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  1. I see the past 6 years as nothing but a big waste of time and money. But more than that – it is a wasted opportunity for our country to come together and become stronger as a nation.

    Obama is of mixed races – white and black.

    Obama knows from his family members’ experience about how Muslims think, feel and worship.

    This is a man that could have been used so wisely as our leader – but due to the Republican sore losers – we have been subjected to a lot of lies, gossip, innuendos and deep-rooted hatred for Obama.

    And what did it bring us?

    • So true, I am hearing a lot of things at least boarding on true racism to simply minded partisanship. I still fight the good fight and start out simply dispelling but it often ends in a out and out argument! Me being me and so far I still seem to be. I Argue back and with gusto.

      • What frustrates me to no end – is when these Obama haters are called out for their overt racism – they act all offended and high indignant that I dared to call them a racist.

        Hey – I call them as I see them…

  2. well the last of the grandsons are gone so it is me time! I got my best of Jim Croce in the CD player. The computer so far is working OK. Jen has my truck so I can not go get my Jr. Breakfast burro. But I have one of the best story/ singers on the CD. and I managed to finally finish my morning coffee. Already the sweet songs are calming me.

    • I have met people that do not like Croce I want to ask them if they have check to see if a soul was inserted when they were born?

      • Jim Croce sang what I refer to as ‘real songs’ –

        Nothing like the mindless crappola we hear today coming out of mouths of talent-challenged individuals – IMHO

        In today’s world – I suspect quantity has taken over for quality?

        Even with that said – the quantity seems to be the same talentless song played over and over and over – until the mind just goes N-U-M-B

        Maybe that is the real motivation in our current songs – numbing the public to the point where they do not realize what is happening to their country right before their eyes??

        A diabolic form of the Pied Piper??

        I suspect that tactic is used by many Republican politicians – just spew the lies, gossip and inuendos and regurgitate them every 15 minutes – and presto-change – we see where Right Wingers are rewriting history…

      • My favorite Jim Croce song – Time in a Bottle

        This was back in 1973 and he was singing about days passing so quickly …

        In today’s world – time passes by even faster than the 1970’s – and we’re all in such a rush to do what?

        According to Republicans – we should all be rushing around to make those millions. I still remember Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign making a statement that everybody wants to be millionaire.

        No, Mr. Romney, everybody does NOT want to be a millionaire. That is not goal in life because I do not worship M-O-N-E-Y.

        Maybe this is why I am not a ‘real’ Republican – you betcha wink-wink

        I find it rather hypocritical for these Evangelinut Conservative Republicans to be spewing their crappola about how we should all be free capitalists and make all these millions – while professing to be such morally superior followers of Jesus.

        Doesn’t the Bible tell us about the evils of money?

        My take on money is this – money is simply a tool in this life. As with all tools, we make the choice to do good or evil.

        How many millionaires and billionaires do we have in this country that are nothing more than blood-sucking vampires with no souls?

        WAY too many…..

        But what is worse than that group IMHO – are the folks who are not in the millionaires and billionaires club but yet will sit and applaud these wealthy at all costs to the rest of our country.

        THAT is the problem – the GOP Pied Piper has been very busy in numbing the minds of so many….

    • ALEC should lose every person and business paying attention! Writing bills for republican-dominated legislative bodies who pass them without question shouldn’t be legal in my book. What should we call ‘lawmakers’ who pass legislation written by an organization never voted on by a single citizen? Puppets? Bought and paid for?

      • bottom of the sewer sleazeballs that suck on anything flashing a dollar sign?

        That is my current description of these so-called ‘lawmakers’..

        What is so hypocritical is if this ALEC group was a bunch of black people doing the exact same thing – these Republicans would blow their gasket…

  3. This says recent polls point to republicans gaining control of the U. S. Senate this fall. All of Congress under republican control.

    Nate Silver and Sam Wang now agree: Current polls show GOP Senate takeover

    • IMHO One thing driving this is the Republicans are demonizing Obama for not sending troops on the ground into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS.

      Of course, these are the same folks who are never the ones to do the actual fighting and dying in their much-desired wars….