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    Isn’t this interesting? If you substituted the word ISIS for Evangelical Christians/Catholics/Conservative White Republicans – wouldn’t the same message of the article be true?

    There is a reason why all the groups specified above are all about regulating women’s reproductive rights. These folks want more babies born so there will be fresh meat for their much-desired Holy War(s)..

    Here’s a thought – the USA needs to get the hell out of every Islamic country and take our foreign aid money with us.

    We need to get off the foreign oil and man-up with the actual truths that the USA has a lot of infrastructure problems of our own that needs repaired or built.

    But – if we did that – then certain mega global corporations would not be happy with the USA – would they?

    And – sad to say – our military industrial complex beast would be the #1 corporate crappola on that list – IMHO

  2. How can you attack Christianity? It is a personal relationship with God! It is not a social club, it is not a fraternity! It is a family in a sense, like all families some get along and some do not. But it is still the same family and even if they go by a different name. They all have the same father! Some use their personal faith as weapons against others. That is just stupid, that is like if you go to McDonalds and the person next to you does not order the same thing. Does that make them evil? Likewise some can not pray unless they are kneeling, others can pray without saying a word that anyone else can hear except for God and Jesus.

    • As you might have guessed I came here from Face book, yappers got a little riled over there at some of what was put on my page!

      • I have never met you but I do sense that you know what I mean when I go on my rants against these Evangelinuts (maybe that is a better and broader term?)

        I can tell you’re quite busy fending off many of these folks on FB which seem to take everything personally when one dares to say that some of these Evangelinuts are just as bad as the crazy Islamists.

        We’ve both shared on this blog about our feelings towards these huge mega church complexes (ie tax free businesses).

        Besides – if these Evangelinuts would agree to leave me and the rest of the world alone – then I would not have to call them out on the carpet for their just-as-wicked ways as the crazy Islamists.

      • I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page on this issue. The people who seem most outraged that anyone could have any criticism of Christians are the same people who criticize everything that is different than their conclusions. People of other faiths (or none at all), sexual orientations, ethnicity…

        We all also know Christians who actually live the faith they profess.

        One thing I find more true as time goes on — every single human that I’ve gotten to spend time with or interact with, for good or ill, has made me who I am and greatly impacted my life in pretty spectacular ways. Yes, some of them have been examples of the kind of person no one wants to be, but I will always support their right to make their choices and live their lives free from the slavery that is oppression.

      • I’ve often talked about my grandpa.

        He is the perfect example of someone who never belonged to a church. The man only had one suit which he wore to church for weddings and/or funerals.

        BUT … my grandpa lived the life of a Christian by his acts of kindness, love, compassion and his basic moral compass of what is right and wrong.

        IMHO – those characteristics are sorely lacking in our so-called religious leaders and their tax-free businesses.

      • We’ve also discussed this issue before – if you truly want to feel the wrath of Christians come down on your head – just tell them you are an atheist. Their heads will explode.

        As it is – I told my mother a few months back that I have changed my views about God and that I think I would now be categorized as a Deist.

        I think I shocked her, at first, but then when I explained to her why I now feel this way – she understood.

        It’s very hard for some people to let go of their pre-conceived ideas of God and their rigid rules of their religion.

        I am finding it easier to do with every passing day..

  3. Read the captions carefully for this strong message.

    Greek filmmaker Nancy Spetsioti directed Tzafar, a powerful short film about casual, every day racism. Its subtlety underscores a powerful and timeless message about how we treat other people.

    • I read through some of the comments. I stopped when I read the one where it said Whites are the least ones to be racist.

      When people start to divide themselves over which group is the most racist – then haven’t we missed the point to this video?

      • Absolutely! Humans is what we are.

      • Before ‘civilized’ humans brought their teachings to this country’s natives —

      • I often think of history as a collection of which path was taken at certain times.

        The White Pilgrims who professed to be such godly and moral people were the ones that would have died from starvation that first winter if it had not been for the goodness, kindness and compassion of the Native American Indians.

        And how did the White Man thank the Native American Indians?

  4. We drove up to Kansas City early last Friday morning so we could meet our grandson flying in from NYC. We ended up with a daughter, son-in-law, nine grandchildren (my grands have grown up and doubled by finding their significant other), and a great grand daughter all gathered to attend the Royals baseball games. The first game, Friday evening, was a real bummerrrr! Royals lost 10 to 1 and we were all sorely disappointed. Saturday’s game wasn’t an embarrassing loss, but a loss none the less. Finally, the Royals won Sunday’s game! 🙂

    It was a great weekend with family! Just not so great for Royals baseball.

    While in Kansas City we visited a super interesting museum — Arabia Steamboat Museum — which I highly recommend. This steamboat called Arabia sunk in the Missouri River in 1856. All 130 passengers escaped but all 200 tons of cargo sunk and stayed buried under 45 feet of mud for over 140 years until 1998. The cargo was actually protected by being buried. By the time it was located the Missouri River had changed course and the ship was found 1/2 mile from the river in a cornfield. The contents of that steamboat are on display at the museum and so interesting! While we were there one of the men who dug her up spoke to us and answered our questions. What a treat!

    • And you had some beautiful fall weather to top it off…..WOW

      Sounds like everyone had a good time and made a lot of memories.

    • We have a bunch of photos of our weekend in KC, but this one still cracks me up. It’s my daughter, her daughter and son. Not all of us were familiar with all the rules… 🙂 My daughter has just asked, “So if they hit the ball, and someone catches it, it’s not a hit?” We all cracked up! Hey, the Royals lost this game TEN TO ONE so we had to find other ways of laughing…

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if all people who preach and want others to believe in their God were like this man!?

  6. I know I pick on the Evangelinuts and Catholics – but this is because these are the two groups that have demonstrated their mistaken idea that THEY have the power to push their restrictive religious views on to everyone else through political power.

    1) Such as banning birth control – why are Catholics so damn concerned about non-Catholic women using birth control?

    2) Public school prayer – this is what the Evangelinuts push for the most – IMHO.
    When these folks push for prayer in school – they do not mean any and all prayers. These folks mean ONLY their Christian-approved prayers. That is where I part company with these folks.

    If these folks went in and advocated for a diverse culture of different religions and different prayers – then that could be a welcoming addition to the curriculum – if it was wanted by the majority of the people involved.

    But this is where these Evangelinuts cross the line – IMHO. These folks do not care about the other guy’s religion – these folks only want THEIR religion.

    Kinda reminds me of how history is filled with varying religious groups have fought so many wars over whose religion was going to be the top dog.

    This ISIS group and their so-called caliphate is nothing more than a continuation of the same damn Holy War that has been fought for centuries.

    If you doubt that – do some research on the Crusades – when it was the Catholic Church that used the power of the government to go to war with the Muslims to ‘take back’ certain land from those Muslims.

    Correct me if I am wrong – but I suspect the methods of killing and/or torture in the Crusades could be comparable to the beheadings we have seen come from this ISIS group.

    I am not condoning the ISIS tactics. What I am saying is – we need to just get the hell out of their country and take our foreign aid money with us.

    And any and all Arab leaders that have been playing both sides of the fence in that region should also be told that their US foreign aid will be cut off immediately.

    But – as I have said before – the US cannot do this because I am afraid we have sold our soul to these global corporations that make their obscene profits off all the fools on both sides of this thirst for the damn Holy War.

    War is a money making scheme…….

  7. Do they really think this will attract female voters? The latest republican ladies’ outreach effort tops all previous republican ladies’ outreach efforts. For sheer awfulness, that is. I mean, holy crap this is terrible, condescending stuff!

    This ad, along with another even more heavily focused on the “free birth control” angle, is being run by a man (“John Jordan, a California winery owner and head of the group Americans for Shared Prosperity”) and was made by another man. The only way this could be more obviously a republican male fantasy about how women think is if the woman in the ad was wearing a lace nightie and tying cherry stems into knots with her tongue in between sentences.

    • The same folks who push this ‘free birth control’ crappola are the same folks who do not say one word against how many men get free Viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills free – courtesy of working taxpayers.

      I remember Rick Santorum saying that birth control pills are ‘not natural’.

      Since when is Viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills ‘natural’???

      Hypocrits – heal thyself

      • BTW – in that video – when this woman was talking about how he promised all these things and then turned out to be a no good louse…

        I wonder – did this woman know that Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act and the Equal Pay for Equal Work legislation?

        Just asking…

      • Here’s what the organization Women For Kansas had to say about this ad on their Facebook page:

        Running with an approach that the Romney campaign rejected two years ago sounds like a bad idea from the start, yet that’s what these national GOP strategists are doing to try to appeal to women. The condescending message is that women take a “call me maybe” view of politics, that we don’t actually bother to consider the deeper issues facing the nation, that we simply swoon if the candidate is handsome and charming.

        Um… no. Just no. No.

        A DAILY.KOS article considers it good news that the money being dumped into this horrible ad “isn’t giving any information to voters to move them.” For us it’s hard to see a good side to scripting women as brainless twits.”


    Just a question….

    why does the government of Saudi Arabia help fund terrorists?

    Wow – what a thought – I wonder if these Arabs were doing such things behind our back when 9/11 happened??



    Somewhere in Texas – a village is thanking God they have lost their idiot

  10. Speaker of the House John Boehner had to find a new lawyer to represent him in his lawsuit against President Obama after his attorney quit because he was worried that the suit could harm his credibility.

    The New York Times reported —

    House Republicans on Friday replaced the firm handling their lawsuit against President Obama after the lawyer representing them pulled out over what was said to be political backlash among his colleagues at the firm, Baker Hostetler.

    The lawyer, David B. Rivkin Jr., had taken the case on behalf of House Republicans in August, right after they voted to sue the president, accusing him of overstepping the powers of the presidency. Two people with knowledge of the situation said Mr. Rivkin withdrew from the case under pressure after facing criticism that he had taken on an overly partisan lawsuit. Some members of the firm feared the case against Mr. Obama could drive off potential clients and hurt Baker Hostetler’s credibility, according to one of the people with knowledge of the case. Both people said they were prohibited from publicly discussing such a delicate case.

  11. I don’t want to miss tonight’s Rachel Maddow show. She says —

    It’s been a while since Americans have seen a contest like Kansas’ U.S. Senate race — where voters abroad are now receiving ballots with a GOP “disclaimer.”

    As Rachel put it, “The political process in one U.S. state … fell completely apart.” We’ll have more on tonight’s show.”

    Kobach’s ballot ‘disclaimer’ worsens Kansas’ circus


    I can understand why NFL fans do not want to turn off from all the NFL teams – because there are a lot of pro football players that are not the problem.

    What I would rather see is these particular teams with the known bad behavior boys to be singled out and punished.

    I caught the middle of the interview with the Ravens owner today and when he said that he did not ask to see the video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife in that elevator – and that he deeply regrets that decision.


    This is the type of thinking that gets me boiling mad. Just like when the Catholic Church lost in a court of law when they were sued for covering up the child molesting priests.

    What people tend to overlook – or just conveniently forget? – is that the Catholic Church would have not lost their case IF they had not knowingly made the choice to cover up the crimes of their priests.

    It is the COVER UP that makes them accomplices to the crime – IMHO

    The same goes for these team owners – when they knowingly make that choice to look the other way or to ask for leniency from law enforcement so their start player(s) can still play and make the golden goose lay those golden eggs – that is when the team owners become an accomplice to the crimes that their star player committed.

    • I wonder how the Ravens team owner would feel if for just one game – nobody showed up to sit in the stands?

      Does anyone think for one moment that the team owner would suddenly find a way to get rid of the golden goose that turned into a pile of crappola?

      You betcha ….. wink-wink

      When money is involved – it is the threat of losing that money that will change the behavior and attitude of the powers to be..

      • Won’t happen in my lifetime, indy. Recalling the last MLB Players’ strike, bad blood with the fans, reduced attendance for 2 years or so, then record attendance numbers once again were had.

  13. What a perfect response!