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  1. Notice the color of this particular GOP rainbow – and then think about that article I posted a few days ago about the Islamists recruiting women to have babies and cook the food.

    Is this why the GOP is pushing so hard for the same idealogy in the USA?



    I had not realized Reagan was the president that started the saluting thing until I read the Stonekettle comment fnord posted yesterday.

    I found this link to how this entire thing got started.

    I always believed Reagan treated his presidency like one long movie and that saluting gesture made him the ‘star’……so, of course, the temptation was just too damn much for that old geezer to pass up.

    Reagan did a lot of damage to our country – IMHO

    But the worst thing he ever did was to give the keys to the private men’s room to Jerry Falwell and the Immorality Boys



    My beef with the credit card companies is basically this – Capital One has been very busy buying up their competitors.

    Remind me again why We the Taxpayers bailed out those banks? Wasn’t it because they were too big to fail and would collapse our economy?

    So – now that Capital One has bought up their competitors – doesn’t it make Capital One an even bigger bank???

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren was correct when she said that the too big to fail banks back in 2008 are even bigger now and they are still making some very risky moves.

    I don’t know about you – but when these bigger banks come back for more bail out money from taxpayers – I am inclined to say OH HELL NO….

  4. LoL the latest thing to be filling up my face book page from the Nazi cons?
    The coffee solute! As the President was exiting the helicopter he had a brief case in his one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Rather then life the brief case to return the solute he raised the hand with the coffee and saluted. Now he is disrespecting those whom protect him and showing his disregard for the military! You know if I keep responding with the say phrase in a question( it the Tea party just BAT SHIT CRAZY”” That will be how I am referred to by people on Facebook!

    • Let’s not forget these same folks who HATE Obama loved their Little Cowboy President George W. Bush and his lovely Mrs. when that picture of them both standing on some rug that looked exactly like the American flag. Check the flag rule book for the protocol on that one.

      Where was their outrage then?

      But – these folks will NEVER stop bitchin’ about Obama because that is all they have – nothing else.

      Ignorance + Arrogance = Tea Party Evangelinut Republicans

      • As I posted yesterday on some blog – which is worse?

        Obama saluting with a coffee cup in his hand


        George W. Bush sending other peoples’ loved ones to do the actual dying and being wounded for HIS much-desired wars (which he also put ‘off budget’) ??

        Republicans have the wrong priorities…

  5. In Kansas women don’t need Brownback regulating our lady parts!

    What’s the Matter With Sam Brownback?
    How the Kansas governor’s red-state experiment could turn Kansas purple.

    • In Kansas – women don’t need Brownback – period. IMHO

      • FWIW – my friend works at a downtown bank where Brownback was supposed to have his big party last night.

        The employees were given the bum’s rush to get out of the building because security had to set up shop – and one main focus was to prevent any protesters from getting inside the building.

        What is Brownback afraid of?

      • Kansans. Teachers. Voters. Sane People.

        He’s probably afraid of more than that, but that’s a good start/

      • From the MotherJones link above:

        “Brownback’s tax plan also absolved nearly 200,000 small business owners of their state income tax burdens. Among the “small” businesses that qualified were more than 20 Koch Industries LLCs. “Without question they’re the biggest beneficiaries of the tax cuts,” says University of Kansas political scientist Burdett Loomis.”

  6. I have a question – when the Ray Rice and NFL issue come up – did any prominent Evangelinut Preacher or Televangelist come out publicly to state that domestic violence is wrong?

    I was just thinking about that…

    I do remember when that Adrian Peterson case about him taking a switch to his 4-yr-old boy came out that Sean Hannity made a spectacle of himself in defending the guy for using discipline…

    But…I do not remember any Fundy Evangelinut coming out against Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancĂ©e.


      Here is a link to Sean Hannity’s spectacle on Fox…

      Maybe this explains a lot about Sean Hannity – huh?

      I really do not understand how these self-professing Christians can be so driven by so much hatred..

      And to put the cherry on top of this insane crap – Sean Hannity said that his father punched him in the face when he talked back to him..

      Hey – no wonder my previous employer did not think my supervisor was wrong for consistently threatening to punch people in their face when she got angry…

      And then we wonder why there are so many bullies in our society?



        We all remember Sean Hannity’s big talk about how he would be waterboarded for charity – don’t we?

        This is the same Sean Hannity who defended Adrian Peterson in using the switch on his 4-yr-old son. But, as my first link alluded to, Adrian Peterson also reportedly put leaves into his 4-yr-old’s son before he used the switch on him which left visible wounds.

        So – if Sean Hannity is bragging that his own father beat him with the belt and even punched In his face – then why has Sean Hannity still not made good on his promise to be waterboarded – and give the proceeds to charity?

        Could it be that Hannity is just another Fox Far Right Winger who has a problem with the diarrhea mouth disease? You know – this is when your mouth runs and runs and nothing on this green Earth can shut it up….

        Or has Hannity truly not remember when he made this promise? But, note, this link to the article was in January of 2013. At that time, it had been about 4 years since Hannity’s promise – it is now Septmber 2014 – another year is soon to pass by and

        STILL no fulfilled promise by Hannity to show just how tough he really is…

        What’s the surprise here? Hannity also gave high praise to another Little Cowboy that ran his mouth as if he was a big tough hombre…..Yeah, sure. (big eye roll)

        Typical bullies – nothing but a big fat coward…

        Big Hat – No Cattle = Republican males

      • “You see that guy over there? He keeps hitting my shoulder when every he is close enough. He does It one more time I am going to punch him back!”
        Now Rick you can not hit people!”….. ” But… But, HE HIT ME FIRST!”. You might remember me telling you about that shortly after I got back to here.

      • R.D. – there are times when a good punch in their nose is the only thing a bully understands.

        That is the conclusion we came to when our granddaughter and seven other 2nd graders were continually tormented by two bully girls for the entire school year.

        We did not find out what was going on until April of last year (2 months of school left).

        When the school principal told me that ‘we don’t like to use the word bullies’ – that is when I learned exactly how much the principal and the teacher cared about bullying – these two did not care at all. Nothing – Nada- Zilch – Zero.

        Okay – with that in mind, we told our granddaughter that next time she gets bullied, ask them to please stop and if they make the choice to continue to bully her – she has our direct permission to punch the bully right in the nose.

        I’m sure that will get the attention of the teacher and principal – which is fine by me.

        I’ve instructed my granddaughter to tell the teacher and principal to call her mom, dad and then ME.

        I do not like bullies. We had bullies when I grew up.

        But you know what was different back then? The bullies WERE called bullies and their parents gave a damn back then and corrected their own problem when the bully got home.

        I am all for nonviolence – but when continual bullying and threats of punching in my face at work (plus, I was a grown-ass woman working at that job for 10 years) – then if the bullies make that choice to continue to bully – then all bets are off and they get exactly what they deserve…

        And I hope and pray the teachers and principal at that school are wise enough to know to NEVER lift a hand to my granddaughter and hit her.

        Or, else, that school district will be hearing from me – Loud and Clear.

        They don’t like to use the term bullies – well, I don’t like bullies in whatever size they come in..

    • BTW – R. D. – on some level, I suspect some of these Conservative Republicans have to be this petty bully type. It is probably the only thing that makes them truly happy.

      These folks do have twisted logic – so to them, this insane crap makes sense.

      What a sad commentary – huh?

  7. The problem is – these COnservative Republicans are still calling for sending in ground troops to Iraq and Syria.

    Oh Hell – let’s just broaden this damn war thing and make it World War III ??

    I’m sure every Republican is having a wet dream at this very moment.

    Of course, none of their precious little loved ones will have to do the actual dying or being wounded – just like last time.


    Hey – if this will work to keep our planet in one piece, I say let’s hope and pray this helps…

    After all – if the world applauds when the Pope speaks to his millions of Catholics – then why is it wrong for this shiek to speak to his millions of Islamists?

    But….just like in the case of the new Pope, I am not counting on any success until I see actual evidence there is a change.

    I still have high hopes for Pope Francis – but as grandpa used to say – the proof is in the pudding.

  9. R;.D. – Is Eric Holder’s resignation hitting your Facebook yet?

    I’m sure these CONservatives are doing their victory dance.

    • Yes, this makes conservatives very happy. Maybe even so happy that a replacement will be confirmed? Or maybe not. [eye roll] In fact, what a conundrum for the republicans — the only way they can get rid of Mr. Holder is to confirm the person President Obama nominates. 🙂

      I did see where someone commented this would allow President H. Clinton to nominate Mr. Holder for SCOTUS.

      Can you hear me giggling?

  10. I’m sure you’ve read about the auctioning off of sex toys in Kansas to pay back taxes…

    The Rude Pundit wrote a blog post today titled: Can Anal Beads Help Save Kansas?

    In today’s world you’ve gotta get your giggles and grins wherever you can find them. This made me laugh out loud!

    • I had not heard about this story…..

      WOW – so many ways to go for a punch line with this one from Sammy and the Boys

      But the last line summed it up – a man by the name of Brownback is selling butt plugs…

      I swear – a movie script could not have been written to equal this real life stuff…

    • But George W. Bush is one of those morally superior Compassionate Christians that has a perpetual Free Pass Card given to him by Jesus himself – can I hear an Amen ????

      Glory Hallejuia…….



    Pope Francis is still looking good to this cynical organized religion person..

    fnord – I have to give credit where credit is due….