Thursday, 10/9/14, Public Square

We pay for our own demise. Nice.



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    Here we go again?

    If the dead 18-yr-old was firing at the police officer, then I do not expect the police officer to just stand there and not return fire.

    BUT – wasn’t there something else that could have been done? Like shooting for the legs to bring down the suspect or shooting at the arm to make him drop the gun?

    Now we are left with yet another killing by a police officer and this one will be politicized – I have no doubt.

    This also brings up another valid question – where are all these guns coming from??????

    Of course, this will be yet another rallying cry (and commercial advertisement) for the NRA to make even more money…..

  2. Poor widdle bankers – they are so persecuted. Now they cannot do whatever they want to consumers and get away with it.

    Poor widdle things…..and so many of them are starving – can’t you tell they are down to skin and bones????

  3. One of my friends’ grandsons (4th grade) has been suspended for 3 days for zero tolerance of guns.

    His crime? He took a Lego gun piece (1/2 inch long) to school in his backpack.

    NOW – I believe in common-sense gun laws – but is this going too far?

    After all – when we see grown-ass men carrying loaded assault weapons strapped to their beer guts while shopping in Target – is a grade school boy’s 1/2 inch toy Lego gun really the main problem in our society?

    • Yes, I think it went overboard and no that Lego isn’t our main problem. On the other hand ZERO TOLERANCE can’t include ANY exclusions because there would never be an end to the idiots who think they have the right to one. Three days out of school seems to be overboard too. That’s probably the specified punishment. As long as there are people in our world unable to make rational sensible decisions the rest of us will always be punished for their inability to think.

      • That is the required punishment. I agree with fnord’s opinion as expressed in her final sentence.

      • I agree with upholding Zero Tolerance cannot include any exclusions.

        But….when my granddaughter in the 2nd grade had those two bullies in the same class for the entire year AND there were 8 parents that went in to complain …. I just wonder why that Zero Tolerance was not enforced?

        The success, or failure, of any Zero Tolerance policy is strictly in the hands of the enforcement process.



    This is great news to my family – .my son has been insulin-dependent diabetic since the age of 6.

    We have been through a lot of doctors over the years (we moved around for corporate transfers). Some doctors were great – others were lousy.

    But I remember the family doctor that first diagnosed my son as IDDM after being transferred to upper Michigan just two prior to the diagnosis.

    This family doctor told us that there would be a cure found in my son’s lifetime.

    The ‘specialist’ that we encountered next told us upfront and first – don’t get your hopes for any cure – it’s not coming.

    Hey – I’m so glad the family doctor was on the right track – both professionally and as a fellow human being.

    • Doug Melton is both talented and motivated — both his children (who are now both young adults) suffer Type 1 diabetes. Chad is a principal faculty member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, where he directs the Diabetes Disease Program and works closely with Doug Melton. I need to ask him about this!

      • fnord – I did not realize your son Chad was so closely involved in diabetic research….

        Tell him – for me and my son – THANK YOU for all he and his fellow researchers do…..