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  1. I’ve told Mike Pompeo and Greg Orman (the Independent running against Pat Roberts) the same thing – when the Republican Party stops worshiping Ronald Reagan and starts following the footsteps of Dwight Eisenhower – that is the day I will consider voting Republican.

    Until that day – FORGET IT…

    • BTW – I told Orman about my views of the current Republican Party because I suspect he is more Republican than truly Independent.

      I heard the news story about Milton Wolf (Pat Roberts’ GOP primary loser) was to meet with Orman and possibly endorse him – based on the ‘if’ Orman will promise to caucus with Republicans.

      Excuse me – but why does one person feel he can demand something like this from anvalid candidate on the ballot?

      If Orman agrees to this demand – then I must take a second look at Orman before we vote.

      But the rub is – who the hell can I vote for if I don’t vote for Orman?

  2. http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/09/29/352496605/hands-free-mind-free-what-we-lose-through-automation

    Will technology be the downfall of our society?

    I’ve noticed it seems we have dumbed down since my childhood – but what bothers me the most about this is the fact our society has accepted the new level of ‘dumbed down’ to be acceptable.

  3. http://taxvox.taxpolicycenter.org/2012/12/17/how-eisenhower-and-congressional-democrats-balanced-a-budget/

    Dwight Eisenhower balanced the budget with a Democrat-controlled Congress.

    How did he do this? This link gives an insight.

    But the first thing mentioned was the fact Eisenhower was very popular.

    Hmmm….do you think this might be why Republicans have done all they could since before Obama won the White House to create a crowd of folks who Hate Obama 24/7?

    But – I think it is more than that. I truly believe Republicans will claim to the highest Heaven that they truly want to balance the budget.

    But in reality – Dick Cheney said it best when he said that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.

    • Also from this link – Eisenhower believed that large armies created the temptation to ground wars.

      Hmmm…….how big is our military ?

      And what are we talking about currently – putting boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

      WE the PEOPLE need to get our priorities straightened out and stop all this nonsense that Reagan pushed….

      • It seems so hopeless many days. There is no reasoning with people who are unreasonable and anyone who worships Reagan seems very unreasonable. There is so much more to admire, so much more wisdom and direction from Ike. Why did Reagan become their idol? I’ve heard the reasons the republicans who still worship him will give you but they have to ignore so much to come up with their “he cut taxes” “he was a true leader” “he ended the cold war” “Reagonomics”… they can’t be taken seriously.

        Don’t you wonder if just maybe he gave them something to hold on to after Nixon and Watergate and they were able to ignore much because they needed much? You know how good they are at rewriting history and believing their own made-up reality.

      • My grandmother never liked Ronald Reagan.

        I remember her to this day putting her finger to her chin and saying ‘I never even liked Reagan when he was a player’. (player = actor)

        My grandmother, bless her heart, was not an educated woman. But she was not a stupid woman. She knew right from wrong and she could spot a CON man a mile away (even without her glasses).

      • Reagan ended the Cold War in the same imagined GOP way that George W. Bush brought democracy to Iraq.

        Communist Russia fell under its own weight…….but even they are apparently rising again..

        You betcha…. wink-wink

  4. You know I really should learn my lesion, I go to Facebook first to see what friends and family are doing. Then spend too much time countering and disproving crap that the Neo-Cons post on my page. Then I come here and find a much better argument or example of what I was say! The picture is an example.

    • I’ve noticed, as I suspect you have also noticed, the Neo Cons follow the marching orders of Limbaugh, Hannity and other Foxxies in the Hen House when they post all their crap.

      And that crap seems to be regurgitated and recycled over and over..

      As the old sayings goes – a lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its sneakers on

  5. Wonder who it looks like will be elected this fall?

    If you thought House Republicans were crazy now, just wait

    Trouble Ahead for Speaker Boehner and It Gets Worse if Republicans Take the Senate

    (from the link above): It will not be good for Republicans to control the Senate and be stuck having to actually pass things like Paul Ryan’s budget. This will be very bad news for Republicans, and Speaker John Boehner will have even less control of the Tea Party caucus, so we can expect the bills to be even more crazy.

    It will not be good for Republicans to be stuck voting yes on privatizing Medicare and Social Security. Their big money masters will expect their quid pro quo and there will be no excuse, no Harry Reid speed bump against the crazy. This is not a good thing for the party. If the party is actually in control of both chambers, their inability to govern will be so blatantly obvious that even the Sunday shows might be forced to address it.

    Either way, Speaker John Boehner faces a rough two years ahead — that is, if he manages to keep his Speakership out of the grasping claws of the crazy. This will only get worse if Republicans take the Senate. Should this happen, Boehner’s political legacy as Speaker will be forever tarnished by the extremists running his show and he won’t be able to blame Obama anymore.

    • I could muster up some sympathy for Establishment Republicans if they had not created this Tea Party Krazy Frankenstein Monster.

      In their deep-rooted hatred for Obama – the Establishment Republicans opened up their arms and not only welcomed this monster – they cheered, applauded, encouraged and even kept this Far Right Fringe Monster on the highest pedestal.

      In other words – they made this monster, they need to suffer the consequences.

      On the other hand – the people that had no part in creating this Monster will also have to suffer the consequences.

      One hope that I do have is this – Sam Brownback is now in real trouble of losing his governor job and why? Because Brownback is one of those Far Right Wingers and he has done exactly what he said he was going to do – while the Tea Party Monster cheered him on.

      Now that the State of Kansas is in such a financial mess – these Establishment Republicans are turning on Brownback because they know – deep down – that the Far Right Wingers are just plain N-U-T-S…

      It’s time for the Republican Party to clean house and kick the Far Right Wingers to the curb ….but will they do it?

  6. Yes, the Senate is ignoring hundreds of bills passed by the GOP House. But it’s always that way.

    (from the link): In 11 of the past 19 Congresses — more than half — more than 300 bills were waiting for Senate action by the time the Congress completed its work. Here’s the number of bills passed by the House in each Congress that the Senate never took action on. And, anticipating your response, we’ve color-coded the bars with the color of the party that controlled the House during that Congress — red for Republicans and blue for Democrats.

    (from the link): There was a big spike in the number of bills ignored by the Senate — when it was Democrats who controlled both chambers.

    It works the other way, too, of course. Lots of bills are passed by the Senate that the House ignores. There are over 70 bills that meet that criterion at this moment.

    (from the link): This Congress has introduced fewer bills than most past Congresses and put far fewer in front of the president to sign. It is, in fact, a remarkably unproductive Congress. But when it comes to House legislation that the Senate is ignoring, it’s the same as it ever was.

    • Pharmaceutical and agricultural/food manufacturing corporations – those are two sacred cows that will never be touched..

      Too much money is involved and nothing will stand in the way of those corporate vultures getting their profits…

      • Oh – forgot one thing.

        The kids today have to stay inside and not get exercise because we have way too many perverts and guns in our society.

        Oh hell – the perverts are not only outside – some of the best perverts are sitting in the damn church pews or up at the podium preaching every time the doors open.

        No – seriously – when I was growing up, the kids were always out playing. We had neighbors that actually gave a damn – and most of the mothers were home because one paycheck in the household could pay all the bills for a comfortable lifestyle.

        Today’s society has a lot of parents who cannot make it financially unless they both work – so what happens to the kids?

        So – instead of fixing the real problems – we see these Evangelinut Republicans preaching down to everyone else that the only thing we need to fix our society is that God and prayer is brought into our government and schools.

        WTH ????

        I guess praying to the ‘right’ God will bring in enough money to keep a family housed, fed, clothed and healthy?

        Evangellinuts are obsessed with their ‘one true God’ about as much as the Islamists are obsessed with their ‘one true God’.

        As my Grandpa used to say – throw them all into a sack and you would not know which one came out first.

  7. Maybe this ‘player = actor’ will play to the republicans as well as Reagan did! The reasons listed are compelling!

    (from the link): Before he ran for office, Pence was a conservative talk radio host so playing to the base is literally the foundation of his career.

    7 reasons Mike Pence will be the GOP nominee in 2016

    • I think humans make human mistakes. Once the NFL began trying to control “celebration” on the field this was bound to happen and they have themselves to blame. This particular incident was one of the least obnoxious things that happened in the end zone all night long, yet once you begin flagging is there an end to what one of these humans might flag? It’s the same with most rules or laws — there will be different interpretations, there will always be someone(s) trying to get around it. As long as no one is hurt or in jeopardy, there is no obscenity, let them celebrate in their own way. Some were offended by “Tebowing,” and there will be no end to those who are offended by something / anything.

      I’ll borrow from a recent blog post by Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station — (paraphrasing here because I didn’t go look up his exact words): When you have to walk hours to the closest safe drinking water and carry it back on your head get back to me on your outrage and how offended you are!

      Yes we have more important things going on than an individuals personal expression of their faith, and yet, too many of those really important things do indeed come right back to not respecting each individuals right to do exactly that!

  8. http://preview.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/mitt-isn’t-ready-to-call-it-quits/ar-BB6y39o

    I keep hearing about Mitt Romney running again in 2016.

    Any thoughts or predictions?

    • I’ve heard it said, “Three times is a charm.” 😉

      No predictions! I learned long ago not to waste time predicting what republicans might do. They’ll tell us, once again, how they will pick their candidate and swear and be damned the powers that be and the left-leaning mass media absolutely will not choose their candidate for them. Then they’ll scramble to get behind whoever the powers that be buy the spot for. All the while they’ll never notice what tools they are.

      Thoughts. At this time I see no candidate who could both win the nomination battle and the election. Not anything different than the last several elections — ever since the bat-shit crazies have infiltrated the Republican Party. There is no grand left in the GOP!

      • I agree 100%

        The problem with the Grand Old Party is their bat-shit crazies have taken over the primaries.

        So, when the primaries are finally over – all possible decent, sane and common sense Republicans have all be dragged through that My God is Better than Your God mud crap – that there is no chance in Hell anyone who is a die-hard Republican and/or bat-shit crazie will even vote for the guy. (and we know it will be a guy – you betcha…wink-wink)

        Like I said upthread – I might inclined to feel sorry for the Establishment Republicans but they were the ones that gleefully created this Tea Part Bat-shit Crazie Monster. Let them deal with it.

  9. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/09/30/352725703/database-flaws-cloud-sunshine-on-industry-payments-to-doctors

    Doctors have been taking money from the health care industry for years. Now there is a database showing certain payments.

    Even with the flaws in this new database – at least it is a start.

    Or – does it really matter?

    I am always the person that wants to know the relationship between my doctor and his money sources.

    When our son was growing up and we were transferred around the country so much, finding a doctor for him was always my worst nightmare.

    I generally found one thing to be true – the more ‘specialized’ the doctor, the apt they are to be the ones who are paid a bonus for each diabetic patient they send into the hospital.

    One specialist even bragged to me full in the face that he loved getting those bonus checks – and, of course, he prefaced his delight with the statement -‘and your son will benefit also – it is always good to check into a hospital once a year if you’re diabetic’.

    Duh……my son was not having any problems with his diabetes – all we needed was a doctor that cared enough about his patient to actually give a damn – not just a way to make money off Medical Record #______.

    • Today’s health care system’s golden goose is doing research on patients.

      I’ve known doctors making an extra $1 to 3 million a year just off their involvement in doing research in their offices.

      That is why there are so many television advertisements recruiting for research patients.

      Also – there used to be a bonus check for the doctor if they reached their quota for certain diseases.

      I’m all for research – but is this the best way to do it? To take anybody and everybody that signs up just because they have been diagnosed with the condition? And who is doing the diagnosing – the same doctor who wants that bonus on top of those millions in dollars?

      Money taints everything….IMHO

  10. VOTE!! Do everything you can to encourage others to vote!

    What Republicans want to do if they win the Senate
    Updated by Ezra Klein on September 30, 2014, 11:06 a.m. ET

    • If Republicans win the Senate in 2014 midterms – I think this will backfire in 2016 and perhaps both the House and Senate will flip to Democrats – as well as have a Democrat (first female president Hillary?) in the White House.

      Republicans have never been the party to see the ‘big picture’ – have they?

      These old white wealthy males are too busy doing their victory dance over the few battles they win and never think about the end result of who wins the actual war.

      Which brings me to another point – Republicans love to start wars but they are never any good at ending them – are they?

    • Serious question – does anyone think Mitch McConnell will lose his seat in 2014?

      I predict he will keep his seat – but not by much.

      Then we’ll see what the ‘real’ Mitch McConnell is really all about. Is he a devoted American or will he cower to the Tea Party Monster – the same way Johnny Boehner has for the past 6 years?

      • On second thought – maybe Ted Cruz will challenge Mitch for the power Senate Majority Leader’s job?

        NOW that would be fun to watch….pass the popcorn

      • On third thought – no matter what happens, if there is a God in Heaven, Pat Roberts will NOT have anything do with the Senate when he loses his seat in just a short 6 to 7 weeks….

      • Here I go with predictions — something I’ve never been good at and this time I’m hoping I’m more wrong than ever before. I think both McConnell and Roberts will be reelected. I also think republicans will be in the majority in both houses of Congress and will show their ineffective butts. They can’t govern. When they begin their infighting it will be in public because they won’t have either Reid or Pelosi to blame for their incompetence even tho they will try. They will also blame President Obama, but few Americans are as stupid as republicans think they are.

      • I’ll make my prediction for 2016: the House remains in control of the Republicans, the Senate returns to Democratic control. I won’t try to predict the Presidency yet.

        Oh, the House continues under Republican control through 2020. We’ll see what happens in 2022, after the 2020 Census and the inevitable reapportionment.

  11. http://preview.msn.com/en-us/news/world/fault-is-shared-in-misjudging-of-isis-threat/ar-BB6sdLu

    Why do Republicans have to continue to point the finger of blame at Obama and not only that, they seem to want to burn Obama at the stake.

    Hey – Republicans – there is enough blame to go around on how ISIS has gotten so strong.

    How about The LIttle Cowboy Georgie who proudly stated that the US was not going to occupy Iraq and that US troops would leave when the Iraqi government told us to leave.

    Hey – do some research into when the Iraqi Prime Minister – al Maliki – told the US troops to leave his country.

    Hey – do some research into how the same guy al Maliki set up the new Iraqi government and left out one particular group – which is the group ISIS professes to represent.

    WHO in the HELL thought this new government was going to work in Iraq? Especially when the new guy is only repeating the same mistakes that Saddam Hussein did – by completely ignoring the group(s) he did not like…

    So – the next time you hear any damn Republican bragging about how George W. Bush and Gang put a democracy into Iraq – remind them that GWB and Gang did no such thing.

    They only propped up their little puppet al Maliki and then al Maliki was the same two-faced puppet that ran over to Iran and became best friends with that crazy little president they had back then..

    This is why I do NOT trust any of those countries in that part of the world.

    And the only thing they have is oil……….and a lot of sand.

    If the American people had listened to Jimmy Carter back in the late 70’s and gotten off the damn oil – we could be sitting in a better position to tell these foreign countries where they can stuff all those barrels of oil….

    But – NO – Ronald Reagan sealed out fate when he took down the solar panels off the White House. That P.O.t.u.S (POS) did so much damage to our country – it isn’t even funny.

    And then on top of that – the POS turned around and actually sold Iran weapons. Yeah – that Ronnie was such a genius…… big eye roll.

    • Saddam didn’t ignore those he didn’t like, he did his best to eliminate them.

      • I meant he ignored those he did not like to give them a say in how the government ran…

        As for eliminating your enemies – don’t all politicians and governments have that same motivation?

        I’ve heard it said before that Saddam Hussein was a known tyrant – but he did keep Iraq under somewhat stable condition..

        Then GWB and Gang go in there and uproot everything all in the name of God, Democracy, Uncle Sam and Apple Pie..

        In effect – what GWB and Gang really did was to open up Pandora’s box and all HELL broke loose….