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  1. ‘Murika — where stupid and mean is ‘en vogue.’

  2. This was written by the administrator of the “Lady Liberals’ Facebook page. I have lived this scenario and just like her GOT OUT QUICKLY! I recognize that it might be gratifying, but ultimately fruitless, to fire back a tart response at every Tom, Dick, and Sally who wants to lord their superior ‘knowledge’ over me. As a child I learned it’s wrong to even attempt to threaten, vilify or bully another person. Not only wrong, but it won’t ever meet with any lasting success.


    I participated in a Twitter bomb last night with the hashtag ‪#‎SaveTheSenate‬. They are always fun but this was the first that I took part in that trended #1 on Twitter and as usual, when one “side” starts a conversation on Twitter, the other side likes to join in with their opinion.

    Surprise! The Republican folks had a lot to say. The common theme was presented as the “libturds” or “libtards” panicking because we “know” we are about to lose the Senate.

    Yeah. Ok. We will see about that.

    The second thing I noticed is that conservatives are mean. They are really, really mean. Their understanding of where we are as a nation today is rudimentary at best, ignorant at worst.

    One such “intellectual” told me that I will have to “get a job” if liberals can’t save the Senate.

    These social media deep thinkers hate…no, not hate….despise two people in government today. The first is obvious. They are filled with disgust for President Obama. They also hate Harry Reid with the vitriol that used to be reserved for Nancy Pelosi. With no insight into any semblance of reality, they blame ALL the problems in government today on Obama and Reid.
    Because of course, the failing of government began on the day that Barack Obama was elected. Prior to that, there is no history. All was well in America.

    But they don’t call the President “Obama.” Uh-uh. They mostly refer to him as “Obummer.” Ok. That’s disrespectful but I know some of use “libturds” called George W. “Shrub” so I can read past “Obummer” and not get too crazy. It’s the folks that call Barack Obama a word I will only describe to you because that level of hatred goes way beyond the pale…
    “Obuttf_ _ _.”

    That’s when I decided to exit the Twitterverse and take a deep breath. I just kept thinking to myself: These people vote. These freaking people vote.
    And if Dem’s don’t get out and vote in 2014, these people will think they have won.

    I can’t stand the thought.

    • I often suffer through the same things, those it is more often face to face. I just can not remain quiet when I hear things that either are totally racist based or lacking a grasp of reality when they something about the President. My wife has finally stopped trying to stop me, she just rolls her eyes and starts talking to someone else!

      On rare occasions though, she does jump in on her own when it is so plain it is not true.

    • It’s not just that these people vote – these people on the far right are usually the Loud-N-Proud Christians.

      This is the fact that really grates my cheese……these folks truly believe that because they attend a mega church with all its gold bling and tax-free money flowing in to fill their preacher’s pockets – that this somehow gives them a Free Pass from Jesus to do exactly as they damn well please.

      EXCUSE me….but Jesus did not roll that way.

      Jesus lived and walked among the downtrodden and outcasts in society.

      The only time Jesus lost his temper was when he ran the money vendors out of the Temple.

      IMHO – these mega churches we see today are nothing more than those money vendors that Jesus ran out of the Temple.

      I’ve said this before –

      there are folks who are stupid.

      then there are folks who are PROUD to be stupid.

      I put these Far Right CONservative Republicans into the second category…

      And what does the Bible tell us about pride????

  3. I found this interesting!

    (from the link): What’s more, the various state level races are overwhelmingly more important than this year’s congressional elections when taken as a whole.

    State government in the United States provides the lion’s share of funding for K-12 schools, and thus gets the loudest voice in their management. State government — not the feds — runs public universities and determines the long-term drivers of college costs and student debt. States regulate the actual provision of health care, unnecessarily driving up costs to please interest groups or limiting access to abortion or other contested procedures. It is state governments that regulate the institution of marriage, and determine the legal status of marijuana. Most of criminal justice is in the hands of state and local governments, so if you care about racial inequities in that area that’s where you have to look. State and local governments also write the rules that drive housing scarcity, and they run the transportation system.

    Obviously foreign policy, big-picture welfare state decisions, bank regulation, and other mostly federal matters are a big deal. But a huge amount of what people care about — especially the ways in which government intersects with daily life — is in the hands of state and local officials. State officials are even in charge of election administration (remember Katherine Harris and the hanging chads) and drawing congressional districts so what happens in the states in 2014 will drive 2016 outcomes at all levels.

    Especially at a time when Congress seems destined to remain broken and ineffective regardless of the results on Election Day, this is where the real midterms stakes are to be found.

    Just because Congress is hopelessly broken doesn’t mean the midterms are meaningless

  4. Even Fox has to admit the economy always does better when Democrats are in charge of the economy. Facts are facts and there is no spinning these facts.

    History Shows Stocks, GDP Outperform Under Democrats

  5. The Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce is John Kline, Republican from Minnesota.

  6. More wisdom from Robert Reich —

    Will we ever have a politics that raises income taxes on the wealthy to finance world-class schools for our kids, raises the minimum wage to a living wage, provides a minimum guaranteed income, ensures reproductive and equal-marriage rights, protects our environment, and restores equal opportunity in America?

    Yes. How can I be sure?

    Because women are gaining economic and therefore political power, Latinos are gaining strength in numbers, African-Americans are becoming ever more politically active, and young people are the future. Meanwhile, white, mostly rural, mostly male, conservative voters are gradually disappearing.

    The most popular show on Fox News is Bill O’Reilly’s, but the median O’Reilly viewer is now over 72 years old. In actuarial terms, O’Reilly’s viewers will mostly be gone in a decade. The average Fox News viewer overall is 68.8 years.

    The future belongs to progressives. The real question is what we do with it.

  7. Say NO and blame the president. Another example of PROUD TO BE STUPID (hat tip to Indy).

  8. The statements on this woman’s T-shirt have come to represent the Republican Party

    GOP Favored To Take Senate, And She’s The Reason Why (IMAGE)

    • I still believe this can be attributed to Ronald Reagan’s feet. He was the guy that welcome Jerry Falwell and his the Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the Grand Old Party.

      Of course, Lyndon Johnson also warned us that he had just given the Republicans all of the Deep Southern states when he signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

      Do some research on how Rush Limbaugh got his start in Hate Talk Radio. His radio show was broadcasted for free and many of the ‘takers’ of that deal were people in the Deep South and rural areas with radio stations that could not afford to pay for quality shows – so they settled for Rush Limbaugh because he was free…

      The rest – as they say – is history..

      • P.S. – my own personal experience.

        When I was living in Chattanooga Tennessee for college days – I graduated from a Baptist College. I have shared some of the things I witnessed and was forced to learn at that school.

        Let’s just say – a lot of those college kids back in the mid 1970’s are now the GOP leaders in their states, counties, cities or towns.

        Talk about racist and ignorant people – I was totally shocked that a lot of those kids truly believed that the South was going to rise up again and beat the North – this time.

        I’m sure the look on my face was something to see when I actually had several of these same college kids try to convince me that the Bible talked about the black people as the ‘beasts in the field’.

        With these college kids actually believing this crappola at their age – is there any doubt that these kids grew up into these Tea Party/Evangelinut Republicans we see today?

        And don’t even get me started on how many of these college kids went into the CON business of setting up mega churches and televangelism to hit it big with all that tax-free money….