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  1. Speaking of immigrants, the Cuban / American Junior Senator from Texas who was born in Canada said this about replacing AG Holder:

    “To ensure that justice is served and that the Attorney General is not simply replaced with another extreme partisan who will likewise disregard the law, the Senate should wait until the new Congress is sworn in before confirming the next Attorney General. Allowing Democratic senators, many of whom will likely have just been defeated at the polls, to confirm Holder’s successor would be an abuse of power that should not be countenanced.”

    Ted better read up on the rules. Reid ended the filibuster on cabinet appointments. Ted Cruz is an expert at grandstanding and he counts on his constituency not questioning his Tea Party idiocy. If President Obama has someone in mind, and we all know he does as he is a planner, that person will be confirmed and there is absolutely nothing Ted Cruz can do about it.

    • Little Teddie can stomp his widdle feet, scream and rant until the Tea Party nitwits again threaten a revolution with all their military assault weapons and stockpiles of ammo.

      I have no doubt the Tea Party nitwits are quite capable of causing another STINK – I also think they cannot help themselves because these folks have proven they are one taco short of a combination plate.

    • “Ted better read up on the rules”

      Don’t you know, fnord, Ted belongs to that elite group of Godly Morally Superior Evangelinut Christians that truly believe Jesus has given them a perpetual Free Pass Card and rules do not apply them.

      Rules only apply to that person ‘over there’ -usually a minority, woman and the worst sinner is an atheist.

      You betcha – wink-wink

    • fnord – I’ve tried to get this picture to copy and paste from this link – but cannot seem to do it – can you try to get the picture up?

      This is the only time Jesus showed his temper – and he was chasing the money vendors out of the Temple

      Man – do we need Jesus now with all these mega country club churches…..

      • I am convinced there are a lot of Evagnelinut Christians who would spit on the real Jesus if he dared to come to their church dressed in his plain robe, wearing sandals, having long hair and…….not being a white guy

  2. My DIL and I were just talking last night about how the past 6 years have been such a wasted time due to petty, sore loser Republicans.

    Obama is of mixed race. He also knows the mindset of Muslims. He is also someone who thinks before he speaks and acts. Obama actually thinks of the big picture and the consequences of our actions across this world.

    With this man as president, we could have done so much positive accomplishments. Better race relations – how to truly win the War on Terror by using our brains instead of wearing a cowboy hat and screaming ‘bring it on’.

    But – NO – these petty sore loser Republicans would never allow their perceived enemy to get one ounce of credit for anything.

    For this reason alone – Republicans need to be branded as S-T-U-P-I-D and never listened to again.

    I know, that will never happen. Because, like it or not, we have way too many Americans who really don’t care what happens in politics – as long as they have their designer coffee in the super size, their deep-fried chicken sandwich that has been endorsed by Jesus and the latest blinged-out cell phones (all made in China).

    Sometimes I have to wonder – do we really get the elected officials we deserve?

    • Sometimes I wonder why anyone decent would even run for public office.

      • Exactly ….. why would anyone subject themselves and their families to all this insane crappola?

        I’m convinced this is why we lose a lot of good people in a lot of professions. Too many stupid people being promoted as the ‘leaders’ and then they have the guts to preach down to others.

  3. In my opinion Senator Roberts knew his constituents would love to hear him call America under President Obama scary names and as we’ve seen overandover Senator Roberts seems willing to do whatever it takes to get votes.

    Be afraid, very afraid!

    Pat Roberts Is Apparently Too Dumb to Realize He Called Obama a Nazi

    • I take this a different way – I think Roberts was talking in CON Code because the America that Roberts and his ilk love an cherish was run by Old Wealthy White Males.

      How dare Obama be the first younger black president and beat John McCain in 2008. And then beat Mitt Romney in 2012. These two old wealthy white males were EXACTLY what Roberts and his ilk want to continue.

      Hate to break the GOP bubble – but the demographics are changing and the color white will no longer be the majority.

      I also would like to point out – this change in demographics was brought on largely in part to the greed of a lot of Republicans.

      You see – when illegal immigrant cheap labor is exploited – and the corporate profits are privatized but costs are socialized – this is what happens.

      Illegal immigrants are human beings (surprise, Republicans). These are people who want to marry the one they love and start families. This means more future voters who are ‘not white’.

      But to add the salt to the GOP wound – many wealthy white Republicans have been so busy chasing and worshiping the Almighty Dollar God that they have limited their amount of children in their families – which has resulted in fewer future white voters.

      Hey – Wealthy White People did it to themselves…….and are now too ignorant and arrogant to even realize the truth..

      • Let’s not forget – if America is capable of electing the first black president – it is only a matter of time before the first woman president sits in that Oval Office.

        This is what these Wealthy White Male CON Republicans are really afraid of…… an intelligent woman who refuses to sit at the back of the bus or to stay pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.

  4. I can always count of you to find exactly what I want to put on Facebook to counter all the garbage I get from the Nazi-Cons!