    This guy was a health care professional and a registered guns dealer. He had up to 100 guns and ammo in the house.

    He also allegedly shot his wife and then killed himself just a short time after they were married.

    Hey – according to the NRA gun nuts, it’s not the gun that kills – it’s the person using the gun that kills.

    Okay – let’s go with that logic – then since this guy was a guns dealer – I am assuming he also was an avid NRA supporter (I may be wrong, but I highly doubt that)

    So – using the same logic that CONservative Evangelinut Republicans use about Islamic terrorists – since this one guy was a NRA supporter that killed his wife, does that mean all NRA supporters are potential killers?

    Just asking….

  4. LOL I will admit that I am so concerned about open carry! Arming everyone walking the streets is not the answer. I have yet to see anyone carrying, I still think I would be responsible enough to carry and have thought of getting concealed carry. But to be honest I am not convinced that it needed of an answer.

    • It’s not it. sorry LOL now spelling I seems spelling is a problem for me!

    • I have suspected a few people of carrying while I’ve been at Walmart – but I’ve never actually seen a gun on anyone.

      But – like you – I am not convinced there is an epidemic that requires this open carrying trend we seem to have started…