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  1. OH I so need to come here for some sanity after visiting my face book page!
    If I reposted half of what I get from the Tea Party and the other Nazi-cons. The entire rest of the day would be taken up with rebuttals and are you Fooking crazy!! LOL And I already do enough of that before I come here!

    LOL if it is not bad enough I strongly suspect that the rest of the world is also suffering from a anoxic brain injury and needs to have their medication changed to a stronger dose! I am doing fine it is the rest of the world!

  2. Let’s break that down – who are we not to criticize?

    There are so many – where do I start?

    As we discussed a few days ago – if you’re a professing Christian, then you can say any outlandish thing and people will applaud and fight for your right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    BUT – if you are a professing atheist – those same Christians will demonize you and try to shut you down by taking away those same rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion (which can also mean NO religion).

    With every passing day I am confronted with more news of just how dumbed down our country has become.

    Does anyone truly believe that if we just start another war or two that the bad guys will simply give up and disappear?

    WHO truly thinks that? Certainly not anyone who has studied history.

    I still remember being demonized and being called unpatriotic and a traitor because I spoke out against George W. Bush and his Gang starting the Iraq War.

    RD refers to the definition of insanity – well, are we repeating the same insanity displayed by GWB and Gang now that Obama is in charge?

    I hope and pray Obama does not get sucked down into that rabbit’s hole the Republicans are just high-fiving each other and salivating at all those war profits that all the right people will make.

    Yeah, making blood money off the lives and wounds of other peoples’ loved ones

    I still say – before we allow the elected officials in Congress to vote on going to war – let’s make them pass a law reinstating the draft.

    I wonder how much support these same elected officials will get if the voters know the draft is coming back?

    I remember a political pundit (a former Iraq veteran) stating shortly after the president’s speech last week that the sad fact is – a majority of Americans have already turned off the president’s speech and changed their television to the latest reality t.v. show – if they even watched the president’s speech at all.

    Sad to say……this is true.


    Does anyone really believe these Republicans are agonizing over their war votes?

    I call B.S.

    These same Republicans who are now trying to appear like they’re so damn concerned and worried about the moral thing to do make me sick. These are the same folks who have been demonizing Obama for the past two years because Obama refused to arm the Syrian rebels – does anybody else remember this?

    Republicans love to go to war – they have proven this time and time again.

    Republicans have also proven they love to send other peoples’ loved ones to do the actual fighting and dying.

    I’ve said before that I don’t trust the Saudis as far as I can throw their fat king. Well -the same goes for these Republicans. I don’t trust any Republican as far as I can throw their fat Speaker of the House (looks like Johnny has put on some weight – he certainly has not missed any meals)

    Speaking of changed appearances – has anyone else noticed how tired and older President Obama has looked in the past few months?

    Obama is a good, honest and decent man. Rather than demonizing and hating him 24/7 – why don’t we all try to pray for Obama?

    He has a thankless job and when he tells the Americans the truth, that is when he gets demonized the most.

    Sometimes I do wonder if our country needs a wake up call to get out of our self-induced ‘we are God’s favorites so we are entitled to the best’ attitude.

      • I kind wish you would quit putting this good stuff up, I see it and then I feel compelled to post it to my face book! BTW keep it coming, I never seem to get enough of what I want to say or fire back!

      • I am starting to wonder if Dick Cheney is the false prophet the Bible talks about….

        Hmmm…….a wolf in sheep’s clothing that keeps the Evangelinut sheeple stirred up over the black man in the White House that is supposed to be a secret Muslim…

        Yeah – that is something a false prophet would do.. IMHO


    Until the day WE the PEOPLE demand that NFL and other people in power take domestic violence seriously – we will continue to see the past history of the NFL dealing with domestic violence done by their own players.

    But – it is hard to hold people in power accountable for knowingly choosing to look the other way when domestic violence occurs – the Republicans voted against the renewal of Violence Against Women Act recently – remember?

    And not only that – Republicans also voted against the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act . Do you think this might be a way to keep women under a man’s thumb economically – so she cannot get out of an abusive relationship?

    Hmmm……..then add on the Catholics that want to ban birth control – then women are subjected to nobody really giving a damn if they are knocked out cold with one punch or beaten to a pulp by their so-called ‘man’ AND they don’t have the economic means to leave her abuser AND if they have kids, they really feel stuck in a hopeless situation.

    But yet these same damn Republicans puff up their chests and profess how much they are pro-family, pro-life and pro-children.

    I call B.S. on all their damn lies….

    • I can tell you from my many years in working the medical records field – whenever I see a person designating themselves as deeply religious and pro-life – and they brag about how they believe in life being so precious from birth to natural death – I have to ask myself exactly what they mean by that.

      Okay – I can go along with the idea of from birth to natural death.

      BUT…..what is ‘natural’ about wanting all the bells and whistles of all these tubes, pumps and machines keeping your body alive?

      And a vast majority of these deeply religious people want full code and they are glad to use science with all their bells and whistles to keep their body alive – as long as Medicare pays for it.

      The saddest part of all – these same folks who demand Medicare pay for their bells and whistles to keep their bodies alive are the same folks who want to deny other Americans the ability to even buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

      Something is very wrong with this picture – IMHO



    There are glimpses of hope that I run across in the news.

    I’ve never heard of this group before today. But if they can get rid of college student debt for deserving people – then may God bless them all.

    • I love that! Hadn’t heard of them helping with student loans but a while back I heard they were helping with underwater mortgages. It is indeed rare to find great news nowadays. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is anyone else following this story about Scotland’s vote to leave the UK?

  7. We’ve all heard the once sure bet that the U.S. Senate would be majority republican after mid-terms is now not sure at all. Seems seats the republicans counted on are competitive. Right here in Kansas an Independent, Greg Orman, stands a chance of unseating Pat Roberts.

    Larry Pressler is running for U. S. Senate as an Independent in South Dakota. The current senator is retiring and South Dakota is a red state so everyone was positive the republican would be elected, but Mr. Pressler is giving the republican candidate a good run. The link is to Steve Kornacki interviewing Mr. Pressler. It’s interesting that this race is competitive and equally interesting is that Mr. Pressler was a republican senator in South Dakota previously (1979–1997). He’s now running as an Independent because he is an old-school republican who thinks today’s Republican Party is way too radical (sounds like a smart man), and he thinks gridlock isn’t good for anyone. In the linked interview is says he supported President Obama in 2008 because he felt McCain would take us into war with too many countries. He was the first Vietnam veteran to be elected to the Senate, and he has experience with what war really is.

    There are two Independent senators already and if Mr. Pressler were to win along with Mr. Orman from Kansas that would make four. I find this very interesting. I think the Tea Party has contributed to the success today’s Independent candidates are seeing — there are conservatives who aren’t radical and batshit crazy who can’t quite go to the ‘dark side’ to vote for a Democratic candidate but are taking nice long looks at the Independent candidates. More people than just us ‘liberals’ are seeing how disastrous the Tea Party is to our country. Maybe there is some slight hope that we will get back to sanity in our government.–329028675664

    • Truly, indy. I’ve been less vocal than you, while working with others on this problem. Drafted many an advanced directive, etc.

      • I’ve seen cases where doctors brag they convinced an adult child to put dad on dialysis – even when the dad and the mom both are competent enough to say that dad does not want dialysis.

        This dad was 93 yrs old and was having problems that was thought to be possibly cancer. This man refused further testing and/or treatment of any cancer found. So, I failed to see why the doctor was bragging that he convinced one of the adult children to put dad through the dialysis.

        As the doctor said – dialysis will give the man a few more months.

        Okay – but maybe this patient did not want his last few months filled with pain, discomfort and the fact that his wishes were not adhered to..

        As the dad said – why????

        That was the same question I asked while I was reading this discharge summary – WHY are we not listening to the patient with what HE wants??


    Our military dollars at work?

    Hey – here’s a thought. Why didn’t we just give half this money to Afghan communication companies to build their own damn towers (which is what they eventually did on their own) rather than to expect these Afghan people to pay the US money to use our US-built towers?

    Hmmm……maybe that is the rub? Someone in the US expected to be paid for the use of these towers?

    Maybe some corporation is behind this scheme to privatize the profits and socialize the costs of building these useless towers?

    Yeah – that’s a winning strategy…..big eye roll