Tuesday, 9/16/14, Public Square

this is not america


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  1. Working to make America a better place for all her citizens is a worthy goal! America is a land of diversity and that is one of our country’s great strengths! We need to work to remind people of that!

    • Organized religion is nothing more than a bunch of rules that is interpreted by a certain group of people.

      Rather than being a source of renewing one’s soul to do good in the world – too many of these organized religions are too busy making obscene tax-free profits and trying to bully others into the idea that ‘their God’ is the only true God.

      This is when confrontation and wars start – IMHO

      My grandfather was a perfect example of a person who only stepped inside a church for weddings and funerals.

      But my grandfather truly lived the life that is talked about in the Bible. He was compassionate, loving, fair, honest and hard working.

      When I look at the many examples of self-professed ‘moral Christians’ in the CONservative Republican ranks – none of them can hold a candle to my grandfather. Not one damn one of them.

      Bottom line – I would rather see a person’s faith demonstrated in their daily life than to hear some empty-worded sermons by black-hearted Fake Christians who are nothing more than wolves in some very find gold-blinged clothing.

      • I truly can not be different in church then I am here, opinionated and express my own sense of morality. I might be doing something right since I keep being asked to come back. If I miss a Sunday the next time some of them see me. They tell me they missed me and asked me to come back next time.
        I went to see an evangelistic group from Tulsa and had to ask? ” Every time there is an evangelist comes it is always from Oklahoma, are then not any good Christians in Kansas?

  2. Today’s graphic sums up the feelings I’ve been having for the past year.

    Sometimes I feel I am this old dinosaur that somehow managed to not get extinct.

    When I look around in our society, I see and hear people praise things that are just plain wrong.

    1) Greed is good (Reagan started this – IMHO)

    2) Hatred (Racial or just plain hatred) is good – this has been pushed by a lot of these same Evangelinut preachers and their cousins the televangelists.

    3) Reward bad behavior – just look at our celebrity-obsession and our rewarding corporations when they outsource American jobs.

    4) Sleazy politicians and elected officials

    5) Sleazy preachers, televangelists and priests

    6) When an entire group of church people continue to support a mega church when it is proven in a court of law that their church leaders knowingly covered up child molestation for years – there is something seriously wrong. For example – my ex-friend a devoted Catholic put it this way during the scandal – the church is having a ‘little problem’. WTH…..

    What is that old saying about when good people do nothing?


    • BTW – that ex-friend of mine was also the one a few years earlier that asked me what I thought when her she called into her parish to ask to be put on the prayer list because her daughter had just suffered a miscarriage.

      At the time, my friend was told that Father would have to think about this one…

      This woman was reaching out for prayers from her priest and all she got was a ‘I’ll think about it’ attitude?

      My ex-friend asked me for my opinion – so I gave it to her with both barrels. She thanked me for my honesty but has yet to question one thing her church/priest says or does.

      So – when I now hear these Catholics ranting against Obama and they want birth control banned and how they feel they are being persecuted – just makes me want to throw up…

      Just pass the barf bag now….

    • I reposted it on my Facebook page it is so good!

  3. Asher Bob White

    I really like the message from today’s post. It draws the distinctions. And, today, this is not the America as it was designed to be because all mankind chooses evil over grace every day. It is all a matter of choices and there are too few exceptions to bad and selfish choices.

  4. This message was just received. Let’s all smile with Steven. đŸ™‚

    Happy Anniversary!

    You registered on WordPress.com 6 years ago!

    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

    • It doesn’t seem that long, although it is.

      • It wasn’t until late February or early March that Steven actually got it set up and invited guests, but still it has been longer than it seems. Glad to have had the privilege of this fine company over the years!

      • fnord – I still remember getting your invitation to send you my addy in order to invite me to join this blog – and I am so thankful I followed my instincts that day.

        It is also such a bittersweet memory because Steven is no longer with us.

        I never had the pleasure of knowing Steven personally, but I suspect Steven is somewhere in this great universe and watching over us. I also picture him smiling a lot…..because our group may not be a large number, but we all do stick together like a family…