Sunday, 10/12/14, Public Square



by | October 12, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. This jaw-dropping photo published in The Guardian this week shows the line for food at Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp. The UN says that some people in this camp have been reduced to eating animal feed!

    Extremely small amounts of aid have gotten in recently but delivery has been suspended repeatedly due to ongoing security concerns. The situation is dire!

  2. “A war can never be ended by a war.”

  3. This is really special! ‘God Only Knows’ by pretty much every single musician you’ve ever heard of.

  4. Today is my 67th birthday. It’s been another very fortunate trip around the sun! [hat tip to 617] You would think after this many years I would have more figured out. You would be wrong. 🙂 I do recognize friends and cherish them. I cherish ALL of you! This video is fun and I identify with too much of it.

  5. (from the link): OLSON: We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights precisely because we want protections from majority rule. When the majority in a legislature or a popular vote take away rights of individuals that are protected by the Bill of Rights, then we have an independent judiciary to rectify that situation. It’s happened again, and again, and again throughout this country’s history. We have an independent judiciary to protect the rights of individuals like gay and lesbian citizens who only want respect, decency, and equality along with the rest of us.

    Watch Ted Olson Destroy The Conservative Argument That Overturning Same-Sex Marriage Bans Is “Judicial Activism”