Monday, 10/13/14, Public Square

women inventors



by | October 13, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. And to to think – not one weapon or war machine on the list…..

    THIS is what women are ‘in to’ – not wars



    This is quite interesting.

    I did not notice the only two Republicans on the list were #1 and #2. And #2 made this list due to being married to the ‘right’ daughter of the ‘right’ wealthy old man.

    But what surprised me is that Darrell Issa (yes, THAT Darrell Issa) is #1 on this richest list for the second time in a row. Who knew that much money was in the car alarm business?

    BTW – is there any regulations on car alarms – or did most car manufacturers just put those in to their cars just to be nice???

    As for the Democrats on this list – I did notice one of these men made this list due to his marrying the ‘right woman’ also……..

  3. Great advice! For us, for our children, for humanity!