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    Please note – estimates by analysts has the price tag at $15 to 20 billion a year.

    The military Defense big boys are sure to ask for DOUBLE that figure.

    Well – of course. The Military Industrial Complex Beast must be fed….

  2. If Republicans want more babies born – then why don’t these folks also support the idea that workers be paid a family wage?

    A ‘family wage’ is when one person can work to support their entire family.

    I grew up in a ‘family wage’ household. My father was a construction worker. He also belonged to a union that fought for wages and benefits.

    Hmmm….do you think there is a correlation somewhere????

  3. Tea Party folks like to yell and scream about socialized medicine – but a lot of these folks are on Medicare – and by God, you better never touch their Medicare.

    I see these vultures lined up at the pharmacy aisle and the doctor’s offices.

    I also know for a fact how a certain Catholic non-profit group is using Medicare, Medicaid and every government grant/subsidy they can get their greedy hands on to provide that ‘charity health care’.

    Yeah – charity health care my Aunt Fanny….

    As a lifelong Catholic told me – the Catholics never use their own money – they can always find someone else’s money to use and then put on their sanctimonius act like it is them doing all the work…

  4. When you look at the picture above and read the words – think of this:

    There are a bunch of dress-wearing men who believe they have the right to tell women they are sinners if they want to use birth control.

    These same bunch of dress-wearing men also believe that abortion is a sin and is ONLY the result of women enjoying sex and being sluts.

    And when talking about abortion – we cannot also forget that this same bunch of dress-wearing men believe that miscarriage is also the woman’s fault – and, therefore, the woman is a sinner because – after all, the woman must have done something to cause it – right????

    These same bunch of dress-wearing men have been found to knowingly made the choice to look the other way and cover up the crime of child molestation by their fellow priests.

    So – why are we listening to this bunch of dress-wearing men?

    Seems to me – these dress-wearing men are wrong on so many levels…..

    • P.S. – this bunch of dress-wearing men also believe that men can trade in their old wives for a new trophy wife and just because the Church leaders sign off on a piece of paper called an annulment – then that man has never been married – in the eyes of the church.

      The biggest problem I have with this Catholic doctrine is – if the man can trade in his old wife for a new trophy wife – then are his kids by the first wife considered ‘bastards’….. (I don’t like this word, but for lack of a better word).

      And then these dress-wearing men have the audacity to call themselves pro-family and loving Christians that follow Jesus?

      Please – someone explain this madness to me….


    Again, I ask……who paid for that Liberian man’s health care costs – and the cost of continued health care and food for his family?

    This journalist is being told that he has to pay for HIS care but the Liberian man’s cost of care – and the continued cost for his family that he subjected to the potential of contracting Ebola is not even talked about?

    This journalist was doing his job when he contracted this Ebola.

    Why isn’t the employer taking care of these costs – or is it because he is a freelance – that gives them a big loophole to crawl through?

    Something is very wrong with this ……

  6. This made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  7. “To quote a superheroes uncle….with great power, comes great responsibility. The countries of the world with the power should never allow crimes against humanity to persist. It’s one thing to interfere in another countries government of their own laws, but when it comes to the insane, sadistic and horrific actions by groups like this, every one with power should stand up and say, that’s enough.”

    This is what my oldest son put on Facebook about ISIS beheadings of their hostages. Once in a while that man does take after me and it can surprise me when he does.

  8. This is a well-written piece detailing the successes of the Obama presidency. It’s written by Paul Krugman. I normally skim (at most) what he writes and often disagree totally with him. I highly recommend this piece.

    In Defense of Obama
    The Nobel Prize-winning economist, once one of the president’s most notable critics, on why Obama is a historic success

    Read more:

  9. What a hateful little man!

    Mike Huckabee Will Leave The GOP If They Don’t Fight Gay Marriage . . .

    • If so, I’ll help pay for his ticket.

    • I hope Huckabee at least keeps this promise and leaves the GOP.

      If he leaves – the other twits will surely leave and be so sure they will be joined by many millions of like-minded souls.

      I don’t think so………which is why these Radical Right Fringies never win general elections.

      And the only reason they have won the GOP primaries is because Radical Right Fringies are the ones that will show up to vote….