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  1. Being stupid is one thing.

    But being Proud of being stupid takes it to another level.

    • I can always tell a steady Fox viewer, they will tell me the most unbelievable things mainly about the President. They no matter how much evidence to the contrary still believe that Obama is a Moslem. I finally get tired of trying to educate them and asks “And How do you know this?” Generally the reply is that one of the talking heads on Fox said it.



    Is Sam Brownback just a victim of giving his supporters what he promised them and the people are now too stupid to realize that they are the problem?

    This is what frustrates me when I hear people demonize Jimmy Carter as president.

    When people voted for Jimmy Carter, it was largely due to his being an honest man

    Okay – Jimmy Carter was honest – to a fault – IMHO

    Jimmy Carter laid it on the line to the American people that we needed to get off the fossil fuel and invest in finding alternative energy sources.

    And what did he get for his honesty- a kick in the teeth, by those same folks that said they wanted an honest man as their leader.

    No – they don’t want honesty – they want someone to sit there and pat them on their fat, lazy heads each and every time that they demand this or that – without one thought as to how it will be paid for….

    Let’s face it – our political system is filled with all kinds of vultures. No wonder our country is in such trouble.


    • If Brownback is a victim of anything, it’s of being a radical. The destruction of our current form of government is his goal. He and his plan to turn the world into a theocracy. He won’t succeed!

      • But….these folks would differ with you because their theocracy is based on the Christian God – and he is the one true god.

        Let’s just change a few words and what group would I be talking about?

        these folks would differ with you because their theocracy is based on the Islamic God – and he is the one true god.

        Yeah – therein lies the rub.

        I agree that Brownback and his ilk are hellbent on turning our government into a theocracy.

        But – as I have pointed out above – isn’t that exactly what the Islamists believe they have the right to do also?

        So – we are left with nothing but continual Holy Wars….

    • When I hear of all this talk about going back to war with ISIS – I just want to scream.

      Let’s try something totally different this time -shall we?

      Let’s pull out every embassy, consulate, Americans in all of these Middle East countries – and pull our foreign aid money as we are leaving the sand-filled hell holes.

      And if we had listened to Jimmy Carter in the late 1970’s and had invested in alternative energy sources – the US could pull out of these damn countries without giving It a second thought.

      But – we cannot do that because it would upset the all the wrong people – those making obscene profits off oil/gas and the military industrial complex beast.

      Just imagine how much good our wasted tax dollars in the Middle East could have done here in our own country.

      Yesterday I listened as one political pundit was demonizing Obama because all the Arab leaders have been sitting and waiting for the United States to take the lead and do something about ISIS.


      These Arab countries are wealthy – they have weapons that we sold to them and even have trained them to use. They also have had millions in US foreign aid money given to them for many years.

      Here’s a novel idea – why don’t these Arab leaders show some cajones and go fight ISIS themselves?

      I think it is time for the US to sit this war out – we cannot afford it, we don’t want it and to HELL with the Arabs…

      But – then – just as before during Jimmy Carter’s time – we could not make the US energy independent because the oil companies would not be able to make their obscene profits.

      And…..bottom line…that damn military industrial complex beast MUST be fed…..

      • The biggest estimate I’ve heard of the number of ‘members’ of ISIS is 20,000, but most of the time 10,000 is what is agreed to represent their numbers. Aren’t there millions of people in this world? I say the threat is highly over rated and hyped clear out of proportion. Plus, we absolutely know that moving in troops is a recruitment tool for those religious radical organizations. Let’s see how many countries closest to them are willing to pony up and then help those countries if needed. If they aren’t willing to help themselves…

      • That’s my thoughts exactly….

        If we go back into another war – we will get the same results we got the last time.

        It’s time for those folks in that region to clean up their own mess.

        This is why I am so cynical about the Saudis – they seem to always be in the middle of that pot being stirred – aren’t they?

  3. Postred 9/10/14: wicked had been showing signs of improvement but had a setback yesterday. Though she’s stable now, she’s back in the ICU and once again needs those prayers and that positive energy coming full force.



    I saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren on some talk show this past week. She was talking about how taxpayers were told that these ‘too big to fail’ banks needed to be rescued ….

    Today – 6 years later – these banks are bigger than they were back then and they are still doing the same reckless crap.

    Now – let’s review – doing the same thing over and over will get the same results – correct?

    Hmmm…..bigger banks means bigger bailouts this time?

    What comment did I start today’s thread with?

    Proud to be stupid – sad to say, that applies to a lot of folks.

  5. I’ve got a friend who is scheduled for an endoscopic procedure. This is to be done in the hospital outpatient unit.

    They were called to come in today for blood tests and for testing to see if they can handle anesthesia.

    Okay – I can understand the need for blood tests. But what is this testing to see if they can handle anesthesia?

    • Ahh they will hit him in the head with a hammer and if that does not work they will try the drugs?

      • LOL – been there, done that one.

        I have been in the health care field for a long time but I swear I do not know what they meant by this anesthesia testing.

        I’ll be anxious to hear from my friend after she returns from the Pre-Op Dept.

  6. Well checking my e-mail I have gotten several replies from Harry Reid. They all tell me he is well aware of the Koch brothers and their attempts to buy a Government for themselves.

    THEN ask me for several amounts from 100. 00 dollars to ten thousand dollars to help him fight them!

    • I’ve been bombarded by Democrats and Republicans both.

      The most recent Democratic Committee emails state that I’ve not donated previously, so won’t I donate now..

      Can we say…..tracking me?

      I’ve come to the conclusion that both parties are basically the same when it comes to how they operate – and fundraising is one of them.

      But I still prefer the Democrats because at least they do not tell me what God to worship, what person to marry and they leave my lady parts alone…

  7. Asher Bob White

    As far as I’m concerned, today’s quote from George Bernard Shaw is most enlightening. I’ve been frustrated all my life by my void of this reality. It simply explains so very much of that to which we are exposed every day, everywhere, and especially among those we have elected to govern or inform us.

  8. Well my e-mail filled up again with quite a bit of mindless crap about the President the Liberals in Congress. One was we are going to war against Israel instead of the terrorists!


    The best part of this article (IMHO) is the quote from some person telling Sarah Palin that this isn’t some damned hillbilly reality t.v. show

    Wow – the country certainly dodged a bullet when McCain and S.P. lost big time to Obama back in 2008.