Thursday, 10/2/14, Public Square

113th congress



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  1. The rich get richer thanks to their bought-and-paid-for Congress.

    But yet we still have the hypocrite balls to claim to be such a loving and godly nation.

    I call B.S. on that…

  2. It just amazes me what I get posted to my Facebook, not so much from family and friends but from the Tea Party. OMG how stupid do they think I am and people are? Some of it is so plainly out there, it is like if someone said it is not raining right now! I can look out my window and see the rain, I can step out and feel it on my face. I can even hear the thunder. But still have those whom would tell me it is not raining! I am in FEAR… next they will come to stand beside me with their penis in they hand facing my jeans leg and tell me look it is raining. As if feel the urine soaking through hitting my leg!



    The failure of the nurse sharing the detail given by the patient that he had just been in Liberia has NOTHING to do with nursing or medical knowledge.

    Sharing that particular information should just be common sense – given the fact there is a current Ebola crisis going on.

    Hmmm………for all the bragging and high-fiving of how great the US health care system is – it only takes one stupid nurse to allow a patient infected with the Ebola virus to be sent home with antibiotics when that patient should have been hospitalized for treatment.

    My past 30 plus years in the health care field has been in the medical records field.

    I was always amazed and stupefied (?) as to how simple things like – getting the correct name, correct date of birth, signature and time/date of the signature on the medical records.

    My continual fight with a majority of the nurses was one thing – sign your name and time/date every entry. And a lot of these same nurses would yell and scream at me that ‘it is not a big thing – you just do the filing’.

    Yeah – lady – I just do the filing. These medical records have nothing to do with what happens to the patients – does it?

    This is one case that glaringly shows how one misstep in our health care system can create an epidemic…..

    What did I say yesterday about we have become a country filled with people who are Proud to be Stupid?

    I saw signs of that every day in the health care system – not just the political arena.

    • BTW – “I was always amazed and stupefied (?) as to how simple things like – getting the correct name,”


      As I’ve shared many times on this blog, that first oncologist I was referred to was described as ‘The Best’ had an office filled with his professional (?) employees who continually called me by the wrong name.

      Every time when I would ask them if they had the correct chart, these employees would get offended and then treat me like I was some kind of a bitch for even asking.

      When this ‘BEST’ oncologist’s head nurse called me about my blood thinner medication, I told her I was not on blood thinner and she argued with me. So, like usual, I had to ask her if she had the correct chart. She was offended and then said ‘I’ll call you right back’. That was 7 years ago and I have not heard back from that particular nurse nor the damn doctor’s office.

      I decided at that point to get rid of that oncologist and I wrote him (and the Practice Manager) a long letter outlining the reasons why I decided to go without a doctor rather than continue with him and his employees.

      That was 7 years ago – and I have not heard one word from anybody in that office.

      This is our US health care system in action……. it’s high priced health care, but is it any good?

      • Every time I think about that day I made the decision to go without a cancer doctor – in the middle of just having colon surgery and the prognosis of Stage 3 cancer and months of chemotherapy in front of me – I just have to wonder how I ever managed to survive that time in my life.

        I eventually found the right doctor for me – a foreigner from Sudan. This man was totally different in his approach to health care and his patients.

        Some of these white doctors in America could learn a lot from these foreign doctors. I think it is due to the culture differences and the focus is not on money. Most of the foreign doctors I know tend to focus on what is best for the patient.

        My DIL was talking to one of her co-workers the other day and this woman was telling about her husband’s bladder cancer. The husband was referred to the same doctor I had the first time. The man got frustrated and decided to look elsewhere. When the woman told my DIL that the black man from Sudan was the one that got her husband through his cancer journey – my DIL just about fell over in her chair.

        The two women had to shake their heads in agreement that the foreign black doctor from Sudan was the one doctor that should be getting all the credit and glory – but it is that practice downtown directly in front of Via Christi St. Francis that are the ones getting all the awards, glory and millions.

        Yeah – our US health care system is the greatest…….. big eye roll

  4. G-Stir

    Have you noticed that Pat Roberts advertises nothing regarding his “myriad of accomplishments” during this race? I don’t know if he can’t find them or merely can’t remember them.

    I do smell panic in the ever growing nasty ads by him and his cohorts.

    The same for the GUV.


    • I have signed up for Greg Orman’s campaign emails. So far, I like the guy.

      One thing I do not like is the news story I heard a couple days ago where Milton Wolf (Roberts’ GOP primary challenger that lost) trying to make a deal with Orman.

      The deal went like this – Wolf would endorse Orman IF Orman promised to caucus with Republicans.

      If Orman promises this Wolf guy (the loser, I might remind us all) to do his bidding – then just how independent can Orman be?

      I’ve not heard any news coverage since that first time about any such meeting between Orman and Wolf.

      I just don’t like the idea that one Republican loser dude has the audacity to think he can dictate to another candidate on what he will and will not do.

      I don’t like that in the Republican Party and I don’t like it in the Democratic Party either.