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  1. Pride yourself on knowing which fights to pick and then realize when to stop. Arguing with a FOOL only PROVES that there are two.

    • And leaves you tired, frustrated and ready to give up on everything.

      Which is not what the sane people need to do. These CONservative Republicans like to put everything into a context of a war.

      Okay – let’s go with that…

      Reasonable and sane people are at war with CONservative Republicans. And the sooner we accept that fact, the better off the country will be – IMHO

      I have absolutely no problem with telling Evangelinuts that they can take their Bible and stuff it up where the good Lord split ’em.

      And I can smile and be quoting Scripture while telling them…..LOL

  2. I heard a political pundit say last week that isn’t it a very telling sign when the Conservative Republicans are NOW willing to work with Obama because he is considering military action against ISIS.

    That sums it all up – doesn’t it?

    • My biggest fear is that Obama will be sucked into an all-out war with ISIS – and the Republicans will do their victory dance over many, many senseless deaths of our troops and innocent civilian lives in those countries.

      And then these same CONservative Republcans will proudly claim how pro-life they are…..

      I call B.S. on that crapolla

      • I am encouraged by the fact that President Obama does not seem to make harsh decisions that aren’t well thought out, and I feel assured he has much more information than any of us will (or should) have. I feel when he does make a move it will be after thinking it through clearly. I also acknowledge that he isn’t able to see into the future and a decision made today could end up with bad consequences. There are no easy answers, maybe no answers at all.

      • I agree – there are no easy answers.

        I also fear that the answers available to us may not be what President Obama should have to deal with – IMHO

        I suspect there are a lot of bad folks on the outside of this ISIS terror who are instigating and keeping that hatred pot stirred 24/7.

        I’ve said it before – I do not trust the Saudis as far as I can throw their fat king.

        Last week it was reported in the news that the Arab leaders have been waiting for the US to take the lead in what to do with ISIS.


        Why is nobody asking these Arab leaders why they don’t take the lead and do something to fight ISIS?

        All these countries have oil – so they are wealthy countries. Hell, they get foreign aid from the USA – and I’m sure we’ve sold them war machines…

        Why is it always left up the USA to take the lead?

        Someone please show me in the Constitution or the Bible where the USA has to be the policeman of the world?

  3. Yesterday I learned that a young boy was injured in a car accident. The car was hit by a drunk driver. This boy now has a brain injury and the family has to travel from Minnesota to Texas to take their son to a specialized brain trauma facility. This boy has to relearn the very basic steps of everyday living.

    I just wondered if this had happened before the Affordable Care Act – would this boy have been kicked off the father’s health insurance and/or denied coverage because he maxed out of the dollar limit on the policy?

    There are thousands of cases just like this one – and then when I hear these CONservative Republicans still trying to overturn the ACA – I just want to scream.

    In a country as rich as America – there is no good reason for anyone to be denied the right to buy health insurance.

    BTW – the father told me that the drunk driver was not harmed in the accident. He got out of his car and was mad because it was damaged. This man did not seem to comprehend what he had just done.

    This young boy has a long road to recovery – and will be very expensive.
    I hope and pray these CONservative Republicans will have the good sense to leave the ACA and allow Americans the ability to get health insurance.



    Have we reached the point to where technology has gone too far?

    Or, has the technology awakened some deep-rooted desire in human beings to ‘win at all costs” – with no thought to the consequences?

    I don’t understand this mindset that would target someone to be visited by the SWAT police and all in the name of some damn game?

    Well, lookie here, another pro football player who was deactivated and then when his team had a huge loss last night, the team has decided to let this guy play.

    Hmm…….so is it really because they feel that the legal process should play out before they take action – or is it because they don’t want to suffer another loss with the next game?

    After all – Pro football is about corporate money…….and nothing will stand in the way of that bottom line…….

    I don’t know much about this Petersen’s case – but if what I have read on some articles and the comments – this was more than just spanking a child. It sounds like much, much more and several people made the comments that doctors have examined this little boy and both have determined it to be child abuse.

    So……when should these pro football players be deactivated, suspended or outright fired when they have been charged with a crime?

    If that had been you or me with same circumstances – would our employers suspend us or outright fire us?

  6. Ah the city of Wichita! My mother got a certified letter from the city inspector’s office. It stated there is construction debris. tree limbs and trash in a container But it is not in a contained area and has to be removed or contained. There is a refrigerator with no door on it outside on the front porch and lumber outside the back door. That has to be removed! My son told me when I called him he would take care of it tonight when he got of work….. I am seriously thinking about enquiring of U. P. S. How much it would cost to ship a box of Chicken manure to the City of Wichita’s inspection department!


    This is an issue that is not made public very often…

    While I can understand why credit card debt should be paid – does the bank really need to add on all these fees, which can vary from state to state.

    But what popped out at me when reading this – Capital One.

    My husband and I both have credit cards and we have noticed in the past year or two, each and every bank credit card has now been bought by Capital One.

    So – did Capital One get bailout money from taxpayers just so they could go out and buy up all the other competing bank cards?

    Is this what is called ‘free trade’ in this country now?

    Kinda like our main street today – the same big corporate boys but very few Mom and Pop stores.

    I remember when I was a kid growing up in the 50’s and 60’s – our Main Street was full of Mom and Pop stores – and each one of them was doing just fine.

    Were they multi-millionaires? No – not by any stretch of the imagination.

    I suspect back then – the motivation of a lot of retailers was not who can be the biggest multi-millionaire. Rather, who could stay in business and keep their customers happy and coming back.

    Our priorities have changed in this country. I blame Reagan for making it worse with his Decade of Greed – the 1980’s.

    Reagan made it into some type of fake patriotism to bow down and kiss the butts of these corporations.