Sunday, 9/28/14, Public Square



by | September 28, 2014 · 6:00 am

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    • CONservative Republicans demonize Americans who get welfare checks from the government to feed their kids.

      But these same CONS applaud and cheer when obscene-profit-making corporations line up to get their welfare checks from the same government.

      But what really angers me the most is when these same CONS preach down to others as if they so morally superior…

    • Asher Bob White

      Only in the largest, wealthiest, most successful business community in the world, the USA.

  1. America By the Numbers: Documentary Explores America’s Shifting Demographics

    America by the Numbers, an illuminating PBS docuseries premiering Oct. 4 and hosted by Maria Hinojosa, explores the country’s rapidly shifting racial demographics. For instance:

    * Since 2011, over 50 percent of U.S. births have been to people of color.
    Immigrants make up over 8 percent of the nation’s voting age population.

    * The majority of the U.S. population is projected to be nonwhite by the year 2043, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

    * The South experienced the biggest population growth of non-white people 2000 and 2010—more than any other region in America.

    * Almost a quarter of Americans between the ages of 6 and 34 are Latino today.

  2. Indy,

    At least this one has finally been stopped!! Seems the Vatican tried to cover up for him too. He left a trail of victims while every rumor and complaint was ignored. Will they ever learn!?

    Arrested Catholic Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 images of children

    • I have high hopes this new Pope Francis is what he appears to be – a straight shooter that wants to clean up the church.

      But….as my Grandpa used say…. the proof is in the pudding

      • Asher Bob White

        Pope Francis is a righteous man and an image of what the Catholic Church is supposed to be, but he can not and will not salvage the corrupt Catholic Church that exists in the would, today. That will require the “church, its self”, not one righteous man. The Pope is not the church; the church is its millions of corrupted members.

      • Exactly, Bob. Anyone thinking the Pope can, by himself, change the Roman Catholic Church is not realistic. He is but one man, doing what he can, and so far, more than I expected him to be able to do this quickly. If he upsets the apple cart too much, the College of Cardinals will be sure to name a nonreformer as his successor.

      • I will admit that I am very cynical about any Pope changing the Catholic Church – but I do have to give this Pope Francis credit for what he has done so far…..and I have high hopes he will be able to continue.

        Maybe more Catholics will be inspired to become more like Pope Francis and be more willing to not call the next scandal to rock the church just a ‘little problem’ like my ex-friend did about the child molestation.

        I told my ex-friend the ONLY reason the Catholic Church lost the lawsuits was because the church knew about it and covered it up.

        That is their crime – and I have yet to see the bulk of the guilty ones be prosecuted and punished for their crimes of covering it up and, thus, allowing the child molesters to continue to ruin children’s lives.

        How the Hell anyone can believe these self-righteous robed child molesters and their church leaders covering for them will be in Heaven when I am told that I am going to Hell ….is beyond me.

        Hell – if these self-righteous unrepentant criminals are in Heaven – would it really be Heaven? Not in my definition of Heaven.