Thursday, 9/11/14, Public Square

Things have changed for this 9/11



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  1. Like all fanatics, ISISI will not see it that way, like the Neo-cons they can ignore things that have changed. Look at the reaction that is still going on about health care. I can not check my e-mail without having got several out and out lies about how “Obama care” has down graded you health care and raised the cost till no one can afford to go to a Doctor or a hospital.
    It does not matter how much I argue with people either on line or in person.

  2. On this 13th anniversary of nine eleven we have evidence that the terrorists won.

    • Please correct me if I am wrong, but has George W. Bush or anyone from his Gang ever had the cajones to ask that Saudi King why all but one of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia?

      I am STILL waiting to hear that one….

      Call me cynical, but anytime there is chaos in the Middle East – I always have to wonder what the Saudis have been up to lately…. keepin’ on stirrin’ the old pot?

      • indy, they were all members of the Wahabi (sp) sect, which is tolerated in Saudi Arabia. I know this is from Wikipedia, but is accurate (based upon my admittedly incomplete knowledge of the subject).

      • Which begs the question – why are these terrorists tolerated?

        I am not only questioning the role Saudi Arabia played in 9-11-2001 – I am always questioning the Saudis.

        I don’t trust them as far as I could pick up their fat king and throw him.

        But…I’m just a lowly woman, so my opinion does not count. To both Muslims and Evangelinuts.

  3. Be prepared to relive the horrors of the attack on the twin towers all over again. You can bet that all day there will be programming concerning it or talking about it. As if anyone had forgotten since it happen, you can better that the War mongers will be throwing it up as justification for another invasion of oil rich countries. Though off the top of my head I am not sure how much oil Syria has, if not the Koch brothers then it will be the Religious right wanting to avenge Jesus in some fashion .

    • LOL FYI I suspect that the bus driver and his aid have figured out I want to stop talking to them since I have quit walking my grandsons out to their bus. They are not listening to reason or facts about the President or Liberals. We can not seem to have a conversation with out the Aid throwing out about how Obama is a Moslem. It does me no good when I counter he is even worse he is a Baptist!

      • When Obama haters throw out their old argument that Obama is Muslim – I just have to shake my head and say, then he must be the worst Muslim on the planet.

        Obama was the one that actually cared enough to follow through and finally got Bin Laden.

        After all – Bin Laden personally took credit for 9/11 – so why would a ‘good and loyal’ Muslim want to kill Bin Laden?

  4. Jim Wright (Stonekettle Station) wrote about the president’s speech last night on his Facebook page. As usual I agree with each word he wrote, and most especially the parts about no one knows enough to be spouting off like experts. Yet, everyone is sure they know better than those who really do have the most information.

    Here’s the link to what he wrote.

    1) Being stupid.
    2) Being proud to be stupid.

    I put Missouri Republicans in the second category.

    All I can say is this – if that 2nd grade teacher that allowed two bully girls free reign last year in her classroom – had the right to openly carry a gun in that grade school – I would have more fear of that dumb teacher than any terrorist threat from outside.

    Also – add this factor to the mix – the principal defended those same two bully girls by trying to degrade me when I called them bullies. The principal did not care that two bully girls had free reign for the entire school year. The ONLY thing she cared about was the fact that I dared to call these two bully girls by their correct label – BULLIES.

    I don’t want to see any anti-bullying posters on any wall in that school. Their policy does not mean a damn thing when the principal and the teacher sit back and let the bullies continue for the entire year – after 7 parents came forward and made complaints in the beginning of the year and we made complaints in the last two months of the school year (when we finally figured out what was happening to my granddaughter).

    I don’t understand how some people think.

    Just as I don’t understand why people think we need to see others openly carry weapons… places that should be considered safe in the first place.

    So…ISIS is making millions off the oil on the black market.

    Hmmm………do you think some of the biggest oil companies are in on this game?

    Hmmmmm……..the irony is that some of the closest US allies are helping to fund ISIS

    Hmmmmm…… Saudi sheik implores his audience to do jihad with their money…

    Hmmmmm……….Again, I ask, has anyone asked the Saudis what they have been doing since September 11, 2001?

    Hmmmmm…,… well, besides having their fat king stroll in the garden holding hands with George W. Bush. Aww….that was so cute, wasn’t it?

    • Tell me again why Republicans still worship Ronald Reagan?

      Reagan took down the solar panels off the White House when he moved into the place.

      Reagan set our path onto self destruction by doing that act – but he sure got a lot of applause and high-fives from his oil-producing and oil-profiteer buddies.

      Reagan did a lot of stupid things – and we are still paying for each and every one of them – IMHO

      The best thing we could have done is to get off the damn foreign oil. And just allowing the Republicans to drill-baby-drill is not the answer.

      As we have witnessed – when these oil-rich people can make more money on the black market than to sell it to fellow Americans, the lure of more money always wins out.

      When money enters into the picture – all country loyalty flies out the window.

  7. Consider the irony of tonight’s “Thursday Night Football” show –

    The Ravens vs Pittsburg Steelers

    According to the latest news reports, the NFL did have a copy of the video that showed Ray Rice clearly punching out his fiancé (now his wife)

    So ….now what should be a story about how to deal with domestic violence and the abusers – has been turned into what did the NFL know and when did they know it?

    Hey – here’s one for you boys…..

    How about we prosecute the fullest extent of the law anyone who clearly has been videotaped punching out a woman and she was obviously knocked out cold.

    Videotapes do not tell lies…….unlike a bunch of corporate money men who want to protect their golden goose – in this case, Ray Rice.

    Because – after all – Ray Rice was making a lot of money for all the ‘right’ people and the Money God has to be worshipped at all times.

    • Let’s not forget – Ray Rice does have an opportunity to come back to the NFL (or has that changed? )

      I guess the money men are just waiting for the ourtageed heat to die down over Ray Rice – so things can ‘go back to normal’???

      What really angers me is the same folks who defend Ray Rice and men like him are the same folks who demonize the Islamists for treating their women so badly.

      Damn…. we just cannot make this stuff up – could we?

  8. Today’s cartoon clearly shows one main theme – there is no lack of stupidity in America.

    God – I am ready to just call it quits and find some country that is not obsessed with guns, violence, sexual exploitation and greed and who seems to be filled with people who can so casually look the other way when they know when immoral things are taking place.

    For all the talk about Ray Rice’s wife being complacent with his punching her out – the same could be said about the many Catholics who make the choice the look the other way when their church leaders were found guilty of letting the pervert child molesting priest continue with their reign of terror.

    Or the many Fake-N-Bake Christians who show up for church every Sunday and do not even think about why their preacher needs millions in his coffers to build yet another huge monumental building to house a fitness center, a restaurant or an indoor swimming pool?

    What is it about people who are willing to never question anything and knowingly make the choice to not rock the boat?

    A lot of evil could be stopped if we had average everyday people with enough moral compass to Stand Up and Say Oh HELL NO…..


    Has anyone been following the news about the upcoming vote in Scotland to dump Britain?

    Apparently, British P.M. David Cameron is not a well-liked person in Scotland.

  10. What quandy must the Republicans be in today…

    On one hand, Republicans cannot wait to get their teeth into another useless and endless war…..

    But….to do so will require these same Republicans to actually help President Obama.

    My, oh my, what is a loyal Tea Party old coot patriot to do????

  11. I highly recommend reading this —

    How 9/11 Was Displayed In Non-American Countries. This Is Eye-Opening.

  12. Kris Kobach loses ANOTHER court case. He hasn’t won one yet!

    Kris Kobach Loses Provisional Ballot Dispute To Kansas State Foe

  13. Harry Reid


    Aug 30

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    Dear Rick,

    The Koch brothers are gearing up to defeat me. Their groups are already on the attack.

    Luckily, we’ve already begun to fight back. We’re laying the groundwork for a grassroots campaign the Kochs will never be able to bring down

  14. Anheuser-Busch aired the commercial only one time, during the 2002 Super Bowl, a true act of class, so as to not be seen as profiting from the horrific event.

    And while the short commercial brought tears to our eyes, and still does, it also united us as Americans and let us know that no one will defeat the American spirit or take away our freedom.

    • What makes me the most angry is that George W. Bush had our entire country united when 9/11 tragedy happened…

      and what the hell did he and his Gang do with all that unity? Squandered it and made a mockery out of it – IMHO

      I was listening to an NPR news broadcast today and some pundit stated that this ISIS group is the result of the Iraqi government (al Maliki and his gang – the guy that GWB thought was so great) and their decision to NOT include the Sunnis in the new Iraq once the USA got in there and toppled Saddam Hussein.

      Hmmm………so the new government leaders purposely excluded a sect of people and now we wonder why there is still a terrorist group in Iraq?

      This guy also stated that it was general consensus that Iraqi government would falter when the US troops left.

      Okay – that is a given – but why didn’t we insist that the new Iraqi government include EVERYBODY?

      Hmmm….could it be that we don’t include everybody in our own damn country?

      How about homosexuals – minorities – women – these are just three groups of people that CONservative Republicans are desperately trying to deny their rights.

      Hmm…….No wonder Iraq is in trouble – again. When will those in power learn to include everybody???