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kill americans


by | October 6, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist?

    What are the statistics of corporations killing people by their cheaply-made, foreign crap that is not regulated for safety?

    Or what about all the employees of these corporations being killed doing unsafe work at unsafe workplaces?

    IF Republicans truly believe that corporations are people – then I want to see the first Corporate person be prosecuted for their participation in some of these deaths that occur all too frequently.

    • Hell – we cannot even get common sense gun laws passed in this country – even after New Town Connecticut’s elementary school massacre.

      What the hell is wrong with our company when We the People allow corporations (in New Town’s case – the NRA-supported gun and ammo makers) to go blissfully on with their obscene profit making after yet another gun massacre in a school?

      When the HELL is this self-professing CHRISTIAN nation of ours going to wake up and recognize that the God we worship is M-O-N-E-Y and that has nothing to do with Jesus.

  2. I was talking with some friends that returned home from a 2-week traveling trip through the Western part of America.

    These folks are middle-of-the-road politically and really don’t get too involved in politics.

    BUT – on this trip they saw Fox News blaring on each and every television in every hotel lobby and/or restaurant.

    My friend asked me if I ever watched Fox News – to which I did reply that I force myself a few times (not for very long) simply to see and hear for myself what these folks are saying…

    My friend made the remark that – no wonder these folks hate our president so much if that is the only channel they are listening to……

    That about sums it up, folks……. IMHO

    • Foxxies in the Hen House are very good at keeping that hatred pot stirred – IMHO

      Sad to say – that is probably what keeps their profits rolling in…..


    This is what is wrong – IMHO.

    V.P. Joe Biden spoke the truth about what some of our allies have done – but yet NOW he has to apologize for daring to speak the damn truth?

    I, for one, am not happy with my tax dollars being used to pay for yet another damn war in Iraq and Syria.

    Not when I know that our so-called ‘allies’ (??) are partially to blame for funding what has gone on in that region – for years…

    Let the Saudis pay for the next damn war – and let them also use THEIR Saudi bodies to do the actual fighting and dying…


    Supreme Court has refused to take on gay marriage – so it appears the lower court rulings still apply.

    Boy – oh boy – I bet these Evangelinut preachers and televangelists are secretly high-fiving each other because NOW it means even more tax-free money into their pockets.

    Amen – Brothers and Sisters – send me all your money so we can help God win this battle against all these liberal sinners.

    I firmly believe that we will never see an end to the anti-abortion movement in America. Too many people are making way too much money.

    Why would these folks want to kill their golden goose?

    • All these social issues – gay marriage, abortion, birth control, prayers in school, perceived religious persecution – these are all hot-button issues that bring in a lot of tax free money into these mega church preachers and televangelists’ pockets.

    • Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station —

      (Snip from the link): Thirty states, out of fifty, and it’s now only a matter of time until the freedom to marry the consenting adult of your choice is a right granted to all Americans regardless of the bigoted jackassery of those fanatics bent on turning this country into their version of Iran. Their bullshit arguments are being knocked aside, relentlessly, one after the other. The march of history will soon leave them impotent and forgotten, just like the bigots and haters and religious fanatics who opposed the end of slavery, Women’s Suffrage, and the Civil Rights Movement.
      And that, that right there, is what makes this morning’s SCOTUS announcement so significant: With this refusal to decide, they HAVE decided.

      When you come right on down to it, for all intents and purposes the Court’s conservative majority has, today, now openly admitted that they are firmly on the wrong side of history.

      Chief Justice Roberts and his conservative majority know it’s coming and they can NOT stop it. But unlike their predecessors, this Court has acknowledged the inevitable without having the actual courage to do the right thing and end this unAmerican discrimination now.

      Instead they will make Americans in the remaining 20 states fight and claw for liberty, for freedom and justice, that should be freely theirs by birthright.


    Well, well, well……Walmart is teaming up with Directhealth to offer shoppers a one-stop health coverage shopping…

    Please note – the plans will be Medicare plans and the plans made available from Affordable Care Act.

    Hmmm…. I wonder if Foxxies in the Hen House cacklers will be talking about this latest move from one of their favorite corporate person – Walmart?

    Or better yet – when will some enterprising young journalist get it into their head to investigate how many Walmart employees will be taking advantage of this new Walmart-Directhealth team work? After all – doesn’t Walmart have a high percentage of their employees that do not get health insurance offered through their employment?

    • What strikes me as total hypocrisy of those morally superior people that oppose same sex marriage is the fact that a lot of these same people have absolutely not problem with their morals or conscience when it comes to their Catholic Church leaders knowingly making the choice to look the other way – and even to cover up – the crime of child molestation by their fellow priests.

      On what planet is this behavior seen as morally superior?

      These hypocrits need to clean up their own backyard before they start demonizing others who are not hurting anybody.


    Is there anything in Amerida that is not for sale to the Chinese at the right price and the right deal for those ‘certain deserving rich folks’?

    Note – Hilton will continue to manage this infamous hotel for the next 100 years.

    I’ve said this many times before. When I was growing up, we had a lot of Mom and Pop stores and the corporations were all American-owned and the majority of these corporations strived to be good American citizens.

    What the HELL happened?

    Now it seems to be all the about the money and how much the corporate wealthy people can put into their own pockets – and American-owned means nothing….

    But ….let’s keep feeding the Tea Party trolls into thinking our biggest threat is some damn Islamic militant group in Iraq and Syria.

    Sure – let’s throw a few more trillion dollars of borrowed money from China (these people again?) to fund a senseless and never-ending Holy War.

    Let’s see what that brings us – shall we?

    I have the uneasy feeling that corporations will bring about the downfall (economic and politically) of America before I die – and certainly before my kids leave this Earth.

    What a waste…..and yet we keep giving these corporations more and more of our tax dollars in subsidies and tax breaks.

    When will this stupor of rancid Tea from that damn party be over???