Wednesday, 10/8/14, Public Square

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by | October 8, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. I fear we live in a country where the rights of gun nuts takes precedence over the rights of school children to be safe in their own school.

    After Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown Connecticut – I really thought we have finally hit the bottom of the GOP/NRA gun nut sewer level and something might just happen to stop all this senseless gun violence.

    Yeah, sure……big eye roll.

    When there is money to be made off the sale of guns and ammo – NOTHING will be done to help the rest of us to feel safe.

    Money talks and B.S. walks.

    • Asher Bob White

      You’re right, Indy. You touched the fact that, today, a person’s right to own, carry and use a gun in public is more important and guaranteed than one’s right to safety in public.



    This explains so much about our current political atmosphere………

    Rather than kicking out California and New York – let’s kick out the taxpayer-dollar sucking Deep Southern Red States?

    Right there – we would save a butt load of money……IMHO

    • I wonder when these uneducated people in those Deep Southern Red States are going to realize that MItt Romney was talking about them when he railed against the 47% who are leeches?

      • Probably never – because these are the folks who also tend to be very church-going people.

        These folks are those sitting in the front pew and looking around to see who the preacher is throwing that fire and brimstone at…..



    If this is true – then why are health care professionals not listening to the patients when they report they are sick?

    In case you have not heard the latest news – the Dallas Liberian man that was the first one in USA to be diagnosed with Ebola has died.

    NOW let the hysteria begin….

    I still have the burning question – basic health care knowledge has been ignored in the way we treat patients.

    First it was this Liberian man in Dallas when he was sent home from that first E.R. visit – even though he had told the nurse he had just come from LIberia.

    Now – we have this Spanish nurse – who had just cared for a priest infected with Ebola and he just died – reported she had a fever – not once but three times!!!!

    With all this health care technology – if we cannot get a grasp on doing the basic things – like asking questions and then LISTENING to the patients…..then what is the value of having such technology?

    Geesh……. I fear the world will end due to plain S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y….

    BTW – I base my assumption on the fact that in my 30+ years in health care – the biggest problem we have with nurses and aides is the basic concept of WASHING your hands and CHANGING gloves between patients.

    How freaking hard is that understand?????



    Hmmm…..older Americans are living longer. Do you think this has anything to do with the fact this is the population that gets to use Medicare?

    Hmmmm…..then if this government program works for this population – then why not let all Americans have the same access to health care?

    We all know the #1 reason this will never happen – too many for-profit health care insurance companies are making way too much money off the current system – and these companies would love to go back to the good ol’ days….to make even more obscene profits.

    BTW – I wonder when these Tea Party folks are going to realize they are the ones getting the lion’s share of the health care dollars in America?



    As I’ve mentioned before – I do look in on Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest to see what they are doing and talking points they are spewing….

    I had to post their website page for today. Isn’t it interesting that Greg Orman is seen as a threat to my freedom – as advertised by the NRA.

    Hey – if it will piss off the NRA – I will gladly vote for Greg Orman, just based on that information.

  6. 57,650 Americans have been killed by guns since Sandy Hook. 1 has died from Ebola. Which are ‘Mericans freaking out about?

    • Exactly.

      But I still want answers questioned about that one death from Ebola. As we’ve discussed before – how did this man slip through the cracks the first time he went to the E.R. and was sent home?

      And the biggest question for me is – who is paying for all this? We the Taxpayers?

      I don’t want to sound uncompassionate or harsh – but we have Americans who are denied access to health care – but yet one infected Ebola man from Liberia and his family get their health care (and food delivered to them daily) for free?

      • Maybe some Christian group like that Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse should be made to pay for all this Liberian guy’s and family’s bills?

        After all – it was Franklin Graham’s group that also had two of their workers brought back to the U.S. for first-class treatment.

        Let’s make all these faith-based groups prove that they actually are in this type of work to ‘help people’.