Friday, 9/19/14, Public Square



by | September 19, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. The same people that scream and rant about Guns don’t shoot people are the same folks that want to deny certain Americans their right to vote.

    • This goes to all of you, since we have been together and you still left this odd ball Republican in. Coming back here after the heart attack and seeing that my friends were still here. It brought back a real sense that I had not lost everything.

      • Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever political category you want to be in is all right with me.

        Hell – I am a registered Republican – and if Eisenhower was being worshipped instead of St. Ronald Reagan by these current day Republicans, I might be an actual Republican.

        Until that day – I will continue to push for fiscal conservative and social liberal issues.

        Our blog may be smaller than the other blog we all came from – but since when does quantity translate into quality?

  2. LOL my daughter-in-law was thinking about me, today is national Pirate day so if you stop at Krispy cream today dressed at a Pirate you get a dozen free donuts! She posted it on my Facebook because I always wear an eye patch. I may have to take a road trip to Wichita?

  3. G-Stir

    When Roberts looses the election, do you think he’ll move back to his one room Kansas domicile?