Sunday, 10/5/14, Public Square

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by | October 5, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. How much money are the Koch brothers spending to buy the 2014 elections, where are they spending that money, which organizations and groups are backed by Koch cash?

    The Koch Tracker

  2. G-Stir

    When they buy the country, it will all become moot. ??????

  3. This sculpture by Issac Cordal is in Berlin and is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

  4. An op-ed written by Jason Probst who is news editor for The Hutchinson News:

    The very personal reason Sam Brownback won’t get my vote

    (Snip from the link): I listen to this administration and Legislature talk about the value of life, and I listen when they talk with contempt about the poor and actively work to make those families’ lives harder. And I know they don’t truly understand the value of life.
    The birth of a child is not the end of anything; it is the beginning of everything. It’s the years after a birth that matter. It’s providing food and shelter, warmth and love. It’s teaching and growing, guiding and pushing. It is putting covers on the electrical outlets and grounding teenagers. It is dirty diapers, snot-encrusted noses, worrisome fevers and an overwhelming fear that you’re doing it all wrong.

  5. Just a little reminder that thing is still leaking.

  6. If you listen to the media hype one day the republicans have the lead, and are going to conquer the Senate and overturn every single piece of legislation passed by Obama, the next day the democrats have the lead.

    How correct are the polls? If Nate Silver says something, in either direction, both sides freak out even tho Nate’s polling has stayed fairly constant and not made big jumps. Then you have Nate’s not too bosom of a buddy, his adversary Sam Wang. Other polls from Gallop, Harris, Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics, Quinnipiac, the list goes on. There are newspaper polls, and good respected polls on the Internet, too. There are many polls nowadays — private polls, public polls, partisan polls… So who is right and who is wrong?

    It seems most polls are coming together about their predictions. You hear about the let down in the Democratic Party and the unfavorables due to the Obama Administration but they’re holding their own both in the Senate and Governors’ derby. It appears the republicans have stumbled into roadblocks on their way to November all around the country — roadblocks they’ve built all by themselves. In what was to be an easy takeover in many races it all comes down to GET OUT THE VOTE efforts.

    NBC poll: Good news for Senate Dems

  7. Remember the chart that was once referred to as ‘the bikini chart’? It’s now been 55 months and the shape has changed — in spite of republican sabotage! I’m sure this is Obama’s fault! 😉

    Now if we could get wages raised so the economy not just continues to grow but booms!

  8. Conservatives have responded to the plummeting 5.9% unemployment rate, the best in eight years, by saying that President Obama STILL deserves no credit because the “real” unemployment rate is the higher U6 rate, which includes part-time workers who would like full-time work and today stands at 11.8%. But how come the traditional U3 unemployment rate was good enough to judge every other president before President Obama?

    And, for the record, President Obama has slashed the U6 unemployment rate from a high of 17.1% at the height of the Bush Recession to just 11.8% today… So even by their special standard for Pres. Obama, the president has slashed unemployment since taking office in 2009. Graph here:

    • These folks look like typical Gossipy Old Church Women – there is nothing more they love to do than to keep that hatred pot stirred…..

      Gossip, innuendos and outright lies…….