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  1. Be prepared it will rain today, I looked out from where my desk is and noticed I still had a clothes line full of clothes! Perhaps I should check to see if they are dry enough yet to bring in? I am in a mood, feel like I will be sick as a dog any day and that always makes me wonder if I should not just take it easy for now or battle through until I do get so sick I and not stand?

    See it is not just women whom have that dilemma! Tell about equality !



    I watched this news report today and had to shake my head when Gayle King – a CBS anchor of a major news corporation – actually asked this guy why Islamists hate us so much. When the guy responded with ‘ Islamist extremists believe that We, the West, want to destroy their religion – Gayle KIng then proceeded to ask when have given them any reason to believe this.


    There was that nutjob preacher in Florida.
    There was that nutjob that released that video right before Benghazi
    There are numerous American self-professed Christians on radio and television that are broadcasting daily that Islam is of the devil and Christians need to be prepared to go to war …

    And – then like this guy said – Islamists interpret our actions as a threat to their religion.

    Hmmm…..I wonder why?

    Why would Islamists be alarmed when the White Christians from the US come into their country and take over – and actually believe that WE have the right to their oil?


    • At approximately the 1:45 mark is when Gayle King starts her questions as I have referenced above.

      Here’s a thought – why don’t we just get out of that part of the world and take our foreign aid money with us?

      Oh yeah, we cannot do that because too many corporations would not be able to go into these foreign countries to rape and pillage the natural resources – while trying to appear like we are God’s favorites and bringing the poor stupid people of these foreign countries the one true God.

      What if the roles were reversed?

      Would we stand by and let a bunch of Islamists come in and take over – and do airstrikes and kill people with their drones?

      Wouldn’t that just piss us off – just a little?

      Seriously – so many of today’s problems would be resolved if more people would just focus on – how would I feel if I was the one on the receiving end of how I treat others?

      That logic would work in these issues of domestic violence and child abuse.

      If don’t want to be knocked out by your spouse or if you don’t want lacerations and bruises left on your body from a whoopin’ with a switch – then DON”T DO SUCH STUPID STUFF…

  3. Last evening we were at a function attended mostly by people we met for the first time at that function and know little to nothing about. One conversation I was involved with was about the Scotland independence vote. I really haven’t followed this issue well enough to have an opinion so I was listening. A man who is a local veterinarian said he thought the biggest problem with England was that the most popular name for newborn babies is Mohamed. In fact, he said, the three most popular names for newborns in England are Mohamed spelled three different ways. This ‘genius’ went on to say that would soon be America’s biggest problem too and we better wake up. He spoke at length about the dangers of ‘Mooslims,’ Sharia Law, and peppered his speech with criticisms of the biggest and worst ‘Mooslim’ — Hussein Obama. Most of us were dumb struck at his vehemence, and his tone of voice was not a pleasant one. Whether or not we agreed with this guy we ALL kept to ourselves rather than engage with this person.

    It was an eye opener to hear an educated professional carry on in the manner he did in a public gathering that had nothing to do with politics. That kind of hate doesn’t belong anywhere and people who inject it into polite conversation are beyond reasoning with in my opinion.

    Later on in the evening this same ‘genius’ was telling everyone he could get to listen that America would be attacked again and he predicts the next attack will take down our electrical grid throwing us into the dark ages. Everyone was advised to buy seeds to plant their own food, have cash and fuel on hand, etc. etc. After his long-winded predictions and advisories he announced how glad he was that there weren’t any ‘liberals’ listening because they would totally disagree due to not being smart enough to see how vulnerable our infrastructure is. I was standing next to him and quietly spoke up at that point just to say I thought most adults, regardless of their political persuasion, could recognize how much would be negatively affected by an attack on our electrical grid. So he then went off into a tangent of how wrong I was to give ‘liberals’ any credit for being able to think. I, of course, just shut up and moved along as quickly as possible. It wasn’t the place or time and he wasn’t a person I wanted to tell my political thoughts.

    Are there lots of people like this man? What a scary thought — adults who can’t be polite in a social setting, who spew that kind of intolerance and ignorance. What must he sound like among those he knows well?

    • I worked with a lot of people just like this guy. Of course, that was also the employers who thought my supervisor was okay with consistently telling me she wanted to punch my face in because, ‘that’s just Christa’…

      Can you imagine if my supervisor had been a Muslim and saying the exact same phrase to me while I was working?

      That Muslim would have been fired.

      Or – imagine if that supervisor had been a minority atheist person – would they have been given a free pass?

      But…since Christa claimed to be a Christian and an Obama-hater – she could do as she pleased?

      Also – at that place of employment – I had a pharmacist (a well-educated person) actually tell me that I should never give my Muslim oncologist a gun because he would kill me.

      This doofus said this comment right after I told him that the White Male Christian doctor could not even call me by my real name – so I found another, who happened to be Muslim, and this guy was the one that helped save my life from cancer.

      Yeah – fnord – unfortunately there are a lot of well-educated people who display their ignorance and arrogance on a daily basis.

      • If this is an example of what a Kansas republican is no wonder Brownback and Roberts are both behind in the polls. This kind of radical extremism isn’t something sane people, including sane republicans, want to support. Honestly, you should have seen the faces of the people hearing that ‘genius’ republican Obama hater last night.

      • Maybe this is why we witnessed 100 Republicans endorse Paul Davis for governor?

        Maybe this why we are witnessing Roberts and Brownback both behind in the polls?

        Maybe – just maybe – too much hate-filled tea is the poison to kill this Extreme Republicanism beast?

      • fnord – remember what these same Radical Extremist Republicans did to Jean Schodorf in that election. Calling Jean a RINO and then targeting a rhino on one billboard – if I remember correctly.

        These Evanglelinut Radicals are just as vicious and dangerous as any Muslim Radicals – IMHO

      • I hope these Tea Baggers stay vocal and I hope each word they say is captured on film or recorded. They are their own worst enemies! The Democratic Party couldn’t ever buy such great advertising.



      I realize this list is from 2012 – but where does it say Mohammed (spelled 3 ways) is the most popular name for newborns in England?



        Here is a more recent article about popular newborn names in England.

        As you can read – Oliver officially took the top spot. But when the variation of spellings of Mohammed is factored in – that was the most common name.

        But – Mohammed is the most common name in the world.

        Hmmm….and this proves what exactly?

        Is this why so many White Christian males want to do away with birth control and control their women’s bodies?

        Hey – if these males want to have more white babies, then perhaps these males need to think about NOT beating their wives, NOT degrading their women, and NOT thumping them over their head with the Bible telling them that God made man the master and the woman the servant.

        Just saying…..

      • And these white Christian males might just want to press their elected politicians to stop spending trillions of tax dollars on wars and more on creating family-wage jobs and health care to pay for their babies being born and raising them.

        Just saying….

      • BTW – I had a second oncologist and his name was Mohammed. I never asked what religion he was – because I really don’t care.

        This is the doctor that was filling in when my original Muslim doctor was on medical leave to take care of his own mother stricken with cancer back in Sudan.

        This doctor named Mohammed was the one that was always kind, compassionate, listening to ME and then helping me. This guy was concerned about a speck on one of the CT scans and this was the guy that got all the CT scans from two years together and he personally looked at each one of them and compared them.

        THEN this doctor called me himself with his assessment and findings.

        As it turned out, this speck was nothing more than a left-over scar from the original colon surgery.

        But this guy wanted to make sure that it was nothing to worry about.

        I was quite impressed that this guy took the time to call me personally and set my mind at ease.

        He could have just made me come in for another appointment – which would have been more money in his pocket – but he did not do that.

        This is how doctors USED to treat their patients………



    In keeping with today’s graphic – Betty Ford was a strong supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    I wonder how many of those CONservatives would call Betty Ford a communist, man bashing, lesbian out to destroy American families and America itself?

    I liked President Gerald Ford and his wife Betty. I thought they were good, honest, decent and caring people. I did not agree with President Ford’s decision to pardon Nixon – but I suspect that was way beyond his own political control at that time.

    The Fords represent the type of Republicans that I miss – those folks who are not so filled with hatred and venom for anyone that looks different than they do and worship a different god than they do.

    God help us all if there is an atheist around – these current Republicans’ heads actually spin around like some demon has just possessed them.

    I’ve often wondered how history would have been different if Gerald Ford had won the White House against Jimmy Carter.

    I know one thing – Betty Ford would have given Phyllis Schafly a run for her political money.

    Let’s not forget -Phyllis Schafly and Ronald Reagan were cut from the same cloth. And we all know how well those years turned out…

  5. The link is to a few of the comments Tea Party members are saying to Speaker Boehner. My, my, these are not nice people.

    Tea Party Unleashes On John Boehner

  6. I’ve said this before – if any of these CONservative Republicans want to go fight their much-desired Holy War with the Muslims – they are free to catch the first plane or ship going into that direction.

    What is stopping these good ol’ White Christian folks to actually go do their own fighting and dying – if they’re so hell bent on having themselves a good ol’ Holy War.

    BUT…do NOT expect me or others to pay for these CONservative Republicans’ endless thirst for wars……

    If their God is truly the one true God – then won’t God provide for them so they can go and kill all those Muslims in their God’s name?

    Just saying…

  7. Wisdom from Robert Reich —

    “Is the war against ISIS that we’re now entering an intentional distraction from domestic problems Republicans don’t want to deal with and Democrats would rather we disregard? Median household incomes are down over 8 percent from where they were in 2000, and still falling. The percent of working-age Americans in jobs is the lowest in over three decades. More of the nation’s income is going to corporate profits and less to wages than we’ve seen in over sixty years. Almost all the gains from economic growth are flowing to the top. Congress is so gridlocked it won’t raise the minimum wage (now 25% below its real value in 1968), or put people to work repairing our crumbling infrastructure, or raise taxes on the rich to pay for better schools for our kids.

    Yet all we’re hearing about is ISIS (or ISIL), our bombing raids, and whether we should send in more “advisors.” In the late 1960s, when Lyndon Johnson’s “war on poverty” stalled, attention turned to Vietnam. In 2003, when George W. Bush couldn’t move his domestic agenda, he decided to invade Iraq. Is there a pattern here?”

    • Republicans have demonstrated they love wars. And Democrats are too scared of the Evangelinut Republicans to cross them….

      So, I guess war is coming…..

      But, I did hear David Korn the other day on ‘The Lawrence O’Donnell show’ and he said that Obama is simply having to ‘clean up the mess’ that was left behind by George W. Bush and Gang.

      I can understand that logic…….

  8. Here in Kansas we see Brownback following this plan —

    The Koch Brothers’ 3-Step Plan to Conquer the Next Generation



    So…these NFL sponsors don’t like what is happening at the NFL over these numerous cases of overpaid pro-football players behaving like scum bags – but these sponsors are not bothered to the point where they want to really threaten to lose their obscene profits off the same NFL league that has demonstrated more than once that they really don’t seem to give a damn about women or kids.

    Okay… it…Money before what is morally correct?

    • BTW – just to make you feel really warm and fuzzy over this entire NFL situation – let’s not forget that the NFL is a non-profit group.

      Which means – they pay No TAXES

      • The league, as the league, pays no taxes. The 32 teams do pay taxes. Sort of a distinction with a difference. What I am curious about is how much are the league, as the league, profits versus the aggregate, post-tax, profits of the 32 teams. The pieces I’ve read on this do not make this clear. A common figure is $9 Billion for the “league” without a clear demarcation between the teams and the league itself. One item is the money the networks pay the NFL for the media rights, which is then distributed among the teams equally. This revenue is not taxed at the league level, but at the team level.

        Oh, MLB had the same exemption which it gave up voluntarily a few years ago. The NBA, again as a league, was not formed as a not-for-profit corporation, thus it has paid taxes on its income at the league level, when it has has taxable income.

  10. (from the link): Basically, what’s going on here is that people in Kansas, including Republicans, are realizing that Reaganomics isn’t the answer to the United States’ economic problems. It’s more like the cause of the problems.
    The people of Kansas are seeing first-hand how enacting policies that only benefit the wealthy elite can bring an entire economy to its knees.

    Has Kansas Found the Cure for the Reaganomics Disease?

  11. (from the link): Remember Hobby Lobby? That corporate use of personal religious freedom to make decisions about employees’ benefits?

    Guess what? Did anyone really think that decision would stay put and never been seen again? Because Wheaton College decision came out 3 days later? But still, maybe, just maybe it could have been buried.

    But wait! The Fundamentalist LDS, have decided not to pay kids to harvest pecans. The Department of Labor is investigating labor violations. FLDS leaders claim they do not have to testify because “religious freedom.”

    So I wonder what else the FLDS have religious freedom for? Perhaps child sex assault? Do we need to let Warren Jeffs out of prison because of “religious freedom”?

    Do Lutherans have the same protection? How about followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    No one could have predicted Hobby Lobby decision would be used to protect FLDS against labor laws.