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    Deja vu…

    Here we go again…

    Who in their right mind seriously believes the US troops will ever leave Afghanistan?

    Not me….

    But I want to see each and every Republican who applauds the military industrial complex beast to pack their bags – and their kids’ bags – and put their own butts on the combat zone frontline.

  2. This isn’t a new piece, but the truth of it becomes more clear each day, and it’s an interesting read.

    (from the link): Widespread ignorance bordering on idiocy is our new national goal. It’s no use pretending otherwise and telling us, as Thomas Friedman did in the Times a few days ago, that educated people are the nation’s most valuable resources. Sure, they are, but do we still want them? It doesn’t look to me as if we do. The ideal citizen of a politically corrupt state, such as the one we now have, is a gullible dolt unable to tell truth from bullshit.

    An educated, well-informed population, the kind that a functioning democracy requires, would be difficult to lie to, and could not be led by the nose by the various vested interests running amok in this country. Most of our politicians and their political advisers and lobbyists would find themselves unemployed, and so would the gasbags who pass themselves off as our opinion makers. Luckily for them, nothing so catastrophic, even though perfectly well-deserved and widely-welcome, has a remote chance of occurring any time soon. For starters, there’s more money to be made from the ignorant than the enlightened, and deceiving Americans is one of the few growing home industries we still have in this country. A truly educated populace would be bad, both for politicians and for business.

    Age of Ignorance


    While Republicans are falling all over themselves to demonize Obama for not recognizing that ISIS was growing into such a strong threat – these CONS might want to do some research into the history of their own Little Cowboy President – George W. Bush.

    I realize CON Republicans know and expect their own audience is a bunch of sheeple that never bother to find out the true facts……

    But I resent the fact these same CONS expect me to be just as stupid as their sheeple….

    Like I said yesterday – there is enough blame to go around. But wouldn’t it nice if these CONS would take their part of the blame – while doing their cock-strutting and pointing their bony fingers at Obama?

    I swear – there is something very wrong in this country when we have elected officials who want to play the blame game rather than to come together to resolve problems – any problem.

    By all news reports – Congress has done an abysmal job for the past 6 months.

    But please notice – all these elected officials still get their paychecks, taxpayer-provided health insurance and a very hefty pension plan.

    Plus, not a one of them have missed too many meals – have they?

  4. The few of us who gather here are all this old. On this I agree with those who “want to take their country back.”

    • I think John left out one important descriptive word – ‘white’ angry guy w/ bald eagle fetish who hates lots of other Americans

      The election (twice) of Obama has set off a very ugly and very deep-rooted racism in this country – and I don’t care how many times these racist white Tea Party/Evangelinut/Conservative Republicans try to tell me they are not racist.

      Let’s not forget – I am not that stupid and I refuse to become a member of the Proud to be Stupid club



    This news will just fill up a lot more of those Evangelinut preacher’s and televangelist’s offering plates.

    What better publicity than to be rated low on by the very group of people you’re so obsessed with demonizing?

    To these Evangelinuts – this rating is just proof that ‘they are doing God’s work and their enemies are out to destroy them’.

    I believe this hatred of homosexuals obsession is a lot like the anti-abortion obsession – it does fill up those offering plates with a lot of tax free cash….



    Interesting reading……and so true…

    I wonder – is there a Tea Party person anywhere that has not been helped by the very government they profess to hate so much?

    This Tom Cotton guy is a real winner – IMHO. I have seen him in a few news story.

    It is interesting though to find out that his parents were people that would have not been so blessed if the government had not been there with all those socialism tax dollars to pass out….

    • Kinda reminds me of Paul Ryan. IIRC – Paul Ryan received Social Security payments after his father’s death.

      I wonder if Paul Ryan even thinks about how hypocritical he sounds when he yells and screams about Social Security being so evil??



    I know this is standard procedure for lawyers to blame the victim – but seriously, it has been reported this Walmart truck driver had been awake the previous 24 hours..

    Call me silly.
    Call me naïve.
    Call me cynical.

    But don’t you think the fact the truck driver had been awake for the previous 24 hours might just have something to do with accident that killed one person and severely injured Tracy Morgan?



    Maybe these investors that are now clamoring to make money off this Ebola crisis should have a seat at that table in the above cartoon?

    Call me naïve, silly and even cynical – but I still believe there are some things in life that should not be subjected to vultures running in to make a profit off the misery of others..

    • The military industrial complex beast is another vulture that demands to make a profit off the misery of others… and will even create the misery in order to make their blood money



    I did not know about this happening in my own little town until the bi-weekly newspaper came in the mail on Wednesday. (We do not subscribe to the Wichita newspaper – nor do I view it online).

    Why did anyone think a town of 7,000 (mostly old white people) had to have submachine guns for protection?

    Oh, wait a minute – there is a Muslim school just south of our city boundary line……could that be the reason for the ‘gun culture’ in our police department?

    We do have one man who has been seen on Woodlawn – just west of the Muslim school – with a huge cross with the words – The End is Here – written on it.

    I can only assume my little town has more than its share of Foxxies Hen House devotees?

    And they all seem to go to some mega church somewhere…

    • Thank God the new police chief seems to have a cooler head on his shoulder….

      Please note from this article – there was one police officer with a domestic violence arrest that was allowed to take his submachine gun home with him…

      Oh, yeah, that makes me feel real safe…..



    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite presidents. Not for what he did during his presidency, but for being one of the few presidents that was actually a man of honor and integrity.

    I still believe Ronald Reagan pulled some backroom deal making with the Iranians just so he could grab the White House away from Jimmy Carter.

    In many ways – Jimmy Carter was too nice of a person for the job. And Reagan fit the criteria perfectly – willing to do anything to get power and keep power.

    Let’s not forget – Contra Iran Scandal – Reagan was up to his eyeballs in that deal. – IMHO

    I truly do not believe he was in any incapacitated by Alzheimers at that time. Reagan proved himself to be the type that would schmooze anybody to get his load of B.S. through…..

    Can you tell – I am not a Reagan lover….LOL

    • As my grandma used to say – I never liked Reagan when he was a player..



      Jimmy Carter himself talking about his presidency.

      Interesting fact that I had forgotten – three of the helicopters Carter sent in to rescue the hostages had mechanical problems – so the mission was aborted.

      Hmmmmm….mechanical problems? Maybe political enemies were already hard at work.

      I know, I am very cynical. But – think about it – anybody who would knowingly sell weapons to the very same Iran that they professed to HATE so much – might be capable of sabotaging his own political rival.

      Or, at least all his little ‘yes men’ would be happy to be of service and think of themselves as ‘great patriots’ – re-read John Fugelsang’s tweet above

      • The US political system is corrupted and is getting worse with every passing year.

        Is it any wonder nice, decent and honorable people are not clamoring to throw their hat into the ring with all the known sharks…..

        Ask yourself – would you put yourself or your family through the hell when mixed in with all these known sharks just waiting to ruin your lives?

  11. Interesting! Graphs that show ‘water usage’ to grow various veggies, and food stuffs. This impacts all of us because we will see increased costs, shortages, maybe outages of our favorite foods due to the California water crisis.

    It Takes HOW Much Water to Grow an Avocado?!

  12. This is disgusting! Everything ugly and corrupt about politics is going on right here in Kansas.

    (from the link): In large part, the Tea Party’s demands center on the investigation launched by a Kansas medical ethics board into Wolf’s controversial postings of patient X-Rays and off-color commentary to his Facebook page, which helped sink his campaign when the details of the posts and the investigation were leaked to the press. Conservatives believe the leaks and the probe were politically motivated, and an inappropriate use of a state agency to knock out a political candidate.

    “They’ve just done some nasty, ugly, backhanded stuff here and things they shouldn’t be doing, and it’s a frightful despotism,” Rob Wood, another conservative activist engaged in the negotiations, told The Hill.

    Shute declined to confirm the parameters of the demands from conservatives, but conversations with members of both wings of the party indicate that they include, but aren’t limited to, Brownback intervening to dismiss the ethics investigation into Wolf.

    Conservatives are also demanding Anne Hodgdon, a member of the state organization that launched the investigation — and who conservatives believe not only triggered the investigation but leaked the news of it to the press —be removed from her post and barred from ever working again in any state agency.

    In addition, they’re calling for the resignation of top Kansas GOP officials and for the state party to adopt a resolution declaring that if Roberts doesn’t complete all six years of his next term, Wolf would be named his replacement. And they want Kansas to institute a runoff primary, as well as for state party leaders to agree to meet more often with conservatives.

    Tea Party revolt imperils Kansas

  13. Did you read that starting next semester, all German kids can attend university free of charge? Now that is investing in your country’s future! Makes much more sense than subsidies to oil companies, tax breaks for the wealthy, a bloated military budget…

    • A good thing. Of course, in Germany, as well as in other European countries, it is a given that not all students are to go to college, and are put on separate educational tracks early. Now, Germany does allow changing, but doing so puts the student two years behind others in completion of the preparatory education.
      This seems alien to us in the U.S., where “everyone can go to college”, but it really seems to work to the advantage of the country and students. Only the “best and brightest” are prepped for a college education, which allows a higher level of study pre-college and at the university level. There are multiple opportunities for vocational and technical education in Germany, which provide necessary training, all to the benefit of the country and its economy.

      • Okay, I posed a question on Facebook and read the answer here. 🙂 Now, I see!

      • I graduated from high school in 1971. Our last two years of school involved one of two things – college bound or trade school bound.

        Our high school drop out rate was very low. We even had a program that pregnant girls were tutored at home in order to get their high school diploma.

        I thought that was just the normal procedure everywhere…..apparently, not.

      • indy, a “casualty” of the Special Ed laws. Tracking is a federal law violation. I am far from an expert, but this is my understanding. An unintended consequence, to be sure, but a consequence nevertheless.

      • What the funny thing is – a lot of those guys from my high school who went to trade school have been more successful than those who went to college!

        A college degree was dangled in front of us like the golden ticket from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

        In reality – a college degree is not a guarantee for a well-paying job. Look around in today’s job market – how many college graduates are having to work at whatever job they can get – just to be employed.