Saturday, 10/11/14, Public Square

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by | October 11, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. On this both parties are correct because they both deserve blame! I wonder sometimes if bipartisan agreement is possible any longer? Or maybe it never was and I have memories not based on reality.

    Does actually accomplishing something at the federal level take one party controlling both houses of Congress and the presidency? Is that how republicans will finally take away our Social Security and Medicare as we know it? Or, will those actions happen due to appointments to Federal Courts? Will ‘we the people’ watch things like that happen and feel outrage but be unable to do anything about it?

    Will there ever be a time when the majority of eligible voters actually vote? And the better question is will those who vote be informed voters?

    I feel really defeated on the subject of politics today.

  2. Actually the NRA cannot “block” a nominee — they rely on their paid lackeys in the Senate to do that.

  3. Asher Bob White

    I think I’m correct about this; democracy will never be satisfactory because it is never ‘right’, e.g., correct, or even satisfactory, etc. It can’t be satisfactory because humanity, meaning people, thus voters and elected, are so imperfect. At its best, democracy is a compromise owned by a minimal majority, and even within that majority there is dissatisfaction and disagreement. Moreover, the minority who disagreed with the small majority are most unsatisfied. A consensus is better but totally inefficient and not really an option except in a small group. Keeping all this in mind, perhaps we can tolerate our current government until it is changed. And, perhaps, not. Either way, then we work again and again to change it, never being satisfied; as in human nature. Historically, even the small tribes had their difficulties. And close families. Is there any answer? Yes; but that is another diatribe that relies upon denying ones “self” and we are all far, far away from that.

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it put better. Yet I had never considered it that way until you spelled it out. We’re real hard on some of us imperfect people, aren’t we? I would bet each of us would hope we were treated with more kindness and understanding than we offer others. đŸ™‚

    • Bob, know that you are fortunate to not be in Kansas — the campaign ads are driving me nuts. I don’t remember a time when the local ads have been this ugly and hateful. One that is running for Brownback is “X” rated and shouldn’t be shown when children aren’t yet in bed!

  4. G-Stir

    I think the only “good” thing about the Sam/Pat ads is they really show not only gross distortions and outright lies , but panic.