Saturday, 9/20/14, Public Square

Every developed country in the world provides healthcare to all citizens. Except one.

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7 responses to “Saturday, 9/20/14, Public Square

  1. What is even more sad is to add this fact of lack of universal health care in the USA with the fact the USA is #1 spender on the military.

    What does that say about our country – where we spend a lot of money on military and wars than to spend money to give every American health care?

  2. I went to the website for Orman – the Independent running against Pat Roberts for the Senate.

    I sent an email to Mr. Orman last week – as his website encouraged folks to do.

    I told Orman basically the same thing that I said in my email to Mike Pompeo – of which I wrote to Pompeo about a month ago.

    Today, I received a response from the Orman campaign and they thanked me for contacting them and sharing my concerns.

    I am STILL waiting for Pompeo’s Congressional staff to respond.

    Maybe Mike is too busy planning on how he needs to spend the next month and half that his fellow Congressional Ratpackers gave themselves right after they voted to arm the Syrian rebels.

    Hmmm……do you think maybe these folks might want to stick around Washington DC – because they did just vote to step into another ugly war….

  3. I’m still nervous about Greg Orman, BUT, he will get my vote. I think he’s in all ways better than Roberts and our only chance this election cycle of getting rid of Roberts.

    • That is exactly how I feel. I figure why not give Orman a fair chance. He could certainly not be any worse than Pat Roberts.

      • Besides – seeing Pat Roberts go down in flames would be the cherry on top of the sundae – LOL

        Maybe that sundae will be a double dipper and Sam Brownback is going down also?

      • My expectations are mighty high — I want to see Roberts, Brownback and Kobach all three sent packing. Plus, I truly think Davis and Schodorf are superior candidates and support them both without reservations!